4 Plex Compatible Apps That Will Enhance Plex Seedbox Service


Seedbox is a wonderful tool that helps torrenters and other hard-core technicians to do more with it. This remote hosting server is packed with amazing features that makes it an instant hit among the users. However, it is the Plex Seedbox service that has garnered more popularity in recent years.

Users can enjoy the feature of media streaming easily from their Seedbox server directly. Even though there are other streaming apps such as KODI, Emby, available, users are more inclined toward using Plex. Why? Simply because the streaming quality and features offered by Plex are far more superior than others.

However, many users do not fully utilize the Plex Seedbox services. Well, it is because they do not use the compatible tools that would enhance their experience. Below we have listed out some tools that would help enhance the Plex Seedbox Service exceptionally.


Launched in the year 2018, Kitana is a tool that provides solutions for installing, deleting or managing Plex plugins. Although you can perform sideload Plex plugins, the process is a bit complex and the user has to go through a lot of Plex’s file structure.

That is why installing Kitana will offer the users a highly responsive web-based frontend solution that will enable editing, deleting or installing plugins easily.


Want to gain full control over your Plex Seedbox services? Then how about installing a plex server monitoring tool? PlexWatch is a great administrative tool that the user could install where it provides real time notifications in case of an activity in the user’s Plex server app.

If you have friends and family members sharing your Plex Seedbox services and want to keep an eye over their activities then this tool is a must-have. You can set up the tool to receive alerts when a user stops, starts, resumes, pauses or watches a media over it. It also notifies you when a new media file is added.

You can choose to receive these notifications via email, pushover, macOS’s growl and other notification services.


If you don’t like the way your Plex server library looks and want a better way to organize your media library then installing FileBot will help you out perfectly. Even though this tool isn’t exclusively designed for Plex, it can be used for organizing the Plex media library, downloading artwork for media files and identifying the metadata of them.

FileBot is an amazing tool that provides more details to your added media files. It can also add subtitles to your media files and maintain the overall library.


Yet again this tool is handy if your Plex Seedbox service is shared among friends and family. Ombi is a web application tool that enables users to request and add new content that they wish to stream.

Users can do so by heading to the Ombi website and enter the username. Consecutively, search for the media file they want to stream. The tool will responsively inform the user if the Plex server already has the searched file and if not then actively request for the searched file.


So, these are some of the application tools that would definitely improve your Plex Seedbox service. Enjoy the Plex server to its fullest extent by installing these apps now.


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