5 Web Design Hacks That Will Get You More Leads


If a website owner wants to increase his revenue by generating more leads, then he needs to follow some design tactics. The possibility of a user accessing your site increases if its web design is effective. This will help in converting the user into a useful lead. But what is a lead? When a prospect converts into your customer then we can say that he is the lead for your business. Your business can get a lot of benefits if your website gets more and more leads. Here are the 5 web design hacks that will help you get more leads.

  1. Include contact forms in CTAs – There are various ways of generating leads like filling out a form by the users who visit your website. This tool of gathering information is straightforward and simple. The team of business development in your company may require information of different types about the visitors to your site. For collecting all that information, the forms play web design a major role. The information can be a brief message, email, phone number, or a name that the form collects. Using easy and simple contact forms is always the best idea. It will be good if your website’s page has a CTA so as to link to these forms. The visitor will see the contact form if he clicks on the CTA. When he fills it then your business will get a new lead. The contact form can be an offer of a discount or a sign-up for a newsletter.
  2. Create a perfect landing page – You can generate a large number of leads with the help of a contact form linked to a CTA. But why would a visitor take interest in clicking on the CTA button? Here it becomes necessary to create a format of your site that is cohesive and well flowing so that the visitor can’t wait for clicking the CTA button. In order to keep the visitors engaged with your site and provide them a wonderful user experience, it becomes necessary to create a landing page for your site. The visitors will remain engaged to your site if its landing page is perfectly designed. After visiting your landing page, the visitor can further move to the other web pages of the site. As a result, the bounce rate of your website will decrease. When a visitor takes interest in almost all the pages of your site then the chances of the CTA button being clicked by his increase. If your landing page includes the CTA button then you can generate leads very easily. The website’s top area is known as the banner area or the hero area and if that area contains the CTA button, then it will be very beneficial to you. Including a CTA button in the hero area of your landing page is a good idea. It is because when someone visits your site then initially he sees your landing page.
  3. Create engaging content – Designing forms, CTAs, and landing pages for your site can help in generating leads for your business. But you need to know one more thing that you have to write content for all these. Nowadays the visitors are less likely to visit the homepage of your site for the purpose of getting information about your company. Therefore, it is very important for you to create posts on social media, create service pages and create blog posts also so that a visitor can use any of these areas to get information about your website as well as about your company.

Create content that is SEO-friendly

A digital marketing tool that is so effective is search engine optimization or simply SEO. You need to optimize your blogs and pages of your site by doing their SEO. This will help in driving quality traffic to your site. The visitor may be searching for particular information on your site. If he gets that information within 2 minutes then he will be satisfied with your website. So, it is important for you to create practical web design and engaging content. One more thing you can do is improve the loading speed of your page so that the visitor does not bounce back.

  1. Good contrast between the text and images is necessary – You need to be very careful while choosing the images and background colors for your web page so as to make the text clearly and easily visible to the visitors. Good contrast between the text and images is necessary so that the messages and elements that are important cannot be missed by the visitor.
  2. Make your site mobile responsive – Nowadays a large number of people use mobile phones to access any website. So, you can get a lot of benefits if you will make your site mobile responsive. Your web page needs to accurately fit the mobile screen and all the elements on the web page need to be easily accessible by the mobile phone. It is also necessary that your site loads on mobile phones quickly. Therefore, by making your site easily accessible to mobile phones, your chances of getting leads to increase.

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