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What is the most popular online store in UAE?

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The UAE is densely packed with massive malls, contemporary collections, designer shops, etc. Millions of customers shop there every day.

As online shopping has become popular among people, we have summed up some of the most desired online stores in UAE to lessen your hassle about shopping. Let’s see what’s on the list!

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8 most popular online stores in UAE

People from all over the world, including celebrities, tend to visit UAE for shopping. As the online shopping trend is on the go, some online stores have made it easy for everyone to purchase their favorites online.

We have come up with some popular online stores in UAE for you below:


It’s one of the fast-growing online stores that sells all of your daily needs. Bags, accessories, electronic gadgets, kitchen, and home appliances are available here. You can get anything with some of the best online shopping deals here. Simply go to buymode.shop and purchase at the best prices.


It is considered among UAE’s most renowned online shopping platforms. Noon provides anything, including electronics, cosmetics, and apparel. Plus, the delivery or shipment fee is as low as AED10.

On top of that, Shipping is free for orders more than AED100. The typical shipping time is 3-5 business days. You may choose a speedy delivery service to pick up your items the next day! Other credit cards provide monthly payments for goods like cellphones and laptops.


This is one of the most affordable online shopping sites in the country! You can look at their smartphones, shampoos, hair straighteners, smartwatches, and other daily things.

The regular delivery cost is AED 29. However, you can get it dropped to a nearby delivery spot for as cheap as AED 9! Again, the time of their delivery is 3-5 business days.


Kibsons is most renowned for its fresh vegetables and fruits. This online grocery shop sells vegetables, dairy, meat, fruits, seafood, and other goods, providing free same-day delivery. They provide organic vegetables and fruits along with other low-calorie foods.

Kibsons allows you to complete all your food shopping online and deliver it fresh on the same day!


Supermart launched in 2011. It is another online grocery store where you can get all your daily needs. You can buy home essentials, such as groceries, vegetables, fruits, and many other items, delivered to your door for free.

It’s an excellent site for acquiring branded foods and commodities. Check out their selection of fruits and vegetables that have been carefully chosen to promote your health. You can even buy fresh-cut meat and dairy products and have them delivered immediately.


Dubizzle is a fantastic online platform for selling and purchasing pre-owned items. You may publish a free promotion here with photographs, a summary, and a way for buyers and sellers to contact you. Real estate, autos, electronics, novels, make-up, and shoes are all options. 

Prices are substantially lower in this store since most of the item is secondhand. You can arrange a meeting place for ordering and delivery with the seller directly. You must pay a subscription if you would like your adverts to be visible.

Carrefour UAE

Do you dislike shopping in overcrowded supermarkets? If not, make an online purchase! You can do all of your buying groceries online by using the Carrefour UAE app.

Items are unavailable in stores as well as online. So have your phones ready, and you’ll never need to push those strangely wheeled carts again. The app also offers several online savings.


Customers identify Ubuy as a gadget destination, so if you want to purchase a new phone, notebook, or smart device, Ubuy is the place to go. You may find many deals that might give you excellent items at reasonable prices.

Aside from electronics, Ubuy features many other products such as apparel, jewelry, books, toys, and home décor. You may also purchase branded items and have these delivered to your house.


Purchasing things online is the most feasible way to save time and energy. So, this is the list of the top 8 online stores in UAE from where you can purchase everything you want. Hope this write-up helps you find what you want.

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