Who is J.D. Pardo’s wife, Emily Frlekin?


Emily Frlekin is an American native, whereas her husband also works in the same industry, and is well known as Jack Toretto in F9. He has also performed the lead role in the TV series Mayans as Ezekiel Reyes. Other well-known movies in which her husband has appeared include Snitch, Hope Ranch, a Cinderella Story, The Burning Plain, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.ns

Our prime focus in this article would be Frlekin, a famous American actress. In this article you will learn about her age, height, weight, hair color, ethnicity, net worth, kids and much more. So without making you wait further let’s dive deeper into the topic and find out enticing information about Frlekin.

Who is Emily Frlekin?

Emily Frlekin is an American native and wife of J.D. Pardo, an American actor. She was born on 30 April, 1982. Currently, she works as a project manager for Black Card Foundation; however, the prime reason behind her fame is not her work but because she was married to a well-known American actor, i.e., Jorge Daniel Pardo, aka J.D. Pardo.

 J.D. Pardo is a renowned actor across the globe, and his super hit movies include Snitch, The Burning Plain, and The Twilight Saga. Frlekin immediately became a media sensation after marrying Pardo. Moreover, she is not an active member of social media platforms; however, her ex-husband is quite famous and has a huge fan following of more than 250,000 followers.

Personal details

Emily was born on 30 April, 1982 in Santa Monica, California where she was raised along with her sister named Nadia Gamble. She is Native American, belongs to white ethnicity, and has “Taurus” as her birth sign. Moreover, by profession she is an entrepreneur but when it comes to the religion she follows, we have no clue about that as she has never discussed her faith and beliefs.

Her eyes’ color is brown and she weighs around 58 kgs. She has also got an average height that is 5’6″ inches. Frlekin has a net worth of $2 million and has no children as of now. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, which she got from the University of Southern California. Moreover, her mother raised her along with her siblings in California.

There is no official record available on the internet and social media that proves her actual height and weight; however, from some unreliable sources we know she is 5’6″ inches tall and has a weight equal to 58 kg. Her dress size is 6 (US) and no information about her shoe size is available. Her blonde hair, attractive physical stature and beautiful eyes make her an excellent celebrity, which is why most of Pardo’s fans also love Emily Frlekin.

Early life

Frlekin was born and raised in Santa Monica, California, along with her sibling and got her education from there as well. Her mother’s name was Angela Franklin, she remained a John Marshall High School student who relocated to Southern California when she got her degree in 1966.

Similar to her mother Emily also graduated from the University of Southern California and was awarded a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Her mother, Angela Frlekin has also been awarded with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Despite the fact that she was born in the United States, her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Emily belongs to a family with more people, which makes her family different from common American families. She was raised among her 8 other siblings, and they have good terms with each other because they still feel and love each other which is also obvious from her Instagram account. She has paid tribute to her brothers on her Insta account which signifies that they are closer to each other and her mother has ensured that they do not become like spoiled children.

Emily and her siblings

Emily Frlekin has nine siblings including five sisters and four brothers. Her sisters’ names are Amanda Faith, Stephanie Arnow, Eva Frlekin, Nadia Gamble, and Bethany Noel whereas her brothers’ names are Andy Frlekin, Scott Serauens, Gant Arnow, and James Ennis respectively.

Emily works as a project manager for Black Card Circle Foundation, improving people’s lives by spreading awareness in five key areas: education, healthcare, environment, poverty, and global development. Her sister is the founder of Rosewood Media Group which is based in California. Moreover, Stephanie is also working as a voice-over artist for Atherton Group.

As far as her academic background is concerned, Stephanie earned an AA degree from Los Angeles Pierce College and subsequently joined Concordia University Irvine in 2007, earning her BA degree.

As far as her brother Andy is concerned, he graduated from Oklahoma Wesleyan University. After completing his education Andy joined El Chico Cafe and Olive Garden; however, after working there for several years, he decided to join RazorFin where he currently works. In a nutshell all of her siblings have successful careers in different fields.

Though there is no information available about the rest of the siblings, still, she cherishes them all and they have good ties with each other.

Emily and her partner

Although there is no exact date of their marriage known to us but before getting married the couple dated for several years and gave birth to their first child after their mirage in 2010; the couple are very happy with their marriage and ever since their patch, there has not been anything controversial such a fight between both celebrities knowing the fact that most of the celebrities struggle with keeping their connection strong. As we have recently seen a case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that also received global coverage. But thankfully, there is nothing as such between Emily Frlekin and J.D. Pardo.

