17 of the best parody illustrations for “The Last Supper”

last supper parody

I wrote about The Last Breakfast, a parody of The Last Supper earlier this month. It was an extremely inventive picture featuring creatures from morning cereal. A Last Supper parody featuring South Park characters first appeared online a few days ago. This one stands out because a real Jesus is seated at the head of the table.

The fact that so many artists draw inspiration from the well-known Leonardo da Vinci work from the 15th century intrigues me much. Given how important a part of our history it is, I suppose it comes as no surprise. Leonardo da Vinci’s artwork is typically full of fascinating details and enigmatic discoveries, and this painting is no exception.

Since there are so many fantastic Last Supper parodies available, I made the decision that I would search for the best of the best for you and assemble a collection. I’ve selected what I think are the top 17 illustrations after looking through what seemed like a hundred. I could have filled this post with 50 or 75 excellent pictures. There is a ton of original content out there! I hope you enjoy each one. Of course, my favorite is the iPhone/iPod model out of all of them. #geek (See image credits below.)

 supper parody

last supper parody

last supper parody


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