Uncovered! Mysteries of previous clique pioneer Charles Manson’s child Valentine Michael Manson


Conceived 15 April 1968 in California, USA, Valentine Michael Manson is for the most part known as faction pioneer Charles Manson’s child, responsible for running “The Manson family”.

Valentine Michael Mason, otherwise called Michael Brunner, was child of Charles Manson — a notable chronic executioner. Manson was associated with a few homicide cases, frequently being the killer himself. Likewise, he was the top of the Mason family, renowned for their deadly demonstration and series of killings. The gathering was liable for a series of murders directing the capture of a considerable lot of its individuals, including Michael’s mom, Mary Brunner. Valentine Michael Manson changed his name to Michael Brunner and separates himself from his dad’s despair and notoriety.

Valentine Michael Manson | Manson, Michael, Biological dad

Top 10 Facts about Valentine Michael Manson

Valentine is the child and offspring of Charles Manson, a famous clique pioneer, and Mary Brunner, the primary individual from the Manson family.
He was brought into the world in 1968 beyond a clinic, in a denounced house in Topanga Canyon, and his moniker is Pooh Bear.

Mary Brunner was captured close by different individuals from the faction in 1968 and Valentine went under the consideration of the nearby emergency clinic.

Valentine Manson goes by Michael Brunner, his mom’s last name. He got a difference in name from living with his grandparents in a bid to detach him from his dad.

He was named after a science fiction persona from Stranger In A Strange Land, a clever that was Charles Manson’s #1 book.
Michael Brunner has said that he felt no association with his organic dad.


His Father, Charles Manson, attempted to restore associations with him, yet he believed nothing should do with him.
Brunner has one offspring of his own.

Since giving the popular meeting in 1993, Brunner has avoided the local area eye
After his dad passed on in 2017, Brunner made a lot of investigation about his dad and derived that Charles Manson was a misconstrued man and not Satan the media portrays him.

Full name Valentine Michael Manson
Nickname Michael Brunner
Well known as Being the Son of Cult Leader Charles Manson
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Date of Birth 15 April 1968
Hometown Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Height 6 feet (1.8m)
Father Charles Manson
Mother Mary Brunner
Brother Charles Luther Manson, Charles Manson Jr.
Conjugal Status Married
Children One kid
Net Worth $100,000
Zodiac Sign Aries

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Early life and instruction

Like the remainder of Charles Manson’s kids, Valentine Michael Manson was not conveyed in an emergency clinic on the grounds that the religion chief would demand that his spouses conceive an offspring without anyone else in the house. Michael Brunner’s mom brought forth him in a decrepit house in Topanga Canyon, encompassed by individuals from the Manson family. Manson supposedly utilized his teeth to isolate the umbilical string once Mary Brunner had put to birth. Soon after Valentine Manson was conceived, his mom, Mary Brunner, and different housemates were imprisoned.

His grandparents brought him up in Wisconsin. He educated at Arlington Heights Elementary School.


Data about his profession has not been unveiled and is as yet covered up.

His Parents

Charles Manson was known as a criminal practically for his entire life, and he was at first frequently detained for insignificant violations. In 1967, soon after his delivery from jail, he moved to San Francisco, California, where he was unable to find a new line of work and needed to ask to scrape by. He met library collaborator Mary Brunner, who later turned into Valentine’s mom. His appeal had prevailed upon her, and the two before long began living respectively.

Hence, Charles had persuaded Mary that they ought to welcome others into their home, and he would cruise all over California asking individuals, essentially young ladies who were enchanted by the possibility of the helpful residing and hipster way of life.

The gathering visited across the US Southwest, and ultimately, Mary became pregnant. Charles detested his relatives going to the clinic, and Mary needed to bring forth Valentine outside the emergency clinic. He was brought into the world to the family while residing in a broken down house in Topanga Canyon. Valentine was only half a month old when the police observed his mom and a gathering of exposed ‘relatives’ lying in a box inside a transport; they were completely captured yet later delivered. At the point when the police observed Valentine in miserable circumstances, they removed him from his mom and put him in the possession of a nearby emergency clinic, where he would be dealt with. They charged his mom for adding to the carelessness of a minor.

