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Top Instagram Video Makers and How to Make an Instagram Video?

It’s essential to switch the attention from still images to video content. Even while still images and photography are crucial for brand identity and building the page’s portfolio, providing new video material each week will keep you or your brand on the cutting edge. Over standard video posts, you should primarily use Instagram Reels and IGTV. The greatest strategy to capture Instagram’s focus and get your work in front of as many people as possible is to post 4 to 7 Reels per week. Consistently publishing Reels will help Instagram’s algorithm favor your material, boosting account visibility, increasing engagement, and gaining new followers.

We have divided this blog into two parts:

Part #1: Motivation: This part explains why Instagram videos are necessary. In this, we will introduce some Instagram influencers using Video content and others switching to videos.

Part #2: Video Guide: The second part guides video specifications and how you can make trending reels on Instagram.

Let us get some motivation!

Why are Instagram Videos Important?

People might suggest you buy Instagram followers to increase IG profile viewers. But you don’t need to do it every time because Instagram allows you to interact using motions. So here are three reasons to add videos to your Instagram account:

Reason #1: More People Watch and Interact with Videos.

In the initial seconds of exploring Instagram, you will see video content.  It is because video often performs better with most algorithms. After all, it holds viewers’ interest for more time. One of the best growth strategies available on the app is Instagram Reels, and Instagram actively supports it. 

Reason #2:  Video has a Longer Life Span.

In addition to receiving better engagement than other formats, video content frequently lasts longer. An Instagram video, for instance, may be in the explore section for several weeks or even

months after posting. It is so because video content often produces more engagements and shares, resulting in a longer time spent in the network.

Reason #3: Video can be Used in Various Ways on Platforms.

While creating high-quality video content may take longer than simply snapping a picture, once it is done, you can use it to connect with a variety of users on many platforms.  Due to the similar format and purpose of TikTok and Instagram Reels, this is a trend that we have seen many influencers and marketers leverage effectively.

Top 3 Instagram Video Influencers

Followings are 3 Instagram Influencers to motivate you who have gained success using videos.

Influencer #1: Whindersson Nunes: He started posting humorous and witty content on YouTube. After which, 3 years down the lane (he started sharing videos in 2013), he achieved the maximum targeted audience (from Brazil) – 52.7 million. It made him stand on the 64th rank in the list of most influential IG accounts amongst high-profile celebrities, actors, etc. His content is such that even if you will try to check it out, you’ll be like wow! What an interesting fun filled profile he has maintained.

Influencer #2: Huda Kattan: Huda Kattan is a blogger and cosmetic artist. She ranks 73rd on Instagram with over 2 million subscribers to her more private Huda channel and close to 7 million to hudabeautyshop. Huda is now CEO of the beauty conglomerate Huda Beauty after using her fame to develop her cosmetics industry. She is a true entrepreneur. Huda Kattan frequently highlights other lesser-known beauty influencers to highlight their talent and promote her page.

Influencer #3: Charli d’Amelio: After becoming well-known on TikTok recently, Charli d’Amelio is a recent addition to the list of top Instagram influencers. Charli, who first gained notoriety for her dance videos on the app, is now among the most well-known social media influencers, and she also has their own Hulu series with her sister Dixie.

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3 Instagram Influencers Moving to Video from Images

You might think the above influencers had a better audience and are incomparable. So, these are three more influencers to show you the importance of videos:

Influencer #1: Oliver Wong: A career in still photography makes switching to video not always easy. Olivier is a traveling photographer and digital creator. He had the chance to show off some of his recto techniques because of the motion format. With his phone set up on a monopod, the medium allows him to experiment with lighthearted transitions and cinematic movements. In addition, Olivier demonstrates how to produce a dolly zoom/vertigo effect in a video tutorial. He has broadened his audience by highlighting things connected to photography through video.

