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What You Don’t Know About Martin Bashir’s Wife: Deborah Bashir Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

by Peter Marah

Who is Deborah Bashir?

Deborah Bashir is widely known as the wife of  Martin Bashir, a journalist and news anchor from Wandsworth, London. The couple has managed to keep their relationship private and very little is known about their time together or how long they have been married.

She has stuck by her husband throughout his career and moved to New York with him in the early 2000s.

Not much is known about Martin Bashir’s wife Deborah, also known in the public eye as Debbie.

How old is Deborah Bashir?

Deborah Bashir is believed to be in her 50s.

Martin Bashir Wife

Martin is married to his wife Deborah Bashir and they have three children together. Martin keeps his personal life private and it seems that Deborah doesn’t work in showbiz. In 2008, Martin was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Deborah was there to support him during that illness.

The tumor was found through a scan following a head injury Martin sustained.

In October 2020 Martin suffered with coronavirus in a difficult time for his family. They kept the details of Martin’s complications private.

Her Instagram account is private.

Martin Bashir Children

Martin Bashir Family

Martin lost his older brother Tommy to Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) in 1991 at the age of 29.

Martin Bashir Report

The BBC fell short of “high standards of integrity and transparency” over Martin Bashir’s 1995 interview with Princess Diana, an inquiry has found.

Bashir acted in a “deceitful” way and faked documents to obtain the interview, the inquiry said.

And the BBC’s own internal probe in 1996 into what happened was “woefully ineffective”, it added.

The BBC and Bashir have both apologized, and the BBC has written to Prince William and Harry. The corporation said the report showed “clear failings”, admitting it should have made more effort to get to the bottom of what happened at the time.

As well as Diana’s sons, the BBC has also written apologies to Prince Charles and Diana’s brother Earl Spencer.

It is also returning all awards the interview received, including a TV Bafta won in 1996.

Lord Dyson – the retired judge who led the inquiry – found:

  • Bashir seriously breached BBC rules by mocking up fake bank statements to gain access to the princess
  • He showed the fake documents to Earl Spencer, to gain his trust so he would introduce Bashir to Diana
  • By gaining access to Diana in this way, Bashir was able to persuade her to agree to give the interview
  • And as media interest in the interview increased, the BBC covered up what it had learned about how Bashir secured the interview. Lord Dyson said this “fell short of the high standards of integrity and transparency which are its hallmark”
  • A 1995 letter from Princess Diana – published as evidence – said she had “no regrets” concerning the matter

Lord Dyson found that Bashir deceived Earl Spencer by showing him forged bank statements that falsely suggested individuals – including Mr. Jephson – were being paid for keeping the princess under surveillance.

The Dyson Report shows a catalog of moral, professional, and editorial failures at the BBC in the 1990s, which occur on three main levels.

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