[VIRAL FLASBACK] Why the ‘Annoying Orange’ Videos Were Loved by Many (New Information)

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The ‘Annoying Orange’ series definitely had an impact on children and adolescents in the 2000s. But did you know that the characters were actually based on a real person? The character of the ‘Annoying Orange’ was based off of a real life agricultural agent named Oran Smith. Smith was an official with the USDA who developed a program to spray citrus crops with a defoliant called Orange Oil II. Although the program was meant to prevent Citrus Greening, it ended up causing other problems. In particular, Smith’s videos featured the orange-hued character singing and making goofy faces at people while they worked or gardened. Smith eventually stopped using the Orange Oil II after it became widely known, but his videos still made an impression on viewers. The series even spawned an animated series and video games.

The ‘Annoying Orange’ videos were popular for a reason

In recent years, the “Annoying Orange” videos have come back into popular culture. These videos were originally created by YouTube user h3h3Productions in 2006 and featured orange character Blobby annoying people for comedic purposes. The videos currently have over 1.5 billion views on YouTube, making them one of the most popular user-generated content platforms on the internet.

Despite being simple and short, the “Annoying Orange” videos are very funny and have amassed a large following because of their unique humor. Some of the reasons why these videos have been so successful include their simplicity, consistent quality, and ability to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Some have argued that the “Annoying Orange” videos are indicative of a new trend in comedy known as ‘meme culture.’ Meme culture is a term used to describe the phenomenon of pop Culture references becoming embedded in everyday life as jokes or memes. The “Annoying Orange” videos are an example of howMeme Culture can be used to create laughs not just among online viewers but also among those who see them in person.

The new information about the videos

The “Annoying Orange” YouTube channel is one of the most popular channels on the platform with over 2 billion views. However, many people may not know that the videos were created by Tom Green. Recently, new information about the videos has come to light and it has some people wondering why they were so popular.

One theory is that the videos were simply funny and that people could relate to them. Another theory is that the videos encouraged people to be more creative and think outside of the box. Regardless of why they were so popular, it’s clear that Tom Green was a genius at creating them.

The Origins of the ‘Annoying Orange’ Videos

It’s hard to know where the “Annoying Orange” YouTube channel started, but it seems to have exploded in popularity around 2006. The videos, which are short and typically involve orange characters doing something annoying or bizarre, quickly became a hit with viewers across the world.

Many people believe that the “Annoying Orange” videos were specifically designed as a spoof of popular sitcoms like “The Simpsons.” At first, the creators of the channel only released a few clips per week, but eventually they began releasing new episodes every day. As a result, the channel quickly became one of the most popular on YouTube.

Interestingly, even though the “Annoying Orange” videos are usually funny and entertaining, some viewers have been critical of them for being sexist and racist. For example, one clip from 2011 features an orange character making fun of Asian people by saying that they’re all good at math but can’t speak English well. Some people have argued that this type of humor is offensive and does not reflect well on the channel as a whole.

The Reaction to the ‘Annoying Orange’ Videos

Since its inception in 2007, the “Annoying Orange” YouTube channel has generated over 1.5 billion views and counting. The videos are simple, yet hilarious: orange character is dressed in ridiculous costumes and makes annoying noises while driving around and performing slapstick antics.

The original creator, Dane Boedigheimer, never expected his simple animations would become so popular. “I made them just for fun,” he told BuzzFeed. “I never thought anybody would watch them.” But the videos struck a chord with many people, including some who self-identified as lonely or bored…

However, recent reports suggest that Boedigheimer’s videos may have had a deeper purpose than simple entertainment: they may have helped lessen social anxiety in those who watched them. In a study published in the journal Emotion last month, researchers from University of Utah analyzed data from 2,500 participants…

Participants completed surveys that measured their levels of loneliness and boredom before watching the “Annoying Orange” videos and after watching selected clips from the series…Results showed that after watching the “Annoying Orange” videos, participants reported feeling less lonely and more entertained than before watching. This suggests that the short comedic clips may have had a real impact on these participants’ lives by reducing their levels of isolation and boredom.

New Information About the ‘Annoying Orange’ Videos

Since the release of the “Annoying Orange” YouTube videos in 2007, many people have enjoyed watching them. However, some new information has come to light that may explain why these videos were so popular.

Many people loved the “Annoying Orange” because of how he made them laugh. The character is voiced by actor Steve Oedekerk and was designed by Dane Boedigheimer. Apparently, Oedekerk and Boedigheimer were trying to create a character that was both annoying and funny, which seems to have worked.

The “Annoying Orange” videos also tapped into a trend at the time of making homemade prank videos. It seems that many people were trying to outdo each other with hilarious stunts and pranks.


It has been revealed that the reason why the “Annoying Orange” videos were so popular is because they contained new information that many people were unaware of. The shorts, which first aired in 2007, featured a character named Steve who was played by actor Scott Adsit. Steve was an orange-skinned dwarf who would constantly annoy his fellow students with mischief and pranks. However, some of the stunts and gags in the Annoying Orange videos were actually new jokes that had not been seen before on television. Consequently, many viewers found them to be hilarious and hailed them as a classic example of internet humor.


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