What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth: Don’t Google, It’s Just a Prank


Terrible GAG ‘Don’t Google “What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth” ‘ – Cautioning not to surrender to cleared out stunt spread by extremists in Reddit string

Web clients have been cautioned not to surrender to a “Don’t google What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth” stunt later weakened Reddit clients caused a narrow-minded joke to turn into a web sensation.

The message has been spreading across web-based media and comes up as one of the web crawler’s autofill thoughts.

Individuals who do google the request get results for the Nigersaurus.

Individuals who do google the request get results for the Nigersaurus.

The joke-turn-picture has been shared across online media stages, basically on Reddit.

Young adult jokers on the site are needing to shock dumbfounded web clients by proposing the name resembles the N-word.

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The admonition against making the chase recently appeared to begin coming back in September 2019.

A Reddit everyday client, who has since deleted their record – posted: “Whatever you do, don’t google ‘dinosaur with 500 teeth’.”

From here on out, inestimable pictures have been made, with engravings including “don’t google 500 teeth dinosaur. All the more terrible blunder of my life”.

Others have plainly used the picture as a code for the racial slur itself, similar to the comment: “Good dinosaur with 500 teeth”.

Its name, regardless, is actually a reference to where it was found, the Republic of the Niger.

The regular or standard name Nigersaurus connotes “Niger reptile”, while the specific name “taqueria” regards the French researcher Philippe Taquet, who found the chief stays in 1976.

It was found in the Elrhaz Development in a space called Gadoufaua, in Niger.

Nigersaurus was a kind of rebbachisaurid sauropod dinosaur that lived around 115 to 105 million years earlier, in the Cretaceous time span.

The 30ft herbivore would have meandered the rich swamps in the locale that is presently the Sahara Desert.

It had a delicate, odd skull and a wide mouth fixed with 500 dainty teeth, phenomenally adapted to scrutinizing plants close to the ground.

An audit page on Sereno’s site examines: “Nigersaurus lived in a rich environment nearby the savage dinosaur such minus, the plant-eaters ouranosaurus and lurdusaurus, and supercross.

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“This odd, since quite some time ago necked dinosaur is depicted by its strangely broad, straight-edged gag tipped with more than 500 replaceable teeth.

“The principal fossil skull of Nigersaurus is one of the essential dinosaur skulls to be painstakingly reproduced from CT checks.”

In November 2007, a reproduced skeleton of the Nigersaurus was revealed at the Public Geographic Historical focus in Washington DC.

(What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth) NIGERSAURUS

Age: 110 million years of age

Area: Niger


Nigersaurus is a 30-foot-long plant-eating dinosaur that lived 110 million years earlier in what is by and by Niger’s the Sahara Desert. Nigersaurus lived in a rich environment nearby the savage dinosaur Suchomimus, the plant-eaters ouranosaurus and lurdusaurus, and supercross. Nigersaurus had a delicate skull and an unquestionably wide mouth fixed with teeth specially adapted to scrutinizing plants close to the ground. This is odd, since a really long time back necked dinosaur, is depicted by its strangely wide, straight-edged gag tipped with more than 500 replaceable teeth. The main fossil skull of Nigersaurus is one of the essential dinosaur skulls to be painstakingly reproduced from CT checks.

Diary Entry: Sept 9, 2000

Update on Dinosaur Discoveries from Paul Sereno
Camp 1
Gadoufaoua 11:30 pm

Strange 500-toothed dinosaur

Our first week in the field has been brilliant! Vital divulgences have all the earmarks of being keeping it together for us around each slope. Nigersaurus, you might recall that we named for bones assembled on the last undertaking here three years earlier. This sauropod has an exceptional skull containing as many as 500 thin teeth. A critical goal of this mission is to find the rest of this amazing dinosaur so we can depict it and duplicate it for the overall population’s survey joy.

We are encompassing that genuine fast since we stumbled upon a skeleton a few days sometime later! His skeleton is lying on its side with the tail twisted upward. The twist of his spine measures around 15 feet. In a little while, we will cover each area in the mortar with the objective that the skeleton can be sent out of the field and back to the lab.

However, that isn’t only for Nigersaurus. Chris had taken all of us to a level space of purple-tinted sandstone where he had tracked down the upper jaw of a youngster Nigersaurus—one that would fit on top of a silver dollar! This Nigersaurus was a hatchling, probably shy of what one year from delivering when it died and was fossilized.

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Another tissue eater

While walking around a very level locale, Gabe made a stunning revelation—the bones of another meat-eating dinosaur lay somewhat revealed at her feet. Nearby a lay piece of the spine and the hip bones. This was a mean customer—the bones are from a skeleton that would evaluate around 30 feet long! We want to find more verification of this sharp-toothed creature as the field season proceeds.

A massive crocodile

We are excited about finding some different options from dinosaurs. We really want to find all animals and plants that once lived along the old streams and woods 110 million years earlier. One of the most notable fossils we encountered in the vitally multi-day stretch of work had a spot with an enormous crocodile called Sarcosuchus.

This reptile was far greater than any living crocodile. Considering the 6-foot skull, we found in the primary week, we conjecture it may have assessed in excess of 40 feet long! The support plates on its back assessed a foot across. We even spread out the gathering to get a sensation of precisely how tremendous this animal was.

Hans has been working with a gathering of Allison and Dave to uncover another site. As we tunneled around the skull, we uncovered another juvenile skull of comparative species lying straightforwardly near the tremendous one. They cut a square of rock that incorporated the two skulls, acknowledging the point of fact that it would weigh around 600 pounds when encased in mortar.

So I figure you might agree that the essential week here has been a spine chiller.


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