Why Choose Luxury Rehab?


All rehabs may not be the same. In any recognized center for alcohol and drug addiction, there is more to treatment than detox.  Essence Health & Wellness can help you provide the best rehabilitation.

Luxury rehab is a place that offers the best addiction treatment programs. It’s located in idyllic surroundings. Even though luxury rehab is more costly than standard rehabilitation, clients find that the investment in their recovery is worthwhile.

So that you can make the right decision for your personal needs, take a look at what luxury rehab has to offer compared to standard rehab.

Personalized Care Plan

Personalization is an important advantage to luxury rehab as compared with standard rehab. Luxury rehab is not a one-size fits all program. Instead, you will receive individual care and a customized treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and diagnosis.

Many luxury rehab centers also offer dual-diagnosis treatment to address coexisting substance abuse and mental issues like anxiety, depressive disorder, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Luxury rehab provides a rich level of personalization, as well as accommodation for your individual needs.

One-On-1 Attention

Due to the low ratio of clients-to-staff at private rehab facilities, such personal care is possible. Luxury rehabs have more freedom than other facilities to design treatment plans and allow clients to be the focus of their care. As such, you will receive the most care and attention. Beachside Rehab is a 24-hour facility that provides addiction treatment. It only takes 24 clients at a given time. You are not just a number in luxury rehab; you are an individual.

Holistic Therapy

Luxury rehab, like standard rehab, offers detox and therapy from licensed addict specialists. But luxury rehab offers more. Private rehab facilities offer holistic treatments that address your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. This could include music therapy or art therapy.

Plenty Of Privacy

It is acceptable to seek out help for addiction. But, it’s also not a shame for other people to have your private information. This is where luxury rehabilitation comes in. With strict security measures and remote locations, you can rest assured that your privacy will be well protected.

One-occupancy rooms in luxury rehab and suites allow you to be as private and anonymous as you like. You have the option to socialize with other clients. But you can also opt to relax in your own luxury indoor space, or an outdoor setting.

Minimal Distraction

You must dedicate your time and energy to recovery and rehabilitation in order to conquer addiction. Luxury rehab doesn’t involve the need to cope with bad food, difficult accommodations, or labor. Instead, the staff will take care of all the chores such as cleaning, cooking, and cleaning so that you can concentrate on your treatment and recovery. Luxury rehab removes any barriers that could hinder your recovery and lets you focus on the main reason you came to this facility–to conquer addiction.

Serene Setting

Luxury rehab allows you to seek treatment in an environment that is more relaxing than traditional hospitals. Luxury rehabs often are located in idyllic locations, such as tropical resorts and calming mountain retreat centers. This makes them a great backdrop for rehabilitation.

Luxury rehab offers a holistic approach to addiction recovery that is high-quality and beautiful in a picturesque setting. With the personal support provided and personalized programs, you can be committed to a full program of addiction treatment.


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