Top Three Hair Transplant Clinics in Mexico


Hair treatment is becoming a necessity, especially considering the physical and mental discomfort from a receding Hair Transplant. However, many Mexicans used to believe that they could not get quality hair treatment within Mexico. That is not the case any longer. This is because a mixture of global brands and local entities offers top-notch hair transplant and care services right here in Mexico. We present to you three of them.

<h2>Best hair transplant clinics in Mexico</h2>

<h3>1- Capilclinic Mexico</h3>

Capilclinic is a global brand and International chain with clinics in Barcelona, Spain, Istanbul, Turkey, and London, UK. Its Mexico clinic is located in New Mexico. As a result of this global presence and outlook, the Capilclinic can bring internationally rated services down to Mexico, all at locally competitive pricing.

Capilclinic possesses several traits that set it apart from the Mexican competition. One of them is the advanced care and treatment that it offers. Being an institution that focuses on providing the best care possible, Capilclinic ensures the most advanced forms of treatment for hair-related issues. This involves being involved in the research and development of new methods of treatment from time to time.

For instance, it was heavily involved in developing the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method. Here, they will use equipment known as the implanter to transplant hair follicles from the donor areas (usually the rear side of the head) to the receiving area. This is done largely in an automated fashion. What this brings about is that the chances of there being any forms of error are greatly reduced.

Other methods of treatment include skin grafting and the globally acclaimed Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Also, to facilitate the proper deployment of these methodologies, Capilclinic invests in acquiring the most advanced technologies you can find in the hair care space.

To further engender this atmosphere of scholarship and innovation, Capilclinic encourages and, in fact, facilitates the exchange of ideas and findings amongst its professionals located in various parts of the world. This way, everyone gets to catch up with the latest treatment methodology trends, technology, and systems, much faster than others.

To further boost its worth, Capilclinic stands as the hone to industry-leading experts. We have to note that CapilClinic pays close attention to the hiring and employment of professionals and experts. This is quite important when you consider that these are the staff members who will administer the actual care to the patients.

In hiring, CapilClinic ensures that it hires the best, some of whom have garnered the best and highest levels of educational and professional scholarship and qualifications in their various areas of specialty.

One fact that proves this is that Capilclinic employs the only doctor in Mexico with the certification of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ABHRS). The ABHRS is the only organization that certifies hair transplant practitioners all over the world. The ABHRS is known to boast a quite rigorous examination and certification process to ensure that only the very best and properly trained emerge with the certification.

Another unique feature that you get with CapilClinic Mexico is a lifetime warranty. We should note that you will almost not find this anywhere in Mexico. In fact, rarely will you find it in Europe or any other part of the world. The way the lifetime warranty works is that you can always return to the clinic for post-treatment care if any issues arise. Offering its patients a lifetime warranty is a pointer to some facts.

For one, it is evident proof that Capilclinic is confident of the quality of the treatment it offers to its patients. When you are sure of the treatment and other services you provide to patients, you can comfortably give them guarantees.

Furthermore, it is proof that CapilClinic is very much committed to top-notch patient care and satisfaction. If patients are not satisfied with what they get, they can always return to the clinic since there is a guarantee that gives them the liberty to do so.

<h3>2- Dr. EO Clinic</h3>

Also located in New Mexico, Dr. EO Clinic is a leading provider of comprehensive hair care and treatment services to Mexican patients. Apart from the usual hair transplant, Dr. EO Clinic provides patients with other hair areas such as eyelashes, beards, eyebrows, and more.

For hair transplant, they go beyond the conventional treatment and surgical procedures we are quite familiar with. They go on to provide advanced services such as capillary laser treatment and emerging hair mesotherapy treatment. Dr. EO Clinic is known to prefer in-clinic treatment for most of its procedures to ensure proper care and attention.

<h3>3- Kaloni Clinic</h3>

Kaloni Clinic is an emerging global brand with a presence across the Latin American region in Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Colombia. It also has outlets in Europe, particularly in Austria and Spain, and then in North America (the United States).

The clinic used to be known as a leading diagnostic center for hair care health issues but has now expanded its services beyond that to include actual treatment. The clinic still draws a lot of strength from the diagnostic capabilities it has developed over the years.

<h2>Why Should You Do?</h2>

Many people may question the utility of a hair transplant, especially in Mexico. However, we have to state that many reasons support you considering a hair transplant in Mexico. Some of those reasons include:

<h3>Hair Loss Can Make You Look Less Attractive</h3>

We can all agree to the fact that there are only a few persons that look attractive with balding hairs. Generally, bald hairs lead to deformation of your facial appearance, usually making you look much older than you are. Thus, bearing the fact that full hair can boost your appearance, a hair transplant is worth trying.

<h3>Getting Back Your Confidence</h3>

We would also all agree that one of the greatest sources of confidence for anyone at any time is their appearance. As we have noted, bald hair usually damages a good appearance, and thus we can say bald hair invariably leads to reduced confidence. Getting your hair transplant can boost your confidence once again as it will lead to you regaining lost hair.

<h3>It Does Not Really Cost Much</h3>

Contrary to what many people think, hair transplants are not really that expensive in Mexico. Many people have heard the huge amounts that celebrities spend on hair transplants and falsely think that they are only for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. But that is far from being the case as hair transplants are quite relatively less costly.

A final reason can be that the potential downsides or side-effects that may arise from a hair transplant are quite limited.


A bald hair is anything but pleasant, and you should not keep one. In fact, as outlined above, there are many benefits to be derived from undergoing a hair transplant. However, you should only get that done in the best of Clinics. Here we provide you with three of those leading clinics in Mexico.


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