The Manson family’s homicide

Following the underlying captures, Valentine’s grandparents developed progressively stressed that the Charles Manson family was going into something that sounds far more awful, really. Now, Charles began recognizing himself as a rebirth of Christ and spurting numerous convictions and lessons laid out upon him. He was exceptionally adept at controlling individuals, so he got numerous adherents who gulped his appeal. He reliably utilized s_x as a method for joining up or even addition favors.

His grandparents later embraced Valentine following his mom’s capture. When he was home, they changed his name from Valentine Michael Manson to Michael Brunner to cut his relationship with his dad. In a meeting, Valentine frequently alluded to the demonstration of his grandparents as another opportunity for himself and declared his affection for his grandparents for assisting him with disassociating from his dad and departure from the melancholy brought by his dad’s standing.

Later on, Hinman, a music educator who had would not join the family and give them admittance to his assets, was purportedly killed by a portion of the Manson relatives. While reports appear to be questionable, Manson was supposedly behind the whole thing. He later utilized his warbler to have a go at concealing his family’s activities. Right away, more homicides happened, finishing off in the homicide of the pregnant entertainer Sharon Tate. After this, the police caught Charles, and the family went on a wrongdoing fling alongside fights, in a piece to free him, or essentially get him off capital punishment. Mary, Valentine’s mom, who was engaged with a shootout in Hawthorne, California, among different lawbreakers, was condemned to life in prison.

Valentine Michael was, in any case, around then far off from his folks when the series of murders happened. His grandparents had a decent childhood, whom he developed to consider as his folks because of his reliable love. While condemned to life detainment, Mary Brunner was subsequently delivered released early the last part of the 1970s because of her appropriate conduct.

From that point forward, not much has been had some significant awareness of her, as she blurred from general visibility after her delivery. Despite the fact that she got reconnected with her kid, in an uncommon meeting with Valentine, He pronounced his relationship with his mom likened to kin.

Before long, Valentine discovered that he was unable to keep away from individuals as they would ultimately find his dad’s actual personality. This, thus, prompted a ton of tormenting and incessant dangers. Albeit, the specialists endeavored to amend the issue with another personality.

What number of kids did Charles Manson have?
Approaching the 1990s, Valentine stays the main living child of Charles. Valentine Michael is hitched and has one youngster. Albeit because of his absence of any open/social appearance, realities about them stay obscure, then again, actually he recognized that it is so vital to keep up as a family and deal with his kid.

Charles Manson had two more established youngsters, both brought into the world from Manson relatives. The most established, Charles Jr., had allegedly ended it all while on an excursion trip. He was unable to make himself away from the moves his dad committed all through his life, fundamentally on the grounds that he conveyed his dad’s name.

Concerning Charles’ subsequent child blurred from public consideration, notwithstanding, records show that he maybe probably passed on at some point in adulthood.

Considering to be a grown-up, he (Valentine) realize that he could never be excessively far from his dad’s inheritance, so he proceeded to move toward the media so he could eliminate any confusion. In one of his last meetings and public appearances, he stated that his grandparents were his genuine guardians. He embraced an alternate name, declining to be related with Charles Manson. Also, he professed to have annihilated any letters that Charles sent him from jail, however he stays close to his mom.

In 2017, Charles Manson died. His passing was because of entanglements achieved by colon disease. Following his demise, somewhere around three individuals approached pronouncing that they had a duplicate of his last will. Valentine, in any case, didn’t take part in these occasions since he cared very little about whatever had to do with his organic dad. Charles’ grandson, Jason Freeman, who is the child of Charles’ oldest, Charles Jr., prevailed upon authority his body and domain.

Valentine’s better half

Valentine is cheerfully hitched to a lady and has a youngster. He has gotten the two his own life and family far from social. Because of his absence of public/frontier appearance, realities about them stay obscure, then again, actually he recognized that it is so essential to keep up as a family and deal with his kid.

Total assets

Valentine’s genuine calling is obscure to us; be that as it may, his total assets is roughly $100,000.

Most recent News on Charles Manson’s child
Michael Brunner right now inhabits an undisclosed area in the rustic Middle West with his loved ones.


The untold story of Valentine Michael Manson, otherwise called Michael Brunner, broadly known as the child to the top of a religion bunch called The Manson family, at last eliminates any confusion to the crowd that accepts he participated in his family’s lawbreaker acts. In the wake of talking at a meeting where he announced his disasso


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