What Secret Lies Behind The Sudden Disappearance of Selena Vargas?


We are not capable of maintaining a private life these days. All thanks to social media platforms. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok, we are always addicted to posting what happens in our life. However, for this, we might fall into trouble sometimes. In fact, that is exactly what we see happening in the life of Selena Vargas. People are alleging that she is keeping a concealed identity, to keep her private and professional life apart. She is facing many questions from people who are curious about what she is trying to hide. Although we are not sure whether all this is true or not, we are very curious. 

But do you know who Selena Vargas is? What is her profession and what controversy is she facing by the people? We will tell you everything you need to know about her life, career, and the latest issue she is facing. 

Early Life of Selena Vargas

Unfortunately, nobody knows much about the life of Selena Vargas. Her full name is Selena Green Vargas. From our sources, we can tell you that she was born on July 19, 1990. In addition, we hear that her birthplace is Bellflower, California. So we can say that now she is 32 years old. Let us tell you about her physical appearance. She is a model, who is working in the Film Industry. 

Furthermore, we know that Selena Vargas is 5ft 6 inches tall and her hair color is blonde. Besides, we know that she has brown eyes and her shoe size is Eight. Yeah, we know we have dug quite far to get you every little detail. We also see that her Instagram account is @selena.green.vargas. We do not know more about her as she is someone who suddenly got into the social media world. And she trended for quite some time before disappearing.

Selena Vargas Career So Far

As many people know, Selena Vargas is a film actress. In fact, in her early 20s, she had taken on many modeling projects. Although we see that she has not worked in this industry for long, she is quite popular among the people. We see that her limited videos on the platforms have earned up to 14 million views from the people. Hence, we can say that she is quite a legend in the Film Industry.

What is The Mystery of her Life?

It is a very strange mystery that we are about to hear about her life. In fact, it is so strange that the directors can make a film on it for us. From a picture in 2015 on 4chan, we see something that bewilders us. We see that a Navy seal officer had posted a picture of himself in uniform. Nothing strange so far, right? But beside him, we see a woman hugging her which is his girlfriend, Selena Vargas. Furthermore, we see that the person has captioned in the picture that he just completed his Navy training.  

However, when we take a closer look at the picture we see that something is different. Because he asks people to rate his picture with his girlfriend on the platform, also, on further scrutiny, we notice the hoax. The uniform he is wearing isn’t a navy uniform but a military’s. 

How are Netizens Reacting To This?

Now, the problem is that people have mixed reactions to this. Firstly, some people think that Selena Vargas is cheating on his boyfriend by being a secret artist. Secondly, we are surprised to think that in today’s world, how can someone expect to keep something like this hidden? Thirdly, some people claim that the person who posted this photo is not a real soldier. Fourthly, a section of netizens says that he knows that she is a A**t star.

Sixthly, some people claim that the whole incident is framed to catch the public’s attention. Besides, we also don’t know whether the picture was photoshopped or not, although it seems very unlikely. We are in a haze.

This is a very bizarre incident. One that has made us think about what actually happened for quite some time. Besides, if she wanted to keep her identity concealed from her boyfriend, why would she click that photo? Moreover, why would she allow anyone to post it on social media? Is it possible that netizens wouldn’t recognize someone who has 14million views on her video?  

Selena Vargas Disappearance after This Incident

After all these incidents we see that she had stayed mum and not continued with her life and work much. Furthermore, netizens couldn’t find her anywhere online despite trying to find her. We couldn’t find a single piece of content on her life on the internet after this. Hence, her identity has become a mystery to us since then. 

Although we can find an Instagram account with the name Selena Vargas we are unsure. It reads a bio, “Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect.” Furthermore, the netizens have found a private TikTok account in her name. But we don’t know for sure if it is her own or not. If it is, we can say that she is living her personal life relatively quietly. However, we understand that whatever was the scandal about her, she wants to evade it and keep it in the past. And we think that we should support her in this.

If we consider that the accounts are hers, it means she is continuing with her work even now. But her last posted activity on her account was in June 2020. Since then we cannot find a single content on her private account. We are skeptical about several things. Firstly, Where is she now?  Secondly, Why did she disappear? Thirdly, Is she shying away because of the scandal? Will she reappear again? We are unsure.

Ending Note

Whatever may be the reason why she chose to stay away from the social media platform, we hope that Selena Vargas soon makes a public appearance. She has a lot of fans waiting for her. Also, we hope that she is living a healthy, safe, and peaceful life.


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