Influencer #2: Amy Jackson: Fashion is so much about motion; this enables onlookers to judge how dresses fit and flow. Amy, a fashion and beauty influencer, believes that making films to show viewers how to style a camel coat five different ways or wear a leopard midi skirt makes perfect sense. Amy has the chance to demonstrate how simple it is to do makeup with video while offering feedback on makeup products, such as different lip colors. The same is evident for hair-do videos, which Amy uses to teach her 793K Instagram followers how to straighten and curl their hair.

Influencer #3: Alex Stemplewski: Alex is known for his spontaneous stylish picture shootings where he makes random people famous. He supplements the final result with process movies. It’s also about their story when you approach strangers and ask to take their picture. With the help of video, Alex’s 1.3 million fans can see every step of the process, from picking a random subject to a photo to listening to their response after seeing the proofs. 

Got enough Motivation? Now it’s time to move to video guides and creating and posting them.

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Let’s dive in!

What are the Different Types of Videos on Instagram?

You can generally make three types of Videos on Instagram:

Type #1: Instagram Stories: you can add an Instagram story using the story button at the top left corner or by swiping right.


·         .MP4 or .MOV file extensions

·         Roughly 15 seconds in length 

·         Share the best-quality video

·         Up to 30MB maximum video file size.

·         9:16 and 16:9 to 4:5 ratios

Type #2: Instagram Live: Users can live broadcast straight to the news feeds of their followers using Instagram Live. You can start a Livestream by swiping right or clicking the + sign and switching to Live. If you want to know more about details, installing IG view viewer will certainly be helpful.

Type #3: Instagram Reels: Instagram’s newest video format is reels. These 15–30 second videos, were designed after TikTok. You can create and save an Instagram reel using its camera.


·         Up to 1 minute in length

·         9:16 ratio

·         HD video 

·         30-MB file size

·         .MP4 or.MOV file extensions

How to Make an Instagram Video?

You can make Instagram reels by following these simple steps:

Step #1: By tapping the time button on the left sidebar and selecting a different option, you can set time up to 90 seconds.

Step #2: Reels can be seen in full-screen by default, or you can hit the layout option to select one of several split-screen configurations.

Step #3: Record video at the standard 1x speed, or use the speed option to choose how quickly or slowly your movie plays back.

Step #4: Stream without filters or select one of the available effects by tapping the glitter icon.

Step #5: In the menu on the left, click the timer symbol. Decide on a countdown timer and the duration of the clip you wish to record. The app will begin the countdown and stop recording simultaneously.

Top 3 Tools for Instagram Video Creation and Editing

You can use these tools to make and edit your videos:

Tool #1: InShot: Reels are great for vertical videos, as you are aware. It can be used for multiple purposes including editing. One of the most famous features of this tool is making horizontal videos vertical. Other than that, there are features which allows you to include effects, titles, and customized titles or captions in IG reels. Not just that, you can easily increase the speed of clips, filters, and merge films or soundtrack, and more. InShot is a user-friendly tool, much like any other ringtone creator.

Tool #2: Canva: The tool that never fails is Canva. You may pretend to be a top-tier graphic designer with canva, and you can produce anything from slick presentations to lovely lead magnets. In addition to offering the fundamental functions of editing, resizing, and incorporating music, it also lets you experiment with motions and transformations. It is one of the top apps for faceless videos.

Tool #3: Splice: If you enjoy Hollywood-style effects or transitions, Splice might become your go-to Reels tool. You can replace or modify backdrop videos and other cinematic effects with this user-friendly professional editing tool. Dynamic transition styles, the pan and zoom effect, and current filters and effects are other well-known characteristics. Splice improves your Reels’ quality. It enhances the appeal and catchiness of your Reels video, making it appear as though it were shot and recorded by a pro cameraman.

Final Thoughts

There has never been a better opportunity to start using Instagram video marketing for yourself or your brand. Review your target audience to see what kind of material will resonate with them. Start small with a few video postings, and with time, use your analytics to modify your approach.
Remember that your videos don’t need to be flawless to be successful. Keep formatting and editing to a minimum, and get experience.

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