Truth of Serbian Dancing Lady viral video, is it real?

serbian dancing lady

The Serbian Dancing Lady, also known as “The Dancing Shadow”, is a mysterious figure whose existence is the subject of debate. The legend that surrounds it tells the story of a woman who was in love with a man from a different town but she faced opposition from her family. After her death, her spirit is believed to wander the countryside at night, dancing and singing sadly.

A Mexican content creator recorded an old person doing the same dance near the Latin American Tower, in the Historic Center of CDMX.

In his video, Internet user @crisjn_23 mentioned that, after 1:00 in the morning, he saw a woman dancing, then he started running to avoid being attacked. However, it is an action, since the same user has published videos with the alleged woman in the National Palace and other areas of the Historic Center.

Serbian dancing lady story

The authenticity of the Serbian dancer remains uncertain. The only known evidence is a video that appeared on TikTok in 2019, showing a person dancing in a peculiar way on the streets of Belgrade, Serbia. However, there are conflicting reports about the veracity of the video and the identity of the person depicted.

Some people claim to have met the Serbian dancer first-hand and shared accounts of her. These testimonials describe strange encounters with a woman exhibiting otherworldly movements and making disturbing proclamations. However, since these accounts are shared on a community blog, their credibility is difficult to verify.

Who is serbian dancing lady in real life

The Serbian Dancing Lady, also known as “The Dancing Shadow”, is a figure of urban legend and folklore. There is no confirmed information or evidence regarding the identity or existence of the Serbian dancer in real life.

The Serbian dancer has gained notoriety on TikTok, with many users trying to validate her existence or debunk her as a myth. The lack of concrete evidence and the mysterious nature of the legend have fueled the fascination and speculation that surrounds it.

Fear and apprehension towards the Serbian dancer stem from the unknown and association with supernatural phenomena. Myths and legends often tap into rudimentary fears and cultural beliefs, instilling a sense of dread and intrigue.

Although the authorities have carried out investigations and monitored related activities, the true identity and whereabouts of the Serbian dancer remain difficult to determine. Some reports suggest that the woman in the video has been arrested, while others claim that she continues to elude capture.

The debate surrounding the Serbian ballerina continues to rage on social media platforms, with people from all over the world engaging in debates about her existence, sharing theories, and seeking more information. Ultimately, whether the Serbian dancer is a real entity or just a captivating myth remains a mystery yet to be solved.

Aspects of women

  • His face has never been seen or revealed.
  • Its movements are similar to those of the Serbian folk tail.
  • It is believed that he carries a knife with him and attacks people.

Increased uncertainty surrounding Serbian dancer

Despite the fact that the video is old, a person posted the gloomy instant also on TikTok and showed previously unknown images that show more locations where this “curious” woman dances. That is to say, since the story broke, no homicide was reported from this incident despite the dramatic images. However, it is already speculated that some people would “portray” the woman today and thus further increase uncertainty in the European country.

“He jumps in front of people, cars, and then he starts dancing something. Similar to Serbian folklore movements”, the video clip was described on YouTube, which already has more than 105.3 million views and dozens of hypotheses still being created about it:

“The Serbian dancer is a nameless woman who will attack anyone who hears or sees”, more was said about this incredible story that today is added to the horror stories showcase.

“She is a lady who really wants to dance under the moon… I still don’t find anything wrong with her, except for the knife”, “Well, if she attacks you, she can even bite, scratch or worse. That is what is scary because she is a unbelievable human being ”, mention some comments.

Origin of the legend Baba Za Zvezdara

Although this urban legend became popular around 2023, the story of this woman originates in 2019 , supposedly in Serbia. In that year, some reports were released regarding a person with the same characteristics who carried a knife, danced and threatened passers-by, because when he approached her, he ran after them with the knife in his hand.

Currently, it is not known what happened to that woman, but it is presumed that she had a mental disorder and that the particular dance would correspond to the Serbian culture, but it is not confirmed who gave her that name, according to various online translators, ” Baba Za Zvezdara” is in Bosnian.

The reality is that there are no reports of murders committed by the same old people in any country —at least not with the characteristics and modus operandi of the viral legend—, but videos of old women dancing have caused an impression on many people.

And it is that when disseminating them, Internet users usually make editions with chilling songs and that give a strange sensation, the videos have been shared mainly on TikTok, although some users have also made threads on Twitter explaining the context of this legend.

What is the meaning of Serbian dance?

Serbian dance, like any other traditional folk dance, carries cultural and symbolic meanings specific to the Serbian people. It is an integral part of Serbian culture and has significant importance in various social and traditional settings.

How to survive the serbian dancing lady

The Serbian dancer is a mythical figure associated with urban legends and folklore. Since there is no concrete evidence of her existence, surviving her encounters with her is not something that can be directly addressed. However, if you are feeling scared or anxious because of the stories or rumors about the Serbian dancer, here are some general tips for dealing with fear:

  • Keep calm: Remember that urban legends are often exaggerated or made up. It is essential to remain calm and rationalize the situation.
  • Look for reliable information: Look for reliable sources that provide accurate information about the Serbian dancer. This can help separate fact from fiction and alleviate unnecessary fears.
  • Focus on reality: Remember that urban legends are fictional tales meant to create intrigue and fear. Keep your perspective grounded in reality and avoid getting caught up in exaggeration.

Is the serbian dancing lady dead

The Serbian Dancing Lady is a mythical figure, and her existence has not been verified.

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