10 Best Free & Paid Video Chat Solution for Android ,iOS & Web Platform


Video chat apps are the best way to stay connected with family, friends, colleagues, especially during this pandemic. With the rise of remote working, social distancing, and despite the vaccination drive being on full speed, still, with restrictions imposed, an in-person meeting is impossible in any given situation. 

Hence, Video Chats are the only way to keep in touch with others! 


Are these  Video Chat Apps Free or Paid?

While many of these best video chat apps are available to download and use, certain apps come as free and scalable for paid usage. However, apps like WhatsApp, Google Duo are free, while Zoom, Skype is free and can be scaled for commercial purposes.


Popular Free and Paid Video Chat Apps


While several applications with video calling functions are available to use, it becomes challenging to pick the most dependable one. 

Here is a list of  Top 10 video chat call apps for android and ios devices, and these are must-try apps for sure.

Top- 5 Free Video Chat Apps


 Most popular and group video chatting and cloud-based conferencing app


Zoom is one of the leading video chatting and conferencing software apps. Widely used for work meetings, this app is also popular among group video chats. The app allows up to 100 participants simultaneously in one meeting, and its addon version enables up to 500 participants.

  • Supports Cross-platform
  • Maximum 3 free users
  • Features –Screen Sharing, Voice and Video Calling
  • Suitable for Individuals, small & large enterprises, startups
  • Free for personal meets and Paid plans for businesses


Foremost Voice-over-Ip Service and a Premier Video Voice Messaging Platform


Skype supports HD international calling and texting, along with call recording and live subtitles. It is one of the best Free video call apps for android & ios devices. It serves as the best reliable video chat to connect with friends & family and is excellent for small businesses.


  • Supports Multi-platform
  • Maximum 50 free Users per Call
  • Features –Screen Sharing, Together Mode
  • Suitable for Individuals, small & large enterprises
  • Paid plans for Businesses 


      A Most Popular Video Calling App in the World with One Billion downloads


Google Duo is a built-in app and one of the build video chat for android users. It is easy to use and reliable for fast video calling, even with a mobile connection. It has a separate family mode option to connect with the family, ensuring private end-to-end encrypted video calls. The knock Knock feature allows the user to check the person calling before answering. 


  • Supports Cross-platform
  • Maximum 32 Free Users per Call
  • Features –Group calling,  masks, and effects
  • Suitable for Individual, Groups
  • Free
  • Discord

A Popular Group-Chatting Platform for Gamers


Discord was initially an exclusive platform for gamers to build communities and interact via texting. The built-in streaming function of this app allows live video streaming and offers the opportunity to create custom emojis and assign group permission, member roles. Like other apps, discord allows direct video chats among users and facilitates creating private & VIP channels.


  • Supports Multi-platform
  • Maximum 50 Free User per live streaming, 25 for video call
  • Features – avatars, connect with other apps, pin favorites
  • Suitable for Groups
  • Free



Best Video Chat & Conferencing cloud-based Tool for Team Collaboration 


Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace within Microsoft 365 that serves as a central hub for workplace conversations, it is a live video calling platform for ios & android users that allow media sharing in the virtual office space. It has a dedicated dashboard to manage tasks, allows easy member adding for video calls, and is a perfect choice for team collaboration. 

  • Supports Cross-platform
  • Maximum 100 User per meeting
  • Features – file editing & sharing on the go, call merge
  • Suitable for  Small, Medium Enterprises
  • Free


Most Popular Messaging alternative for android users and small groups


WhatsApp is a Free video calling for Android platform and is accessible over the web with WhatsApp web. Although a standard text messaging app, with the limit lifted to 50 users and end-to-end encryption, its demand for video calling increased; however, video calls are limited to mobile. With over 5 Billion users, it supports video calling even in a slow internet connection. 



  • Supports Cross-platform
  • Maximum 50 persons for group calls
  • Features – Video & Voice calls, media sharing
  • Suitable for – Small Groups and Individuals
  • Free

Top Paid Video Chat App

When you are a professional or an Enterprise, you need a secure and enhanced Chat app for collaboration. Many real-time chat solution providers have built-in API and SDK that are easy to integrate into your app.


A High-Performance White-label Video Chat API & SDK


CONTUS MirrorFly is a 100% customizable, feature-rich video calling API & SDK. When you need a video calling solution that can leverage a considerable user capacity with scalability, then MirrorFly is for you. With this Chat API & SDK, it is easy to build a custom Live video chat app for ios & android devices.


  • Integration – Cross-platform
  • Features –  Picture-in-Picture across devices, admin controls, video Conferencing
  • Suitable for – All Enterprises
  • Price: One Time License Cost

A Complete In-app Messaging Chat API & SDK Solutions

Apphitect. ae is a multi-facet Chat API that supports building apps empowering real-time communications. Integrating the video calling functionality of Apphitect into any existing apps is possible and allows 100% customization. Building a Live video chat app for android and ios devices is seamless with Apphitect. 



  • Integration – Cross-platform
  • Features – social integrations, group Chat
  • Suitable for – Enterprises
  • Paid


A Cross-Platform Video Calling API & SDK Provider


With Sinch, it is easy to create a one-button app for HD conference calls without distortion. This cross-platform API is the perfect choice for building a live video calling app for android devices and peer-to-peer communications. 



  • Integration – Cross-platform
  • Features – Proxy support, screenshot capture, Adaptive Resolution
  • Suitable for – Enterprises
  • Paid


Video Call API that Enhances Social Interaction through Apps

Agora Video API & SDK is easy to integrate on the web, mobile apps and encourages real-time chats. Known as an API that focuses on enhancing the quality of live video chats in apps for android and ios devices, Agora is an API that comes with high-quality audio & video with an intelligent video resolution. Moreover, the customized appearance via real-time augmentation urges the social apps to use agora video call API & SDK.



  • Integration – Cross-platform
  • Features – Screen sharing, Supplement Enhance Information
  • Suitable for – Enterprises
  • Paid

Choose a Right Video Chat App

Video Chat App is the utmost need of the hour; however, it is tricky to choose the right one that matches your requirements. For your personal use, pick any free video chat apps from the above list of Top 10 video calling APIs  for ios and android devices. If you need a specialized video chat for your business app, go for the paid video chat API & SDK integration. Most importantly, paid or free, a video chat must have all the basic and enhanced features to help you stay connected digitally with the rest of the world!


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