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What is a Licensed Electrician?

by Rebecca Daniel
Licensed Electrician

What Services Do Electricians Do?

An electrician is a tradesperson who installs and maintains electrical systems. In Australia, electricians are required to be licensed to work legally. There are many services that licensed electricians can provide, including installing new electrical systems, repairing faulty wiring, and replacing old fixtures. If you’re looking for a qualified electrician in your area, be sure to look online and find a company that meets your needs. 


We’ve touched on it already, but electricians perform a wealth of different services. One of the most common services that electricians provide is installing new electrical systems. This might be for a new home that’s being built, or for an existing home that’s having major renovations done. Electricians will work with the builders and other tradespeople to ensure that the electrical system is installed correctly and safely. 


Another common service that electricians provide is repairing faulty wiring. This can be caused by many things, such as wear and tear, animals chewing on wires, or simply old age. If you notice any signs of faulty wirings, such as flickering lights or sparks coming from outlets, it’s important to call a licensed electrician right away. They’ll be able to quickly diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs so that your property is safe once again. 


In most cases, people worry about the paperwork and permission side of things. Any time you are doing work on the electrical system in your home, including adding outlets or light fixtures, you will probably need to obtain a permit from your local municipality. Licensed electricians will always pull the necessary permits before starting work so that everything is done legally and up to code (you have an expert on your side!). 


Next, a licensed electrician can also perform audits and assess the overall electrical safety in your home. This is especially important in older homes where the wiring may not be up to current standards. By having an audit done, you can rest assured that your home is as safe as possible and that any potential electrical hazards are identified and remedied. 


So, there you have it. A licensed electrician is a tradesperson who specializes in installing and repairing electrical systems. If you’re planning any major renovations or notice any signs of faulty wiring, be sure to give them a call. They’ll be able to help ensure that your property is safe and up to code. 


Top Electrical Services Required by Homeowners


What are some of the top electrical services requested by homeowners? Here’s a quick rundown:


  • Home electrical safety inspections
  • Installation of new outlets and light fixtures
  • Wiring for home additions and remodelling projects
  • Circuit breaker repair or replacement
  • Smoke detector installation
  • Rewiring older homes
  • Troubleshooting electrical problems


If you need any electrical services, be sure to contact a licensed electrician in your area because they have the experience and knowledge required. If you need electrical work performed in your home, it doesn’t make sense to do it yourself because there is just so much danger involved in the process. A qualified electrician will have the experience, training, and equipment to perform the job effectively and safely. 


The benefits of hiring a professional include:


  • The job will be done right the first time
  • You won’t have to worry about making a mistake that could cause an electrical fire
  • You’ll save time and money in the long run


So, if you require any electrical services, don’t hesitate to call a professional! 


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