What’s the Difference Between Cheap Furniture and Quality Furniture


Furniture, frequently described as the factor that completes our homes, plays an important role in molding our living spaces. It gives remarkable insights into our individual style, our personality, and even our comfort preferences as well. 

In this world where we spend around 13 hours a day at our homes, choosing between cheap and high-quality furniture becomes an important decision that notably impacts our daily lives. 

As Warren Buffett aptly noted, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” This difference between price and value is particularly wise in the land of furniture. 

you may find it interesting that not every furniture store may have both options for you. Mostly, one will have the cheap kind, while the other will have the quality one. 

To Search deeper into this choice between the two kinds, let’s take a look at the impact of selecting between cheap and better quality furniture options below:

1. Materials Used:

Cheap Furniture:

The material of any product is what helps in setting its price. The same is the case for furniture. Cheap furniture is generally made of materials like:

  • chipboard
  • plyboard
  • low-density fiberboard 

The materials mentioned above help to amplify the elegant shape of the furniture without increasing the price. 

The furniture pieces made from these material options mostly use synthetic coatings and veneers. The reason is that when you use these material options, you will see that the outcome is an amazing look, which is the same as the furniture made of more expensive hardwoods. 

This allows house owners to imagine the feel of high-quality wood furniture without increasing their budget.

Quality Furniture:

When you see the high-end furniture pieces, you will easily spot the difference. In such cases, the manufacturer often utilizes solid hardwoods such as:

  • maple
  • walnut
  • oak

The above-mentioned material options are often used in creating premium-quality furniture designs. In other words, using such material helps the furniture in standing out. 

With these best quality hardwoods, the corners, and the furniture joints, its adherence is further promised to ensure that it remains reliable for many years. 

Furthermore, when it comes to cushioning and filling pieces, they use top-quality leather and fabric that not only boost the overall look but also provide extraordinary durability, making it usable for many years to come. 

Thus, your investment will be made long-lasting in function and style as well.

2. Craftsmanship:

Cheap Furniture:

Most of the time, cheap furniture is made quickly, without taking much care of the little characteristics. They mostly use glue and staples to grip the parts together in cheap furniture, meaning they might not be strong or last long. But, you may not realize this at first glance. Experts can, however, detect the quality easily.

The finesse on these pieces doesn’t have a firm grip, so it can easily peel off or chip. This might cause furniture to look less costly and less pleasant and not be durable.

Quality Furniture:

When we talk about high quality furniture, every piece of furniture is made carefully by hand and with complete attention to detail. In this technique, crafters use special techniques like tenon joints and mortise, doweling, and dovetailing. In other words, these techniques may look like a perfect fit puzzle. 

It makes the furniture well-built and firm, so it won’t do unsteady moments or crack easily. 

In addition, they are working hard to apply the finishes to ensure they are doing the perfect thing. This makes the furniture:

  • look elegant and fine
  • look adoring and beautiful
  • last a long time

3. Comfort and Ergonomics:

Cheap Furniture:

Sometimes, when you sit on cheap furniture that might have less cushioning and padding and less support to your back, this issue may lead to discomfort for you in the future. This is true for living rooms where sitting and enjoying is mostly what you do. 

This is why living room furniture is a significant part of any house; you should know what kind and quality to get.

In addition, the angles of backrests and seating might not be designed according to your body’s comfort in mind, which leads to lacking the comfortable features that make sitting more pleasant. 

Quality Furniture:

Unlike the cheap furniture pieces, premium quality pieces are always designed with support and comfort in mind. They always use:

  • top-notch padding material
  • high-quality forms
  • high-quality springs

The above options help you in getting the feeling of luxuriousness, durability, and comfort. So, when you invest in that kind of furniture, you get specific pieces according to your comfort for long.

4. Longevity and Durability:

Cheap Furniture:

Investing in cheap furniture has more chances of increasing costs as you don’t only pay when you are buying the product. If the furniture piece is cheap, you may have to pay for the worn-out part. The places where pieces of furniture are put together may weaken and damage the outer parts easily. 

This means that your furniture doesn’t feel good to use. So you might have to think about fixing your furniture sooner. Putting it simply, the more affordable furniture may look cheaper at first, but it costs more in the long run.

Quality Furniture:

Top-quality furniture is like a treasure in the family. It is made up of really good quality stuff which can last long. People usually keep it in their family and pass it out to their kids and grandkids because it lasts so long. 

You may think it costs more in the beginning, but it’s a smart choice and can save you money in the long run.

5. Environmental Impact:

Cheap Furniture:

Many cheap furniture items are made up of materials that are extremely harmful and toxic to our environment, especially our houses. Substances like arsenic and carcinogens may be part of the furniture. 

Also, the manufacturers also use wood from forests without replanting the trees. In other words, this leads to deforestation. In addition, making furniture in large quantities can cause a lot of waste, which is also not good for our environment.

Quality Furniture:

Making high-quality furniture is basically more focused on environmental friendliness. The material used in the process comes from responsible resources, which means that the material and the process are not harmful to the environment and forests. 

In addition, most of the high-quality furniture makers use eco-friendly methods, so they can reduce bad impacts on the environment and also produce less pollution. Many ISO standards are followed for which the companies get their ISO approvals.

So, if you invest in this kind of furniture, you’re not getting just quality furniture, but you’re also contributing to your role as a glob saver.


Selection between cheap and best quality furniture is not only a matter of money, but it also affects the aesthetics of your house and the environment.

Low-quality furniture might look like a great deal at the beginning, but mostly, it ends so quickly it costs more than you think in the long run, which doesn’t make you happy. 

In other ways, the best quality furniture is like a treasure in the family. It’s made from better and eco-friendly materials and is attentively built to last longer. At first, it might look more expensive, but you will feel proud to own this kind of furniture in the long run. 

Also, good quality furniture is better for the environment because it uses eco-friendly materials and leaves a low carbon footprint by ensuring its processes are following ISO standards. So, when you think about furniture as an investment, it improves your daily life, leaves a nice legacy in your home, and helps the environment, too.


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