Why you should be doing ab exercises


 Ah the glorious six pack! Most of us can only admire the six packs, take a wistful sigh. We tell ourselves, we are not vain people, and the dad bod is pretty, nonetheless. It’s your personality that  exercises matters.

 However, you should not be writing six-packs off so quickly. They are not just a vanity score, but having a strong core is very important.

 Your core does the important task of keeping your body upright, and so stronger abs means stronger support. Since you use your back muscles for literally everything, if they are weak, it means that your mobility is impeded. 

Furthermore, a weaker core means that you are more likely to run into backaches and injuries that then require the help of the Orthopedic doctor in Lahore. Moreover, your abs also help in improving your balance as well.

 Other benefits of stronger abs

 Aids aging: We tend to have musculoskeletal issues due to age-related degenerative changes. If you invest in yourself by exercising throughout your life, you are also more likely to age well.

 Better posture: You might like the hunchback of Notre dame, but you do not need to emulate the character. At the same time, having a good posture is easier said than done, especially when you are working in the office, hunching over your computer.

 One way to target this issue then is by working on making your abs stronger. The strong muscles then facilitate keeping your back upright.

 Ease in movement: We use our core for everyday movements; whether it be walking or picking up things or many of the other miscellaneous activities, our back plays an active role. Stiff and weak muscles then make these movements harder.

 On the other hand, when your core is stronger, your movement improves. It becomes easier and chances of discomfort are also reduced. 

 Stability: Having a stable gait and posture is important for preventing injuries and backaches. The stronger your core is, the more stable your posture will be.


Strength: A stronger core also means that you are stronger overall as well. Then whether it be punching or throwing the ball, you have strong support behind you for to make an impressive move.

 Workouts to try

Nothing in life comes easy, especially strong abs. While you do not have to push yourself to the extreme target of having 6 packs, you can, however, work towards a stronger core and toned muscles. Some exercises that you can try in this regard include:

 Knee to hands

For this, stand up straight with your arms extended overhead. Then exercises, bring your knee up to your waist and your arms down so they touch. Continue with 10 reps before switching sides.

 Heel taps

To do this pose, lie down on the ground. Then, lift your legs off the ground and bend them at your knees. After this, extend on foot so that the heel taps the ground, bring back to the initial position, and move onto the next leg. Try to put in at least 10 to 20 reps.

 Leg lower

In leg lower, your abs are challenged and then some. To do the pose, lay down on the floor. Then, lift your legs up straight so they form a 90-degree angle with the floor.

 Now, gently lower your legs but they should simply hover over the floor, and not touch it. Move the legs back up and continue with making at least 10 reps. Make sure that you do not move your legs too fast as you need to make your abs exercises work.

 Word of advice

The best form of exercise is the one that targets the entire body, so also work out the rest of the body’s muscles as well. Moreover, if you feel an onset of pain or spasm due to the exercise, immediately visit your orthopedic surgeon in surgimed hospital.


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