4 Qualities That You Must Have in Your Work Gloves


Looking for highly functional work gloves? Well, you must consider a few qualities before you go
ahead and buy any gloves. Work gloves have certain qualities that make them ideal for wearing at a
Some occupations and workplace conditions are hazardous. Employees working here need protection
and wearing appropriate work gloves is one of the safety protocols that needs to be followed. Anti-cut
gloves can be a great choice; however, they aren’t enough to give ultimate protection.
You need to make sure the work have all the qualities to safeguard you from accidental hazards
on the working site. Even though most gloves are designed to have all the essential qualities to
give the wearer ultimate protection, you may still want to check once before purchasing.
Continue to read till the end to learn all about it.

1.    Water Resistant

Water or any kind of moisture can be the cause of an accident on a working site. Especially if you are
working with heavy or sharp materials, you need to have gloves that are water resistant.
Contact with liquid or moisture can make your hands slippery making it difficult for you to
accomplish the task. Look for work that have waterproof lining inside the gloves so that no
liquid or water can get inside and make the gloves damp and slippery.
If your work involves dealing with hazardous chemicals then make sure the gloves have thicker lining
inside to protect you from spills. Wearing the right kind of is not only a workplace
obligation but a priority for your safety as well.

2.   Firm Grip

Work gloves need to provide you with a firm grip. Ordinary gloves won’t be sufficient for offering grip
that is needed to accomplish the tasks. Avoid gloves that are made of fabrics as they aren’t capable of
offering grip to your hands.

There’s always a chance of slip and fall if you use fabric made gloves. Go for gloves that have a special
lining of leather or rubber specifically in the palm area as it will provide better grip.
When you are working in a hazardous workplace, you need to be extra careful for picking out the right
gloves for you. Having a firm grip is an important quality that you need to look for in work gloves.

3.   Anti-Cut

Anti-cut gloves are specifically needed if your work involves handling and using sharp tools and
materials. Mechanical or automobile fixing jobs requires employees to work with tools and materials
that might be sharp.
You need gloves that give you protection against wear and tear from these sharp objects. Gloves with
thick lining are resistant to cuts which protects your hands from any severe accident.
Make sure to check out the anti-cut capabilities of the work gloves before you purchase them. With
these work gloves in use, you will also increase your efficiency of accomplishing the jobs right on time
and avoid any mishaps from happening.

4.   Sweatproof

Lastly, you don’t want gloves that cause too much sweat build-up inside the gloves. Even if your work
involves heavy manual labour, find work gloves that are comfortable and prevent any formation of
Thiosulfate is one such material that is used inside gloves to make them sweat proof and give the hands
the much-needed warmth. Sweat can be the cause of discomfort and uneasiness in your hands that can
disrupt your work.
Don’t let that happen and invest in a pair of work gloves that are able to prevent sweat formation.


Finding the right pair of work gloves depends on the occupation you are involved in. However, the
above are some key qualities that an ideal work glove must have.
Your hands need the ultimate protection from any potential hazard at work. So, what are you waiting
for? Look for these qualities when you are searching for work gloves at online or upfront stores.


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