Vaporizer Whips: How to Clean Them? 


One of the most significant issues when using vaporizer whips is that they are unpleasant to clean. They need to be correctly cleaned and maintained for a pure-tasting vapor. Otherwise, the vaporizer may work harder and become less effective. 

However, cleaning your vaporizer seems like a complicated task at hand. While you can sterilize the whips using ISO or boil them in water, there’s no way to eliminate the yellowish stain. 

This article looks at how to clean vaporizer whips.  

How to clean the vaporizer whips? 

Part of owning a vaporizer requires maintaining and cleaning. A portable vaporizer is quicker and easier to clean than desktop devices. Each device has different parts and sections that you must wash separately. Desktop vaporizers have more parts and sections to clean, so clean each part of the device.  

Desktop vaporizers produce a little residue when exhaled, accumulating to create stains after extended use. It’s best to clean the device before the residue builds up in the whip or mouthpiece.  

The most concerning issue about cleaning the vaporizer whip is whether you have to clean the long skinny tube. You don’t have to clean the long skinny whips because they’re designed to be used and replaced, not cleaned. You need to replace the whips every two weeks, though that can become expensive for less frequent users.  

The best way to decide if you want to replace the whip is to check if it stinks and if it has gotten sticky. It’s considered unhygienic to share the skinny tubes with someone else. If you’re hosting a vaping party, you’ll have to buy many tubes and replace them when necessary. 

Different cleaning methods 

The most common method involves using a zip lock bag, high-profile isopropyl alcohol, and sea salt to clean vaporizer parts. The method involves disassembling the components of the vaporizer and placing them in a bag filled with alcohol and salt. You then seal the bag and shake it to remove any stubborn resin.  

This is an easy and effective method of cleaning glass pieces and metal screens. Salt adds friction and acts as a scrubbing agent to remove the stubborn resin. The isopropyl alcohol efficiently dissolves sticky residue, while a good brush gets the glass and screens sparkling clean.   

Another option is to soak the glass pieces and screens in a cup of rubbing alcohol for a few hours. Wait until the rubbing alcohol turns a deep golden color. Give them a good rinse with hot water and let them sit out until dry. 

Steps to follow when cleaning the whip vaporizer 

The most important thing is to read the device manual inside and out to understand its functions. Let us learn how to clean your wimp vaporizer to last a long lifespan.  

  1. Gather all the cleaning supplies needed for proper deep cleaning of the vaporizer. The supplies include a paper towel, warm soapy water, cotton swabs, popper cleaners, isopropyl alcohol, a toothbrush, and a watertight container or bowl. 
  1. Ensure you unplug your machine every time you want to do the maintenance because electricity and water do not go together. To avoid burning yourself, you can only start cleaning the vaporizer after it cools down. 
  1. Remove all organic material by turning your unit upside down and shaking it back and forth. This step helps remove any debris that may have fallen into the unit.  
  1. Disassemble the vaporizer into as many pieces as possible without breaking them. Double-check the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning before disassembling the desktop vaporizer.  
  1. Once you have disassembled the vaporizer, sort the pieces by the material for easy cleaning. 

Which parts should you clean? 

If the device has a bowl, it should be the first part to clean. Start by wiping down with a paper towel and alcohol rub to remove any resin and color. If the discoloration bothers you, you can always replace the bowl before the resin shows.  

The whip will build more resin because hot air and vapor flow directly through it. Make sure you clean it regularly because it can get stained quickly and deteriorate functioning. You can boil the whip in hot water or fill it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure you rinse it out to remove any leftover resins. When cleaning the whip, remove the glass elbow adapter and mouthpiece from the end and set them aside to soak in water.  

You can also clean the screen by scrapping and soaking them in a cleaner if there’s any resin build-up. If the screen is blocked, remove it and clean it by rinsing it under water. Clean the tubes with warm water and change them as they discolor to keep the device working well.  

The final part of cleaning a whip vaporizer is to clean the base of the vaporizer. While cleaning is unnecessary, it won’t hurt to wipe it down. Ensure you unplug the base, and then use the brush and cotton swab to wipe down the dirt and dump out excess debris. 

After cleaning the vaporizer, wait for every piece to dry and put all the pieces back together. Slide the flat screen into the cyclone and reinsert them into the glass elbow adapter.  

Bottom line 

The benefit of cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer is to keep your vaping sessions clean and pure. Vaporizer whips are always difficult to clean because of their shape. The device is long, and hard to get stuff out. Deep cleaning the vaporizer whip is not as hard as it looks if you follow this guide.  


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