5 Ways CBD Crystals: How Do I Use Them  


CBD crystals has a white or pale yellow and a powdery texture. CBD in crystal form is considered to be pure and highly concentrated. In such conditions, you tend to experience the effect of CBD better. Amazingly, CBD crystal is legal in most states with its high concentration. 

The following article will provide more information about CBD crystals and how to use them effectively. 

What are CBD Crystals? 

CBD is one of the active compounds of the cannabis plant. People use CBD for different reasons such as recreation, health benefits including dealing with sleep disorders, reducing muscle tensions, and pain and stress relief. It is one of the various forms of CBD. CBD in crystal form is advantageous as it is accessible to dose and experience the utmost effects. 

CBD crystal is extracted through various methods. Carbon (IV) oxide extraction is the most commonly used method. Once the CBD crystals are extracted, it must be purified to eliminate residue. Filtration is the preferred method used to cleanse the extracted CBD crystal. The main objective of purifying the extract is to ensure CBD with high concentration. CBD crystals are natural, pure, and highly concentrated compared to other forms of CBD, such as oil and wax.

How to use CBD crystals 

1. Infuse Them In A Recipe 

Raw CBD can be infused or incorporated into most recipes while maintaining its psychoactive effects. Similarly, you can include CBD crystal in your favorite recipe. For example, you can integrate CBD crystal into most of the ingredients. CBD crystal melts, and hence easy to integrate them even with drinks. 

If you want to infuse CBD crystal in any recipe effectively, add it to any liquid you are using for cooking and then heat it to allow it to melt. Once the CBD crystal melts, you can easily use the mixture to make any meal you desire. It would be best if you combined the mixture with fats for the best results. However, while heating, you should regulate the heat not to go above the optimum temperature, which can interfere with the potential of your CBD. 

2. Direct Consumption  

You can consume CBD crystal directly by placing a small amount in your mouth and allowing it to be absorbed. You take some CBD crystals, place them under your tongue, and will enable them to be absorbed slowly. Once the CBD crystals come into contact with your saliva, they start melting and making it easy for you to swallow. 

For the best experience and effect of CBD crystals, you should not eat or drink anything immediately after consuming them. Doing so allows the CBD crystal to ingest well and faster. As a beginner, you should start with smaller doses and keep increasing your dose with time. CBD crystals have late onset, so you should be patient and avoid overdosing. 

3. Making Beauty Products 

You can use CBD crystal to make your beauty products. CBD topicals are another way to experience the benefits and effects of CBD, which is absorbed through your skin. To create beauty products using CBD crystals, you can add your crystals to make cream or oil or create your cream or oil from scratch using the crystals as the main ingredient. 

You can use your CBD crystals-infused beauty products by applying them directly on your skin, painful wounds, and tense or inflamed areas to relieve them. It is also effective on painful or aching joints. 

4. Vaping 

Another way to enjoy your CBD crystal is through vaping. Smoking CBD directly can be toxic due to the combustion process; hence not safe for your health. However, vaping allows you to quench your CBD thirst. You can use the crystal to make some homemade e-liquid for your cartridges. 

Vaping allows you to inhale CBD in vapor form instead of smoke. To create your homemade e-liquids using CBD crystal, you can add your crystal directly to a neutral base. This allows you to make an e-liquid with a concentration of your wish. Further, you can inhale CBD through a dry herb vaporizer. After preheating your vaporizer, you must place a certain amount of crystals into the tank. This method is effective and also safe. However, it would be best if you choose your vaporizer well.   

5. Dabbing 

Dabbing is a common way to use CBD crystal. To dab, you must heat a concentrated CBD crystal and inhale the vapor. However, you will require some tools to enable you to dab effectively. For example, you need a touch lighter, a dab rig, and dabbing tools. 

Dabbing allows you to feel the effects of CBD immediately, making it the best and most effective way of consuming your CBD crystal. 

The Bottom Line 

CBD crystal allows you to experience the maximum effects of CBD in various ways. You tend to enjoy the outstanding benefits of CBD. For example, you will likely experience some form of relaxation and calmness after a few doses of CBD. Further, it helps in providing relief for both mental and physical ailments. You chose the best method of using CBD crystals, as they all give almost the same effects. However, some methods may take some time before you feel the impact, while others are just immediate. Therefore, you should choose the best method depending on your desired experience. 


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