What You Need To Do After You Have Been Involved in A Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident

Getting into a car accident can be a very scary moment for any driver. Nobody gets behind the wheel and plans on getting into an accident, yet millions happen every year. While people may not always control what happens getting into an accident, they have some control over their response.

Car accidents can be serious moments, brief but dangerous. With the popularity of cell phones, more drivers are distracted than ever leading to both more fender benders and major wrecks. What can someone do after a car accident? Depending on the severity of the collision, the driver has options.  Contrary to what many may believe the best first step is not usually to contact a car accident lawyer.

First, the driver should take an inventory of the situation at hand, assess damages to themselves or any other passengers that may have been involved. If possible, the driver should pull away from the scene of the crash to a public area off of any road with the other car involved, if there was another. From there the driver has a few options as to how to approach the situation.

What To Do Immediately After An Accident

Car accidents can leave those involved with a jarring feeling, disoriented from both the force of the collision and the shock of the event in general. If capable, the driver should assess their situation and surroundings. If it was a small accident like a fender bender, it is more than likely that everyone in the car is safe but if not it is better to know sooner rather than later. After surveying the scenario, it is best to pull away from the scene of the accident. This is the best course of action as it moves the accident away from any active roadways, hopefully preventing another accident. Driver’s will want to turn their hazard lights on to alert others on the road. If the accident was bad and the car can’t move, passengers should leave the car and travel carefully to a safe location off of a road.

What To Do Once You’re Safe

Once you’ve taken account of the situation and have moved to a safer location with everyone in tow, you may need to contact the police. Depending on where the accident occurred you may be required to call local authorities after an accident. They will usually document each part of the crash and create a report to see if anyone is at fault. Getting documentation from a third party like the police can be very helpful in the event of a lawsuit over the incident as well. You may want to wait for the authorities to arrive before talking to the other driver as well as they may be in a heightened emotional state.  Compensation lawyers Perth would advise you to be careful not to say or do anything that you later regret or that might adversely affect your insurance coverage

How Police Can Help

Having police or accident investigators come to the scene of the incident can prove to be useful as they are independent parties that should get an objective view of what happened. While some drivers may be able to remain civil and cordial with each other after an accident, it is not possible for everyone. Car accidents are an anxiety inducing situation that can leave even the coolest and most level headed feeling scared or hurt. While drivers need time to calm down, police can collect necessary information that will further their investigation. They will ask both drivers for basic contact information like a phone number as well as more pressing information like insurance companies and policy numbers. The police will conduct a full investigation, looking at both cars for signs of damage. Drivers’ stories will be taken into an account by an officer creating a report as well, trying to find who was at fault or what caused the accident in the first place. It is very helpful to have the police arrive at the scene of an incident as they are trained to handle the situation safely and correctly from top to bottom.

Your Own Account Of The Situation

While it is best to sit back and let the boys in blue handle the situation after an accident, no driver wants to be complacent. Every driver involved in a car crash should record the events themselves as well, taking special note of a few key things:

  • Drivers should always take pictures of both their vehicle and the other vehicle involved in the accident, specifically any dents or any other areas of collision. This is key for both parties as nobody wants to be responsible for bumps or chipped paint they didn’t cause. If there are any markings left on the road or damage from the cars that flew off, drivers should be sure to snap a picture.
  • Driver’s will need to gather their insurance information as well as the other parties if they hope to file a claim. Most insurance companies will require the name of the insurance company, a policy number and photos of the damages. Luckily many modern day insurance companies have mobile apps that allow their policyholders to take pictures of the damages themselves, saving plenty of time on an adjuster who would have to come take pictures in person.

Filing A Claim

Once the incident has been properly documented and photos have been taken, it is time to file a claim. This is a good time to consider contacting injury lawyers Perth for claims assistance. Insurance companies will collect all the information mentioned earlier and work with the other company involved to repair the vehicles as quickly as possible. Once the cars have been worked on and the claims have been fulfilled, the process is all over! Hopefully, you don’t have to go through it again.



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