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Your Air-Conditioning Ideas Heat Pump Vs. Central Air Conditioning

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Heat pumps and air conditioners function similarly when cooling. Heat pumps and air conditioners both have advantages and disadvantages and some minor differences. 

Knowing the difference between them can help you understand which might work for you. Here are a few major differences to better comprehend what might be best for you. For more, go to Residential Heating and Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa

What Is a Heat Pump? 

A heat pump is a type of central HVAC system that circulates hot air from inside your house outside to cool it down inside. 

A heat pump can also deliver hot air into your house by switching the direction of the flow. When the outside temperature drops, many heat pumps have an electrical heater inside the interior unit that provides the additional heat.

Central AC

Indoor and outdoor units are used in central air conditioning systems. With the AC running, heat is transferred from one location to another, but there is a difference in that cold air is also produced and delivered to another location. 

Your system’s indoor unit has a blower that can distribute the cooled air throughout the house. The outdoor unit contains the compressor. 

The difference between a heat pump and central AC 


Heat pumps cost more than an air conditioner. But air conditioners require high utility costs.

Therefore, heat pumps and air conditioners cost around the same amount. 


Heat pumps generally can’t function well if the weather turns cold. Air conditioners work pretty well, even if it’s freezing out there. Therefore, an air conditioner is a better choice in the northern region.

Life Span 

A heat pump’s life span decreases if it runs for the whole year. whereas an air conditioner’s life span is pretty good if it gets regular maintenance. 


If you use your heat pump throughout all four seasons, you should have professional maintenance performed twice a year on it. Things you can do on your own are 

  • In the winter, check the heat pump for the accumulation of snow or ice.
  • Clear the area around the heat pump of leaves and other debris.
  • Be sure to keep the pump elevated above the ground and far away from any gutters with leaks.
  • As necessary, replace or clean the filters.
  • Retain the registers open.
  • Clean up any soiled outdoor coils.

For the air conditioner, you should inspect it in spring and fall so it continues to work well. You need to get professional maintenance regularly; here are some things you can do on your own.

  • changing air filters regularly and every other month.
  • coil maintenance
  • examining the drain pan and line
  • examining controls and looking for loose electrical connections. 
  • inspecting the ductwork and air registers for dirt.


Compared to heat pumps and air conditioners, this is a difficult choice. Selecting what is best for you might be difficult, but for the best results, you can go with professional help. You can go for professionals who provide Residential Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa.

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