tricks to buy technology on Black Friday and not die trying

buy technology on Black Friday

Are you going to buy technology on Black Friday? Smartphones, 4K TVs, activity wristbands and smartwatches, consoles, video games, electric scooters, are among the most desired products. If you plan to buy any of them, check out these tricks to buy technology products on Black Friday.

Black Friday is traditionally a day of offers for all kinds of products, from clothes to appliances or household items. But when technology began to be held in online stores, technology became the main protagonist, because until recently it was what was most sold online: mobiles, laptops, peripherals, consoles, video games, gadgets, etc. If you are going to buy technology on Black Friday, do not miss these personalized tricks that we have prepared for this type of shopping.

Technology products are among the most desired on Black Friday, so you have to be especially fast, and plan everything well, if we don’t want to run out of them.

There are some interesting tricks to save on Black Friday that are specific to technology. If we take them into account we will save a lot of money on the same hardware, or on a slightly lower one, but at half the price. In technology, the quality / price ratio is very important. You will not always need a top of the range if you do not take advantage of many of its functions.

Many of the most demanded products will be sold out in a matter of minutes, so let’s see some techniques to act quickly and locate what you are looking for instantly.

When you buy technology it is important not to rush. There is a lot of equivalent hardware from different brands. And even if an item has a good price, maybe you can find another one with the same specifications and even cheaper. Let’s go with the tricks!

Table of Contents

  • Stores match prices
  • Prepare the fastest payment method
  • Look for technology … from last year
  • Think of add-ons and peripherals
  • Check prices in different colors
  • Search equivalent products
  • Give the reconditioned a chance
  • Watch derivative products
  • See the return and shipping conditions
  • Create a wish list
  • The best hours to buy technology
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Stores match prices

During Black Friday (and in the case of Amazon, all year), many stores tend to match competition prices in real time

If one makes an important offer, the rest is very likely to lower the price to match it, in a matter of minutes. This you can take advantage of in your favor.

If an item you are interested in has sold out in one store, look for it in a similar one. Possibly you will find it at the same price. And you may discover other products that are only in that store.

Do not focus only on a single trade. Take a tour of all the trusted stores, to cover as many bargains as possible.

Prepare the fastest payment method

 Black Friday highly desired products

If you plan to buy on Black Friday highly desired products that you know are going to sell out fast, you have to be prepared to be quick in the purchase … and payment.

It is no use to be the first to put that laptop with $ 300 discount in the basket, if at the time of payment you have to fill in all your card information, and when you are going to pay there is no stock.

Normally the stores reserve the products that you have put in the basket for about 15 minutes. But if you go just in time, you can lose it. In addition, those who buy sometimes get gifts and other advantages, until they are sold out.

Read the list

In stores where you plan to buy, check the payment methods, and check which one takes the least time to pay. For example in Paypal you just have to enter your email and password.

Some stores let you save your bank card, and pay with one click. Even if it’s only during Black Friday, leave it saved, to pay as quickly as possible.

Look for technology … from last year

cheap smartphones on black friday

When the offer days arrive it is natural to launch for the latest mobile or tablet that has been released. The most desired.

We may find them with a good offer, but if you want to save even more money it is worth taking a look at last year’s technology. You will get a surprise.

Maybe the Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone Xs are missing some features of the S10 or iPhone 11, but they are still very powerful mobiles that will work perfectly for years, and will cost you $ 200 or $ 300 cheaper than their successors.

This same idea can be applied to virtually any technological product, from tablets to 4K TVs, and many others. Just be careful with technologies that are very new. In this case a previous generation could have a worse performance or some handicap with respect to the new one, where errors or limitations of the past are corrected.

Best smartphone camera

You should also keep in mind that operating systems are updated on mobile phones only for two years from their launch date, not from their purchase. From then on, security patches continue to be added, but not new versions of Android. In the case of Apple it usually lengthens it a little more. But if you don’t mind staying on a fixed version of Android, you’ll save a lot of money.

Think of add-ons and peripherals

add-ons and peripherals on black friday

An important thing that you have to keep in mind when you buy technology is that it is often not enough to buy the product in question. Often you need some complement or peripheral to work, or to make the most of it. And you also have to count on that expense.

