5 Tips For Hiring a Resume Writing Service


Check out the tips below to make sure you are hiring the resume writer you need to get the job you want:

There are a number of people looking for a good job. And there are a number of recruiters looking for a job’s perfect fit. What sounds like a simple equation can, actually, turn out to be a tricky, bumpy road.

In a market that gets fiercer by the day, due to the economy and even the post-pandemic scenario, recruiters have come up with ways to help themselves hunt for the best applicants among the many. So, now, the people need to make sure they are roaring strong enough to be heard.

Attempting to get noticed by recruiters, many people have recurred to professional resume writers and resume writing companies. But how can they tell if they hired a good, efficient and trustworthy service? It seems like the tables have turned. Well, that can be one way to get inside a recruiter’s mind, huh?

Let’s take a few steps back. People don’t need to ask themselves this question after investing time, hope, and money, while waiting on job offers that will, possibly, never come. Not if they make this same exact question before hiring the resume writing service.

So come along and check out some great tips on how to make a good choice and hire the perfect resume writing service for you:

1. Referrals and Testimonials

Talk to your friends, maybe even work colleagues, and ask if they have ever gotten a resume writing service and how it worked for them. Did they like it? Did it help them get interviews? Get their names, look them up and check if there are positive testimonials and endorsements about their services on their website or LinkedIn. That can be a really helpful first step.

2. Background Review

Once you have found a service that appears to have satisfied its customers, it’s time for a background check. Review their education and qualifications. For instance, a resume writer is, usually, a career counselor that has HR and recruiting experience. Some of them have credentials and certifications, a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or published books or articles. It’s also nice to check how many years of experience they have or if they have expertise in writing resumes for your job area or level. If you are researching a company, you can look up their professional’s profile or website information.

3. Make Your They are Acquainted with ATS

Remember that it was mentioned, earlier in this article, that recruiters have come up with ways to hunt for the best applicants? Well, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is one of them.

ATS is software that recruiters and employers commonly use to track candidates during the hiring process. And, in order for your resume to stand out, or even be selected, it has to match a few guidelines because this system gathers data from multiple sources, makes background calculations, and visualizes insights.

Some examples that might hold your resume back are:

  •  If the resume is not ATS friendly
  • Not using the right keywords
  • Using color ink
  • Using too much shading
  • Having tables, columns, and text boxes

So, before you hire someone to write your resume, make sure to ask them if their service is ATS friendly. It could make a big difference.

4. Assess How Long They Talk to You

You are the only one who knows your journey, experiences, and achievements. You know how many obstacles and challenges you have faced and thrived upon. That means that no one knows how qualified you are better than yourself. And all of that knowledge is in your head. So be sure that the person who is going to write your resume takes the time to talk to you directly and get to know your journey. It should be a deep, considerably long conversation where the writer gets to know every little thing that makes you a good professional that is worth hiring. And, sometimes, that can take a couple of hours.

5. Check the Process

Make sure you understand their policy and their process. You talk, they write, and you should be able to review the final product and give them feedback, make changes, corrections and additions. Remember: you know your story better than anyone and they are here to help you write it.

Now you are ready to safely seek a resume writing service that will help you stand out and thrive in a sea of applicants. Remember to invest time to do your research because when you invest in your resume, you are investing in your career and your life.

If you found this article helpful, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start hunting for your perfect resume!


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