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What You Should Not Post On your Instagram Page

by Peter Marah

Social media platforms create a situation that makes it seem like there was no life before it. But do not allow social media to take away everything from you. On social media, you are a brand on your own. Continuously use Instagram to post your photos, exchange GIFs, memes and communicate. Remember, there is what to post and what to avoid posting. The truth is many people on social media fear missing out and posting anything to gain popularity through Instagram followers, likes, and views. It may seem like there are no rules there are things to avoid posting. Below are some things you should not post on your Instagram page.  


The mysterious and vague post


Everyone is familiar with this post and can identify one on your wall. Sometimes you want to send a message to a specific person or vent to certain people on your feed. So you go ahead and put a random picture with a loaded caption, but you add no or few details. This is a mysterious post, and not everyone wants to see it. People who post such write captions. Such as being unable to tell the whole story or dealing with something frustrating, among others. Unfortunately, only people will be curious, but the rest feel it is annoying. Also, if you are targeting someone, they feel attacked. Thus, you do not win on this one, but you make many people dislike you. 


The bragging post

Every time you post an Instagram bragging post, it is obvious to everyone else you are bragging. It could be about the latest iPhone, a car, relationship, shopping, or flying first class to a new country. Unfortunately, no one likes to show off. And so avoid posting show-off stuff. You can be proud of your life and yourself with the achievements you get, but do it tastefully. Trying to act like the one who stands out, people will pick up on it, and none will be impressed with the post. 


The Too much information post 


This post is also known as the TMI post. People are different, and everyone finds different things to be too much information. Therefore, to be on the safer side. It is best to follow the general dos and don’ts. For instance, it is a no-no to post about your bathroom and bedroom activities and being super sick and anything you will not want your grandmother to see or know. It may sound like a limitation, but it’s better to be safe than regret later, especially if your post can offend someone. 


The complaint rant post

Every human being has problems, but no follower on Instagram follows to tell you or read about it. Instead, use your Instagram post to uplift and inspire others. And, unless you are bringing light to a real problem or a social issue, keep your negativity and complaints, especially about your personal life, to yourself or your inner circle outside social media. Nobody wants to hear how you have issues with your neighbor every morning about parking space. 


The hourly selfies 


Sometimes you do not have to post hourly. But it can also be too many selfies. Of course, it is okay to post selfies on your Instagram feed. What is annoying to most people is putting multiple photos of your face. No matter how much fun you are having or how hot you look. One picture of you is enough for the moment. Share other photos that are inspiring, quotes, memes, and different things instead of just about yourself.


How much do you hate your job post? 

It seems like a no-brainer not to talk about your job and post about how you hate working there. However, when people are caught up in frustration and anger and need to vent about their day or working conditions, they end up doing it on social media and regret it later. Remember, your colleagues, friends, employer, future employers are all on social media, and such information moves fast around people. So, the bottom line is not doing it at all, it is inappropriate and unprofessional, and it will get you in trouble. 


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