September 26, 2022

You realize there are various sorts of rice. That is right with an expected 120,000 rice assortments around the world, you might struggle with settling on which rice to use with supper.

Long grain rice:

The principal assortment and the most well-known to find is long grain rice. The part is long and slim. When cooked, the grains are as yet soft, not tacky. You need to utilize this kind of rice on the off chance that you will serve it as a side dish.

Instances of this assortment:

American long-grain


Basmati: perhaps the most notable of long grain rice assortments.



Wild walnut

Medium grain rice:

This piece has a more limited and more extensive grain than a long assortment. When cooked, the grains are wet, delicate, and a bit tacky. This assortment ought to be your decision on the off chance that you anticipate making risotto or paella (a Spanish dish).

Instances of this assortment:


That one is easy….paella and risotto rice!

Short grain rice

This piece has a short and stout grain which is practically round. When cooked, the grains are delicate and exceptionally tacky. This assortment is your most ideal decision for making pudding.

Illustration of this assortment:


Sushi rice:


Other normal assortments:

Brown – Brown rice is otherwise called “entire rice.” Brown rice holds the wheat and the start of the rice. Along these lines, Brown rice is more extravagant in fiber and more supplement thick than white rice. Earthy-colored rice likewise takes more time to cook and isn’t quite as delicate as white rice.

Changed over or parboiled – Converted rice is a decent split the difference between brown and white: it cooks quicker than brown and it is more supplement thick than white.

A moment or pre-cooked – It is costly and rather dull.

Wild likewise called Indian – You may be shocked to realize it’s anything but a bowl of rice yet rather a grass seed!

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