Ultimate Tahiti Travel Guide to Plan A Trip

Tahiti travel packages
Tahiti travel packages

Tahiti is the ideal location for a honeymoon. But beach-goers frequently choose the white beaches of Bora Bora over Tahiti’s sands. Tahiti is less of a romantic Tahiti vacation package 2023 and more of an off-the-beaten-path stop despite its gorgeous reputation and also accessibility.

But that doesn’t mean Tahiti should be disregarded. Leafy trees contrast with sandy beaches, and Tahitian fish cru is served with French crêpes (raw fish).

Tahiti tour packages are the epitome of the lovely duality. The French Polynesian archipelago if there ever was one.

Best Travel Months:

The months of May through October are the ideal times to visit Tahiti. Tahiti has warm, year-round temperatures, however, the winter months are less humid.

There are just two distinct seasons in Tahiti: While summer, which runs from November through April. Maybe rather hot and humid (particularly December), not to mention wet, winter provides less rain and also mild temperatures. However, you can count on expensive hotel costs whenever you travel.

Tahiti Money Saving Tips:

Go to the grocery store Since eating out is rather expensive, buy your breakfast and lunch at the store to save money.

After that, you can treat yourself to expensive dinners. Take a guesthouse stay Pensions, or guesthouses as they are known locally in Tahiti, are family-run establishments. That can range in price from significantly less than a hotel to dormitory-style housing to individual bungalows and also villas. 

An exhaustive list is provided on Tahiti Tourisme’s website. As opposed to flying in and making hotel reservations on the island, taking a cruise that makes stops in Tahiti and other French Polynesian islands can be cheaper.

Princess Cruises and Oceania are just two of the cruise lines that visit this idyllic island. Bring your own snorkeling gear. Although your hotel could lend you a bike or a kayak, you should plan to bring your own to save money.

Customs & Culture:

Although English is widely spoken among the natives, especially those who work in the tourism sector, French is the official language of French Polynesia. Remember that English is a second language for the majority of Tahitians while speaking with them; use patience and also respect. The local island language, Tahitian, may be spoken in passing, although most locals will immediately switch to French or English when speaking with you.

The French Polynesia franc (XPF) is the local currency; it changes, so make sure to check the rate before you travel. Although gratuities are already included in hotel and restaurant bills on the islands, tipping is not typical there. However, as with anywhere else, giving a little more for exceptional service is always appreciated.

Tahiti vacation Tourists can feel safe visiting. In general, there are just two risks to be aware of: pickpockets in Papeete and moray eels in the coral reefs while scuba diving. Most tourists find out rather quickly that Tahiti is kind and open to strangers.

Eating Plan:

Tahiti is the perfect place to gather fish and grow fresh produce. Because it is encircled by the South Pacific Ocean and receives enough sunshine and rain. Mahi Mahi, grouper, and tuna are definitely the most popular fish on the menus of restaurants on this French Polynesian island.

Tahiti’s national cuisine, Poisson cru, is raw tuna marinated in coconut milk and lime juice. Much like ceviche, and you’d be negligent if you didn’t try some. The island produces some of the best bananas, pineapples, and coconuts in the world.

Traveling In Tahiti:

Taxis and rental cars are the best modes of transportation in Tahiti. A rental car is a fantastic choice if you intend to travel around the island quite a bit. Another means of transportation is a bicycle. You must schedule a boat or flight to travel to other French Polynesian islands.


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