For example, some phones do not support micro SD cards, but others have little internal memory, and you will have to buy a yes or yes micro SD. And a cover.

If you are going to buy a PS4 or an Xbox One, you are probably interested in also buying a second controller, to play with another person.

Buy it at the best price

If you buy a virtual reality glasses PS VR already bring the camera, but you will need the Move controls to play some games where they are mandatory.

Always keep in mind the complements you need and add them to the budget.

Check prices in different colors

save money on technology on Black Friday

Another way to save money on technology on Black Friday is to be attentive to colors.

Many products are launched in different colors, and some are more popular than others. Certain colors sell little and are cheaper. If you don’t mind wearing a slightly extravagant color, it will cost you much less.

This is especially interesting in the case of cell phones, tablets, and other hardware that has cases, and you will cover it completely.

In the products tab, always check the available colors. In the case of Amazon they are below the price

Search equivalent products

cheap products as an alternative on black friday

One of the most interesting features (for our pocket) of technology, is that almost all hardware has an equivalent version of another brand. And in many cases, cheaper.

This is especially true for products such as storage units, mobiles, televisions, computer peripherals, laptops, and many others.

This 3.5-inch Seagate external hard drive has a capacity of 6 TB. It connects via a USB 3.0 cable and is optimized for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

When you see a bargain, don’t start buying it immediately. Put it in the basket (they usually reserve it 10 or 15 minutes) and do a quick search for products with similar specifications, but from another brand. Maybe you get a surprise and find it even cheaper.

Almost always the defect is that the box is broken, or the item has been opened by another customer and returned unused, or has a small scratch that does not influence its operation.

If these things do not matter to you because the product is not for a gift, it is for you, it is very worth buying reconditioned items in trusted stores. They are usually brand new, have been reviewed and work perfectly. And they cost much cheaper.

They usually have a full two-year warranty, although some have only one year (the store’s). Check it before buying. You will save a lot of money and the operation will be the same.

Watch derivative products

derivative products on black friday

Do you know what derived products are? It is a legal trick that manufacturers use to strain products at a lower price … but with fewer features or quality.

A product derived from an item already on sale, which loses certain functions (for example on a TV an HDMI connector, or a digital audio output is removed), or the quality of the materials is reduced. The serial number is changed and sold as a new product much cheaper.

Being a new product there is no price history, and it costs less than the standard product, so it looks like a bargain. It is not illegal because it is another product, but maybe you think it is the original, and you are buying something of worse quality.

If you see an appliance or a very lowered TV, look at its specifications and check that you have not lost anything …

A derivative product is not bad in itself and may continue to interest you, but knowing what you buy.

See the return and shipping conditions

shipping and return on black friday

In technology it is not enough for a product to have a good price. It is common that when you receive it it does not fit what you expected, or even that it has a defect, or does not work. Touch to return it, and this is where the nightmare can begin, if the store is not professional. Or it turns out that you bought it in China and you hadn’t noticed.

Many large stores accept third-party stores, which are sometimes in other countries. Before paying check the location of the seller, and things like warranty years.

If it is an expensive, delicate, or very bulky product, it is better to buy it in your country. The possible return will be much simpler, and with your rights guaranteed.

Also check important data such as shipping costs, and delivery time. Especially if the product rushes you.

Create a wish list

wishing list for black firday

Most shops allow you to create a wish list with the products you want to buy.

This is important because when you check it on Black Friday the discounts will be applied automatically, and you can buy them directly from the list.

Before Black Friday create or update your wish lists, and place your most important items first.

Keep in mind that in the case of Amazon sometimes the price update is not immediate, and it can take even half an hour. But from the list you can click on the product to access its file and see the price in real time.

The best hours to buy technology on black friday

best hours to buy on black friday

According to the Black Friday Global report, which conducts market research internationally, the best day to buy is usually the same Friday, because the most popular offers appear. Also the following days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). In the days before Black Friday, there are interesting offers, but they are smaller.

The best times of the day are usually in the middle of the morning or at the end of the day, when the stock that has not been sold during the day begins to be released.

the hours after work leave is when more people are concentrated in online stores. With the most requested products try to buy before 20:00 or 21:00 hours.

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