Travelling With Your Pet Made Simple: What You Need to Know


For pet owners, furry friends really do feel like part of the family. That’s why it makes perfect sense to pack up your pet and bring them on holiday with you and the rest of the family. Luckily, there are a number of pet friendly travel and accommodation options out there.


While getting your pet ready to travel may seem like hard work, it sure beats leaving them at home or at a boarding location. In fact, by undertaking some research before setting off on your trip, the process can be made much easier. Don’t forget to miss the Rain over suite at las vegas if you ever visit the las vegas hotels.

Preparing for take off 

Pet owners always have the best intentions with their animals. However, sometimes we can be a little overambitious. To avoid disappointment, there are a few little things owners can do with their pet before making a deposit on pet friendly travel and accommodation options. 

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The first step is to take your pet for a health check. By having a vet look at your pet, you have peace of mind that there are no underlying issues that may be exacerbated by travel. Additionally, the vet may be able to give you different travel suggestions tailored to your pet.


The next step is to judge how well your pet travels. Do they take to the car naturally or do they suffer from motion sickness? Does your pet get anxious when they can’t see you? Take the answers to these questions into account and adjust travel plans accordingly. 


If your beloved pet passes the health and travel check, think about what you will need to pack in order for them to be comfortable during the trip. This includes food and water and the relevant bowls. Medication should also be taken into account as well as bedding and toys. 

Three different travel options 

When it comes to travelling with pets, there are now more options than ever before. For example, in addition to the car, pets are also allowed in certain areas of aircrafts and even trains. 

  1. Embarking on a road trip

For most pet owners, embarking a road trip with their furry friend is the best option. This is because you can perform some test runs to get them used to the movements and sounds associated with car travel. 


When taking off on the actual trip, there are a few important things to remember. Firstly, map out your route and make designated stops for your pet to stretch their legs, have a drink or some food and do their business.


It’s also worth noting that for the safety of your pet, it’s best to set them up in the car with a crate or a harness that is tethered to the seat belts. Finally, it’s worth conducting temperature checks to make sure that the aircon or heat in the car isn’t adversely affecting your pet.

  1. Travelling by air 

Before booking plane tickets, it’s important to conduct some research. This way, you will be able to ascertain important information such as if your pet can stay with you on the plane or be loaded on with the rest of the plane’s cargo. 


For those pets that are allowed to travel by air, having the appropriate documentation is key. Pets will need fit to fly certificates and proof of vaccinations. For a successful trip, help your pet out by giving them plenty of practice being confined to/sleeping in a carrier. 

  1. Boarding the train 

Travelling by train is also another option available for people travelling with their pets. However, train stations are inherently loud places with lots of activity. Before making any commitments, take your pet to the train station and see how they cope with the commotion.

Finding accommodation

Whether embarking on car, air or train travel, all pet owners will need to consider their options when it comes to finding suitable accommodation. In the modern day, there is an array of different options available. Some may charge an additional pet fee while others will not. 


Choosing the perfect hotel depends largely on location. Firstly, is the room near great places such as parks and pet friendly shopping and eating options? Secondly, is the room itself close to the ground floor in order for quick access to the toilet in the morning and late at night?

Exploring your new surroundings 

While it’s great to travel with a pet, sometimes it doesn’t make sense for them to accompany you to certain locations or landmarks. In this instance, make sure to create a comfortable environment to leave your pet in. 


This means laying out a blanket and placing their toys on it. It might also be a good idea to turn the television on for them. The voices will provide a certain level of comfort. Additionally, it may stop them from reacting to the noises of the other guests at your accommodation.

Travelling with your furry friend

In the modern age, more pet owners are choosing to travel with their pets than without them. While many a successful trip has been posted online, the fun didn’t just happen overnight. Rather, a successful trip with your pet takes careful planning and consideration. 


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