Which type of Plugins and Themes do WordPress Developers Prefer?


Which type of Plugins and Themes do WordPress Developers Prefer?

WordPress is the king of all time for designing and developing websites of any niche and is the developers’ first choice. As we all know, WordPress offers the bulk of plugins and themes, and it becomes difficult for the developers to select the best for developing a website. 


This blog will help you opt for the best plugins and themes that a developer prefers. WordPress has all kinds of plugins such as wholesale plugins, gamification plugins, SEO plugins, speed optimization plugins, and a lot more. Similarly, it has very beautiful and pixel-perfect themes that give a sharp image to your website. 

What does a developer find in WordPress plugins and themes?

As this blog focuses on developers’ ease, let us share some core points that a developer looks for in WordPress plugins and themes. 


  • They should be customizable. 
  • They must have been invented by the big kahunas. 
  • They should be easy to use. 
  • They should be direct and give an efficient outcome after using them. 
  • They should be extensible. 
  • They should be user-friendly. 
  • They are available for free with all the features. 
  • They should be available in the WordPress library. 
  • They should be lightweight.


And, of course, a lot more. Did you know?


“Only 30 plugins published in the last three years have 100,000+ installations, and there are over 11,000 themes on Envato Market.”

E-commerce Plugins

Customers are the commerce. Many online business owners prefer eCommerce plugins that are available on the internet or WordPress library. Selecting the suitable eCommerce plugin becomes difficult when you have a bulk of choices with amazing features. But, if you explore the features according to your requirements, you can find the right ones. 



WooCommerce is a leading eCommerce plugin of WordPress, a developers’ first choice for building an online store. The beauty of WooCommerce is that it does not come alone; it also has many extensions that are used to enhance the overall functionality of any online shop. Let’s explore some of them. 

  • Wholesale for WooCommerce – This is a wholesale plugin to build a wholesale store that is entirely dedicated to wholesale customers and buyers. The store owners can hide the wholesale prices from the retail customers and assign the wholesaler roles. It is customizable and integrated with the wholesale registration forms, private store in wholesale, and bulk order for WooCommerce. 
  • Currency Switcher for WooCommerce – This extension will help you add the global currencies in your online store that helps the customers to purchase your products without any bothering of currency conversions. This extension allows the developers to add unlimited currencies and place the currency switcher anywhere using the shortcode. 
  • WooSquare – It is a perfect duo of WooCommerce and Square. Square is the popular payment gateway that helps store owners to accept payments safely and swiftly. This combination can easily be installed on your online store and allow you to make contactless purchases from any device. 


Other eCommerce plugins include BigCommerce, EasyDigitalDownloads etc. 

eCommerce Themes

When you build an online store, you always need a theme for saving your time and go with the ready-made solution. In such a case, many unique themes are available for WordPress and are defined below. 


It is a theme for modern times, and you can use it to build captivating online restaurants, cafes, bakeries, ice cream parlors with all the necessary features you wish to include.  It has a beautiful cart system that is developer-friendly and user-friendly as well. It is responsive, SEO-optimized and, and fast with regular updates. 


Use an amazing page builder in a theme to develop eCommerce websites. There are many options to turn your visuals into creation using efficient theme elements and drag and drop features. It is a responsive theme and customizable. 

Blog Plugins

If you are running an online blog or plan to start a blog website, you must need some plugins to make it dynamic and interesting. Also, when developing a blog, some plugins help a developer a lot and fit exactly what the developer wants. 

Contact Form Plugins

Contact forms play a vital role in any website. If you do not embed any contact option on your website, nobody will be able to reach you with any business proposal or purchasing your services and products. Contact forms help a lot in building brand recognition and make it easy to reach you. Some of the best contact form plugins are listed below.


  • Gravity Forms 
  • Contact form 7
  • WPForms 

SEO Plugins

Once your blog is developed, you start thinking about taking it on top of the search engine result pages so that people can easily find your website and visit it. Blog websites contain blogs, services, ideas, and a lot more to offer, but if your website is unsearchable, there is no benefit to building a blog. Some of the best SEO plugins are as follows. 


  • YoastSEO
  • RankMath
  • MonsterInsights 

Marketing Plugins

Marketing is important to spread the words of your business to the world of the internet. Marketing helps blog owners to build a brand image and make it innovative as compared to others. You need to run campaigns, add gaming elements, reward your customers, and make everything interesting to convince the visitors. Some of the best marketing plugins are bulleted below.


  • myriad
  • BadgeOS
  • PunchTab

Blog Themes

Themes make your blogs beautiful and eye-catching. Ugly and messy themes never attract the visitors’ attention and compel them to shift to any other website. We have brought some amazing themes that developers prefer to use in building blogs for themselves and their clients in such a case. 


Add quality to your WordPress blog with this easy-to-customize and developer-friendly theme that offers amazing style options without any coding complexities. Build blogs with the pre-made templates and import the starter pack to your blog theme. It is super-fast, flexible, and mobile-responsive. 


iPress is the best theme for building magazines and news websites. The developers find it easy to customize using the drag and drop functionality. It is responsive, simple, and enriched with features that a website needs. Both light and dark versions are available in this theme. 

Wrapping Up! 

To simplify, I would happily wrap up this blog by saying that WordPress is a descriptive platform with a lot to offer. When it comes to the plugins and themes, developers’ choice becomes difficult. However, I have discussed the eCommerce and blog plugins and themes in which wholesale plugins, SEO plugins, and other marketing plugins are included.


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