5 Best Tools SEO Pro Use Everyday

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It can be difficult to master SEO optimization, especially if it’s your first attempt. We’ve made it easy to find the best SEO tools.

The best SEO tools provide reports that show how you compare to your competitors and which areas have the most potential. They also allow you to measure the performance of your search in different countries, regions, and languages.



SEMrush can be used for many purposes, but its main purpose is to find keywords and phrase phrases. It has more than 20 billion keywords and phrases, which can help distinguish search results from the rest. It is the largest of its kind.

It shows monthly keyword/keyword phrase volume, KD (how difficult it would be to rank for), CPC (average cost of PPC clicks); and Com. It shows the competitive density; Results (how many websites rank it); Trend (the keyword trends over the past 12 months); and SERP (a snapshot of the keyword results page).

SEMrush offers many other amazing features, including an atopic suggestion tool, a writing assistant (which was helpful in this article), as well as a keyword magic feature.



Moz is an SEO tool that lets you do many things and offers lots of education about everything in the digital marketing world.

Moz offers four products: Moz Pro which can boost online visibility; Moz Local which can increase online visibility for local searches, citation consistency, and content strategy; Moz Content which can help you improve your content strategy; and finally Followerwonk which helps you optimize your social media presence.



Yoast has two functions. It offers a WordPress tool that LSEO recommends for everyone using WordPress. Additionally, it also provides an audit/review tool to take a deeper look at websites. Yoast makes it easy to create and maintain sitemaps and edit robots.txt files.

Yoast offers a range of SEO website reviews that you can choose from. The price of these options will vary depending on how much Yoast should do for you. Silver SEO Review is the cheapest. This review will give you insights into how to improve SEO, optimize content, optimize code, and speed up your site.

Bulk URL Opener

Bulk URL Opener allows you to open multiple URLs at once. The URLs can be manually entered or copied and pasted into the text box. All URLs will open in separate tabs with just one mouse click and the best part of the bulk url opener is the free tool.  You can use it without downloading any extension.

How to Use Multiple URL Openers

It has never been easier than ever to open multiple URLs simultaneously. Just type, copy/paste, or paste the URLs that you want to open (separated with a comma or line break or just a space), and then click the “OPEN URLS” button. Your browser will open the pages immediately. 

Why choose Ethereal IT Solutions bulk URL opener

Bulk URL opener by the Ethereal IT Solutions is a free online tool that doesn’t force you to download any extension and it is safe and available in many languages.



GTmetrix, which is an excellent tool for analyzing page speed beyond Lighthouse and Google Page Speed Insights, can be used to do so. This tool is easier to use for web developers than SEOs.

GTmetrix not only scores your site’s speed but also audits almost every aspect of your website. This tool allows you to view videos of your site loading, the performance of the core web vitals, and see the time it takes for each element to load.

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