The couple held a stunning ceremony in 2010 where they exchanged vows and proved that they insanely loved each other. This lovely couple’s fans want to know about their children. They have a daughter who was born on 13 July 2018 where. Emily’s sister Stephanie shared her picture on social media

Net Worth

As far as her net worth is concerned, the project manager of The Black Card Circle Foundation, which is a British Columbia Conservative Foundation, has an estimated net worth of around $4.6 million. Moreover, she currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Divorce Rumors

In the past, rumors were circulating on the media and internet regarding their divorce; however, the couple never confirmed those rumors and are living happily with their daughter. Moreover, Emily Frlekin and J.D. Pardo is having a great time in their home in Berkeley, California.

They love each other and are still together, despite their fans being totally broken when they heard rumors about their divorces. But when they realized that these were just rumors and were not based on reality, their fans sighed with relief and were happy to find that the couple is still together and living happily with their daughter.

Emily professional career

Although Emily Frlekin is not part of Hollywood, she is still counted as a celebrity because of her husband J.D Pardo who has performed in various well-recognized movies and played a leading role in a series; moreover Pardo is famous as EZ for his role in the series.

Pardo’s wife Frlekin currently works as a project manager for a foundation that is aimed at spreading awareness among people from different walks of life. Their targeted areas include spreading awareness regarding education, poverty development, healthcare, and environment and Global development.

Frlekin joined this company back in 2011 and has been working for them since then; despite the fact that she was married to famous Hollywood actor Pardo in 2010. Some of the most famous movies her husband has worked on are A Cinderella Story, Snitch, Supercross and many more. Furthermore, Emily’s husband started his professional career in 2001. That was also the time when both started dating each other, although they married in 2010 (there is no exact date of their mirage known to us). Moreover, since it was the earlier stage of Pardo’s career, both decided to keep their relationship hidden from the media.

Does Emily have Instagram?

Emily Frlekin is the wife of famous American actor J.D. Pardo, employed by Black Card Foundation as a project manager. Frlekin has an Insta account; however, she does not have a large number of followers. She does not use her social media accounts quite often, but she is active and has an Insta account. Moreover, she has described herself as a writer, wife, daughter, mother and human rights activist. Apart from Instagram, Frlekin is also active on Twitter and has an account there.

About Emily Frlekin’s husband

Emily’s husband Jorge Daniel Pardo is a famous American actor who has performed in various leading movies; however, the one that made him more famous was the character of Jack Toretto in F9. He has also performed as Ezekiel Reyes (also called EZ) in Mayans, a television series.

Unlike Emily, his parents were not Americans as his father was from Argentina and his mother was from El Salvador.

When it comes to his career, Pardo has participated in numerous movies such as Revolution and A Girl like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. Moreover, he has also played roles in FOX’s Drive and CWs Hidden Palm; however, both series were canceled right after their first seasons, and the team decided not to work on further seasons because they were not getting their desired outcomes.

Pardo has also played the character of young Santiago in The Burning Plain which was released in 2008, and it was a good chance for him to expose himself to Hollywood because he had the chance to work with famous co-stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, and Kim Basinger.

Emily Frlekin’s husband has also played roles in the second half of Breaking Dawn as well as in Snitch, whose story is based on a drug cartel. Moreover, he worked on a TV series that aired from 2014-2015, and the season was called The Messenger.

Although Pardo was raised in Los Angeles where most people are big fans of the LA Raiders, that is not the case with him because he loves and supports the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pardo has great exposure to both big screen and small screen, but one of the biggest hits of his career was The Twilight Saga, where he played Nahuel.

Final words

Emily has recently become a media sensation not because of what she does but because she is married to a famous American actor Jorge Daniel Pardo. Frlekin was born and raised in California and got her bachelor’s degree from the University of California.

She is a beautiful woman who was born in 1982. Emily Frlekin and J.D. Pardo dated for around 8 years and married in 2010; however, they refrained from sharing the exact date of their mirage with their fans. In 2018 she gave birth to a daughter and the family of three are living together happily in Berkeley, California.

Emily was raised in a big family where she had 8 siblings and all of them are enjoying successful careers. While there is less known about her other siblings, still we know about her sister Stephanie and brother Andy. Stephanie is the founder of a company called Rosewood as well as working as a voice over artist or a company. Similarly her brother Andy had earned a degree from Oklahoma Wesleyan University and subsequently joined El Chico Cafe and Olive Garden. Andy is currently working for RazorFin.

Her husband Pardo was born in California and raised in Los Angeles. He started his professional career in 2001 and since then earned huge respect in the industry. Some of his super hit movies include A Cinderella Story, Snitch, and The Twilight Saga.

There were rumors circulating about their divorce; however, that news was based on false grounds and their fans were very happy to know they are together and living a happy life.


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