What Makes Flutter different from other frameworks and where to find experienced flutter developers for hire


When Google firstly released frameworks , their intention was pretty simple – to create an open-source app framework that will deliver remarkable results, be fast and responsive, and most importantly – reduce the code development time.

Flutter Developers for Hire and Dethronement of The King

With the rapid expansion of companies using Flutter as the core of their business, the need for flutter developers for hire is now present – and to be honest, more than ever. IT recruiters are looking for ways to hire flutter app developers to satisfy their employers. But let’s start with what made Flutter a worthy rival of React Native and why it is about to surpass the legendary framework that created Facebook, Instagram, and most of the worldwide-known apps of today.


Flutter – a Standout Open-Source Performer

Outstanding app design

Flutter is a very flexible cross-platform framework that allows developers to create customized apps. Because of the variety of tools and widgets available, developers can create beautiful apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

Made to fit many needs


Flutter is an easy-to-use SDK for the rapid development of new applications. It comes with a set of robust widgets that make it easy and simple to create beautiful views for all sorts of applications. It can work with Material Design, a popular design language widely used today.

The popularity of the framework forces many companies to hire flutter app developers.


Performance – one code for many platforms


Even though performance has been a factor in app development for years, it’s been elevated to the forefront as apps get bigger. It is especially true for Android and iOS apps for Google Play and Apple’s App Store, respectively. Flutter is a fantastic framework for app developers and users because of its high performance – with some people saying that Flutter apps might be up to 50% faster.


Web apps? Yes, you heard us well.

People see mobile phones as the future, and probably they are right. However, we can’t write off Windows and Linux. They are still the primary go-to options for both developers and regular users. Usually, this is the time to ask – where is the trick? Well, I’ve got the answer for you – shared code.


Flutter enables users to enjoy a smooth cross-platform experience. Since this fancy framework is written in Dart, it allows JavaScript compilation (the natural “habitat” of The Web, as we know it).



It is essential to a find reliable source of information – that helps us improve our skills immensely.


As one of the most functional (if not the most) frameworks available, Flutter is a recognizable name in the development community. With a presence in tens of forums and websites (including GitHub, Google Groups, YouTube, Reddit, Slack, Meetup, etc.), you can quickly get help with a line of code, find a new job, or hire a Flutter app developer in case you are a headhunter.


A Business App in 2021? A must-have.


A business website is mandatory for any start-up. However, the more one business grows, the more the necessity for an app increases. You might ask yourself why.


Here we mention some of the reasons people turn to mobile apps:

  • Sales growth – it becomes easier to turn your visitors into loyal customers if you have an app. This way, you can send them to push notifications and remind them of your special offers.
  •   Brand presence and marketing – the push notifications have many purposes – they are not made to increase your sales. It is a cheap and easy way to promote your new product line or some critical content you want your users to see.
  •   Faster loading speed – people tend to use the app more than the web, as everything loads much faster.
  •   Reputation – let’s be honest. If your competitor doesn’t have an app, this means you have an advantage you can use in your favor.

Flutter Developers for Hire? We’ve Got The Answer.


Flutter is able to make apps that are functional, responsive, and, most importantly – beautiful. But where can you find experienced Flutter developers for hire, and will it cost too much?


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