3 Other Uses of Seedbox That You Must Know About

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As soon as seedbox is mentioned the first thing that pops up in head is the relentless torrenting experience we get using the server. Of course, this remote hosting server is a great companion for the task of downloading and seeding torrents. But not many of users recognize the alternate uses of it.

Oh yes! Seedboxes have other uses aside from torrenting. You can use this remote hosting server for a lot of purposes and for all the good reasons. Users can easily tweak and use seedbox for a variety of other things. Give a read till the end to find out some of the other uses of it.

  1.   Accessing and running apps remotely

One of the best advantages of installing and using a seedbox is that you can access them remotely via the Virtual Network Computing connection. This feature enables the users to control and access apps remotely literally from any device of their choice. Perfect example would be setting up your OneDrive or Dropbox or setting up scripts for the users to download a video from YouTube.

For the users to achieve these functions with your seedbox, the below listed steps are to be followed –

  •   First the user is required to install a VNC on their seedbox and a VNC software that would be supported by the type of seedbox they are using and the device from which the user wishes to run the apps.
  •   Now, after installation the user must learn about the details of their SSH connection. Consecutively, the user needs to put in that information into the SSH program and click on open. Immediately the user will be initiated to generate a password.
  •   The user is then required to run the command for vnc-restart. And put in the password and display resolution that they need.
  •   Finally, opening the VNC software downloaded previously and the user can connect with the seedbox server.
  1.   Smooth streaming of media

You can turn your server into a streaming media server by installing a Plex seedbox or similar featured server. Yes! Your server can fully transform into a media streaming platform easily.

The most popular seedbox offering this feature is the Plex and there are more and more seedbox providers offering this cool feature. The users are not required to transfer their downloaded files to their system in order to run or view them. Just hooking up a Plex seedbox is enough to stream media files directly.

You can get access to the entire library and stream them smoothly.

  1.   Establishing a whole new gaming server

Another great use of a seedbox is that you can develop your very own gaming server. Of course, the users are required to follow some of the specifics for this purpose but isn’t that much of a hassle.

To get you started, first and foremost you have to get yourself a dedicated seedbox that offers root SSH access. It is extremely important because otherwise you won’t be able to establish the server properly and get all the data files installed aptly.

Also, in order for your gaming server to work well, you have to make sure that the system requirement is in sync with the game. If not, then the game won’t work at all. This is why a dedicated seedbox server is a must.


As seedboxes are very well-known for the relentless use of torrenting, nonetheless their usage goes beyond that. The above enumerated uses are just some of the few. Once you install and make use of this super server you will definitely be able to do a lot more than just smooth torrenting, not that you’ll be complaining about that.


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