50 Marvelous Mexican Nicknames You Don’t Want To Miss


Whether or not cute pet names are your thing, when it comes to Mexican nicknames…ay papi, that’s another level, and I’m about to show you why!

I’ve collected the funniest and most wonderful Mexican nicknames you can use to show affection for your loved ones. Some of them are unbelievably cute, while others are even a bit teasing.

Spanish is incredibly rich in vocabulary, and offers plenty of awesome ideas for catchy nicknames. Whether you’re trying to find a nickname for bae, a friend, family member, or colleague, you’ll find inspiration in this article.

Let’s get straight down to business!

Loveliest Mexican Nicknames For Lovers

  1. Mi Amor – simple and lovely, mi amor means ‘my love’. Often used between lovers, but you can use it for anyone dear to you.
  2. Mi Alma – I really can’t think of a better way to describe the profound love you feel for your partner than this phrase, which means ‘my soul’.
  3. Corazón – a perfect nickname for the one who stole your heart.
  4. Príncipe / Princesa – we all dreamed of becoming princesses and princes when we were kids, and these cute nicknames kind of make that dream come true.
  5. Mi Vida – if you have that person you can’t imagine your life without, this is the perfect nickname.
  6. Vieja (o) – for all my married people.
  7. Mi Sirenita – this cute nickname means ‘mermaid. If you think it has anything to do with Disney, you’re wrong! It’s another cute and romantic pet name for your significant other.
  8. Mi Sol – you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…
  9. Hermosa – this is something all my girlies will love. It means ‘beautiful’. Perfect nickname, if you ask me!
  10. Bebé – being called ‘baby’ might not be your thing, but you must admit the Spanish version sounds pretty cute!
  11. Nene – very similar to the previous one.
  12. Mi Cielo – this means ‘my sky’. Translating it to English sounds kind of weird, but in Spanish it’s a lovely way to show affection.
  13. Mi Media Naranja – when you’re two halves of the same orange.
  14. Mi Amado/a – this phrase means something like ‘my beloved’, and it never goes out of style.
  15. Cariño – yet another lovely way to show affection. This one means ‘honey’.
  16. Mi Reina / Mi Rey – for the queen/king of your heart.
  17. Tesoro – sweet nickname to use for your precious one.
  18. Papi Chulo – this one you’ll probably want to use privately, if you catch my drift!
  19. Mi Luz – means ‘my light’. We can’t say it in English without sounding cheesy, but I promise it works in Spanish.
  20. Querido/a – querido, or querida for females, translates to darling, and is used for anyone dear to you; whether a lover or close friend.

Quirky Mexican Nicknames For Friends & Family

  1. Guapo – when you want to say someone is good-looking without adding anything sexual or romantic to it.
  2. Papá – it means ‘father’, but is often used for non-relatives too.
  3. Abue – this one is for grandparents or elders.
  4. Muñeca – it means doll and could be used for a girl you find beautiful, just like a doll.
  5. Lindo/a – another way to say someone is pretty. It can be used both for girls and boys.
  6. Chica – chica means ‘girl’.
  7. Vato – this refers to boys.
  8. Mami – it means mom, but doesn’t necessarily have to be used for moms only. You can use it with romantic partners, close friends, or women you find attractive.
  9. Primo/a – another word for relatives (a cousin, in this case), but again, can be used for anyone you’re close to.
  10. Esé – a word used to refer to your homeboys.
  11. Jefa/e – when someone is a boss. I don’t mean literal boss, more like a boss figure.
  12. Chula/o – another term that means something like dude, and it can be used both for girls and boys.
  13. Pollito – calling someone chicken may seem odd in other languages, but not in Spanish!
  14. Conejita/o – bunnies are cute, and calling someone a bunny is nothing but adorable!
  15. Lobo – lobo means wolf, and a person who reminds you of a wolf is definitely a quirky and unusual one.

Funny & Teasing Mexican Nicknames

  1. Cabrón – if you call someone cabrón, you most definitely don’t have a nice opinion of them.
  2. Chaparrita – this is a perfect nickname for short girl, a.k.a shorty.
  3. Gordito/a – be careful to only use it with people you’re close to. It means something like fatty, and while it’s cute when used for lovers, if you use it inappropriately it may sound offensive.
  4. Güey – a dude who is not the smartest.
  5. Chismoso/a – for those who like to spill the tea.
  6. Flaca – it means skinny, but is most often used as a way to show affection. It can imply that someone is skinny, but even then, it’s still a sweet phrase.
  7. Loco – when someone acts crazy and does weird things.
  8. Zorro – calling someone a fox usually means they’re shady and a bit of a rogue.
  9. Güero – if you’re a blondie, this will be your nickname!
  10. Tonto/a – another term for someone who is not so smart.
  11. El cerebro – on the other side, this one is genius.
  12. Diva – the word says it all.
  13. Idiota – do we need an explanation here?
  14. Tramposo/a – a person so smart they can manipulate you into anything.
  15. Torpe – some of us are born clumsy and simply can’t help it.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this article, and all the amusing Mexican nicknames you found in it.

Using nicknames is so much fun, and something you should definitely try. If English doesn’t offer enough satisfying options, Spanish definitely will!


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