What Is PVOD and Why It Is Important for VOD Businesses?


PVOD Industry Overview


The PVOD industry has witnessed an impressive growth rate in recent years. According to reports, 74% of US viewers are interested in watching the latest VOD content via a PVOD (Premium Video on Demand). PVOD is disrupting other monetization models in the VOD industry like SVOD, TVOD, and others. Industry shows promising growth as it will be supported by cord-cutters (people who ditch traditional cable TV mediums).


Not just in the USA, people are willing to watch content over other types of online content in various parts of the world. Studies show that around 68% of US viewers are comfortable with the pricing. The top VOD streaming channels have already adopted the monetization model. Read on to know more about and why one needs it for their business.


What Is a Premium Video on Demand and, How It Grew?


PVOD model is a business model that provides premium access for any VOD content. Any particular VOD content is first available on a platform than any other VOD platform. It allows viewers to access the VOD content earlier that will be viewed later by other people. Premium video on demand definition for content delivery is the same as other VOD business models. The only difference is that premium users get to watch VOD content earlier than others.


PVOD is not a recent thing as it was launched a decade ago. However, it gained popularity recently due to the COVID pandemic. Since all the theatres were closed, filmmakers decided to launch their movies on platforms and generate revenue. First-run movies that skipped cinema halls were launched on platforms. Viewers were also comfortable with platforms as they got to watch VOD content earlier than others.


How PVOD Is Different from Other VOD Revenue Models?


The pros and cons of with respect to other revenue models are as follows:




SVOD model charges viewers for their monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription for VOD content. For premium video, you will have to pay an extra fee besides the subscription amount.


Pros of PVOD over SVOD


  • PVOD viewers can watch VOD content much earlier than it is available for SVOD customers.
  • VOD premium allows content publishers to generate extra revenue as compared to the SVOD model from top VOD platform providers.


  • Enhances brand loyalty and retains viewers with high-quality VOD content. It helps business owners generate revenue even in these hard times of the COVID pandemic.


Cons of PVOD


  • If you do not have any latest movies or exclusive VOD content, you will not motivate viewers to opt for premium content. If users do not get extra VOD content on a platform, they can switch back to the SVOD model.


  • If your on-demand content is not attractive or exclusive, viewers might not pay the extra fees and continue with their fixed subscriptions.  


Which Businesses Should Use PVOD over SVOD?


If you can offer PVOD premium video on-demand to users, you can choose this business model. It is better for content publishers that can launch first-run movies that skip theatre.




The TVOD business model asks users to view VOD platform monetization content on a transactional basis. Viewers will only pay for the VOD content they watch on a TVOD platform.


Pros of PVOD over TVOD


  • PVOD meaning differs a lot from the TVOD business model. You can offer diverse VOD content via the business model than a TVOD business model.


  • Since you will offer premium access to viewers, you can reach wider audiences.


Cons of PVOD


  • If users are willing to pay for what they watch, they might prefer a VOD platform that uses the TVOD model.


Which Businesses Should Use PVOD over TVOD?


Businesses that have diverse and abundant VOD content to offer can use a business model over the TVOD business model.


How PVOD Industry Is Impacting Theatres and Studios?


The ways in which is disrupting the business of theatres are as follows:


  • The decline in Theatre Sales


Due to the COVID pandemic, content publishers can’t launch their content in theatres. Content publishers are opting for a reliable PVOD platform to launch their latest movies. Industry has posed financial risks for theatres.


  • Perfect Opportunity


In these tough times, content publishers are seizing the opportunity to provide on-demand content to viewers. Premium VOD ensures business continuity even in a tough time like the COVID pandemic. Premium video content providers are striking beneficial deals with regional and global filmmakers/studios.




Are you still searching for ‘what is PVOD’? It is the right time to adopt the business model for providing on-demand content to viewers. Premium video on demand platforms will be popular in the coming years. Launch your platform now!  



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