4 Mexicans who have had a big influence on the global film industry


4 Mexicans who have had a big influence on the global film industry

This article will show you 4 Mexicans who have had a huge impact on global cinema. Having influence here doesn’t mean all of them to have to be active in Hollywood. No! Yet they are widely known by hundreds of millions of people, even by those who live outside the Americas! Let’s start with Pedro Rivera!

Pedro Rivera

Pedro Rivera Cervantes is a Mexican actor born in Jalisco in 1943, 78 years ago. This actor has long worked in local Mexican films such as El Vengador Del Mojado, La Venganza de Los Mendoza, El Orden Comico, and so on. This old actor had shocked the global film world with his decision to marry Juana Ahumada 2 years ago. To note, Ahumada is his second wife after Rosa Saavedra. The patriarch of the Rivera dynasty introduced his new wife and caused all kinds of ridicule on social networks. And although he wanted to keep his new wife out of the spotlight, he couldn’t do it anymore and has finally presented her publicly on a program of TV. Although Rivera has stated that he prefers not to involve Juana Ahumada in public life, he was unable to keep her hidden anymore. Regarding the love story with his new wife, Pedro Rivera commented that Juana Ahumada was his assistant for 8 years. Ahumada and the patriarch of the Rivera family got married 2 years ago after no longer being able to deny their crush. The singer pointed out that he does not want to make the same mistakes that he made during his marriage to Rosa Saavedra, with whom he was married for almost 40 years. Meanwhile, her current wife said that Don Pedro struck her as a man devoted to what he does and that he does not surrender to anything.ENTERTAINMENT.

Eiza Gonzalez

The Mexican actress began training at an early age at Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education. She got her first leading role on the small screen in 2007, and from that moment on, her career began to take off. But, her dream of being recognized internationally led her to Los Angeles, California, to make it come true. The role that put her under the Hollywood gaze was the one she performed in the feature film Baby Driver where she shared the stage with great actors such as Kevin Spacey, Ansel Elgort, and Jamie Foxx. She has participated in various productions such as Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, Alita: Battle Angel, Godzilla vs Kong, and in March 2020 we saw her again in the movie Bloodshot starring the actor Vin Diesel.

Thalia global film industry 

The daughter of a  global film industry  great businesswoman, Thalía grew up being the youngest of four sisters and is known for being a great actress, singer, and businesswoman. She belonged to the famous musical band Timbiriche and in 1987 she made her debut as a television actress. The Mexican soap operas for which she is mainly remembered are María Mercedes, Marimar and María la del Barrio. In 2007 she launched a radio show called Conexion Thalía, which is still a very famous active project. Her talent as a singer has given her many accolades throughout her career and a great triumph in the United States, where she currently lives with her husband Tommy Mottola and her two children. Her popularity has never stopped rising and she has established herself as one of the most important singers, fashion icons, and entrepreneurs for the Latino community in the United States.

Salma Hayek global film industry 

global film industry  Recognized worldwide for her long and incredible career, Salma is one of the most famous Mexican actresses in the United States. Her passion has always been acting and that is why she decided to abandon her career in International Relations to fulfill her dream. Although she began her career in the world of theater, in 1999 she captured the public’s attention by starring in the telenovela Teresa, a story that tells the life of a beautiful young woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to get out of poverty. After finishing this project, she made the decision to move to Los Angeles, California to become an artist of international stature. Although at first, it was difficult for her, her patience and talent gave her the opportunity to participate with the global film industry  Spanish actor Antonio Banderas in the film El pistolero. After that great opportunity, she founded her own production house called Ventanarosa and she continued to earn a good reputation in Hollywood. Her performance in the film Frida, which recounts the life of the Mexican painter, earned her an Oscar nomination for best actress in 2003. 

There are still a dozen other Mexicans with great influence in the world of global cinema. We will discuss them in the next post. Hope this article inspires you.


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