Wondering if Your New Bae Is a Scam & Fraud? Here Are The Warning Signs 


  1. They live far away:

Now this is a common giveaway and the romance scammer uses this frequently. This is the first red flag that you need to look out for and if the romance scammer poses that they’re living abroad and that’s why they can’t meet you in person you better run girl! A few of the common things they say is that they’re working on an oil rig, they’re in the army, they’re a doctor or they’re on a project outside the US. 


  1. Their profile seems perfect or too good to be true:

Now let me tell you the difference between a normal dating profile and two profiles of a scammer who’s on the lookout for his. If a profile includes hobbies and then pictures and Instagram links they’re a legit person. However, if you see a profile that has the same hobbies as you, same interests and if the similarities seem too good to be true it’s definitely fake! You need to go miles away and search for a new match girl! 


  1. The relationship moves very fast:

Another red flag is that the scammer immediately confesses their love for you. Trust me if the relationship starts with the fake profile saying they love you or they felt an instant connection it’s a lie. You’re not living in the 19th century trust me nothing is this good. So please avoid all such users and block them immediately. The scammer tries to compliment you so that they can lure and manipulate you. 


  1. They are unable to visit:

If a person you match with online continually makes excuses and keeps avoiding any in-person meeting then they’re definitely a scammer. If they keep on making excuses that seem unrealistic and are totally absurd they’re definitely scamming you so beware. This is a serious red flag that so many people avoid and you should notice all these things. 


  1. They need money for some odd reason: 
  • Now, this is another major red flag that all ladies need to watch out for and you need to avoid! If someone online is asking you for money and making up things they need it for a flight or they need it to come to see you or any other absurd reason avoid it! If anyone on a dating site asks you for the money you simply need to refuse and block. This is one major red flag please don’t ignore it. You’re not supposed to be the trust fund for any match and if the scammer insists and keeps insisting you better block that man right now!

The Claimers to your rescue: 

Now you might be wondering why you should listen to me and why you should follow this article. Let’s go over a short backstory of how I got scammed through a fake dating site. I was casually scrolling and came across this exceptional website that advertised marriages and picture-perfect couples and matches. I went through the website and then I decided to use it. I ended up losing almost 500 dollars from my account because I was stupid enough to give them my parent’s name and my card number since I thought it was probably for verification and for building my profile. To my disappointment, it was all a scam.

While I was depressed with what had happened I was eager to get my money back which led me to this exceptional funds recovery company known as The Claimers. My friend had recently lost money through a fake dating website as well and she contacted The Claimers which led to her recovering her money and reporting the website. I did the same and I contacted this company. The entire process was so smooth and the staff at The Claimers ensured that I was updated and I recovered all my money. This is why this funds recovery company is ideal for all the people that have lost money through fake dating sites or any other form of dating scams. In addition to being a funds recovery company, The Claimers also has a website that lists down the various types of dating scams, how to avoid them, and the red flags that allow you to recognize the scammer. This website is truly a lifesaver and all the information in this article is also taken from The Claimers. So what are you waiting for? Go check the website out and avail the numerous services it has to offer! 


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