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Singing, in a nutshell, is the production of musical sounds via the voice. It can be with or without the background of instruments and other singings, improvised or arranged, and done solo or as part of a group of varying sizes. It really is diverse. Singing can be done as a hobby, for health particularly for those with lung conditions such as asthma, for comfort, for fun and for religious purposes. That is before you even begin to touch on the variation of singing that it is possible to find in a professional capacity, including within the domains of acting, voice-over artists, professional singers, vocal coaches and the like. To improve ones’ singing takes a combination of practice, instruction, dedication and time. How much work is involved in improving your singing depends on the individual. Some people seem to be naturally gifted, some need to work hard to improve and some just enjoy singing for the heck of it regardless of what they sound like – and none of these people are wrong! Some singers specialize in a particular style and some don’t. Being broad can have as many advantages and disadvantages as leaning hard into a single style can. Where the crawdads sing origins have been lost but it is thought that singing originated in prehistory, even before language developed.

Why Study Free Singing Lessons Online?

Studying online suits a range of folks. From disabled people who may find there to be barriers in the way of them accessing face-to-face singing classes due to cost or location as two examples through to parents who want something that is easy to juggle around childcare, singing lessons online are often flexible enough to fit around just about every schedule that you can think of.

That said, not all paid courses are to be avoided on the basis of them being paid. Every vocal coach has the right to decide whether they want to charge for the time, effort and experience that they have put into learning what they have. If you want to transition to a paid course, it is suggested to look for free trials first so then you can decide whether the style and structure of the classes is right for you compared to leaping feet first into paying only to find out later on that it isn’t what you are looking for.

Covid-19 and Doing Free Singing Lessons Online

Covid-19 has resulted in a range of restrictions and lockdowns depending on your country of origin. Overall, the worldwide suggested guidance is to wear a mask and keep at least 2 meters between you and other people. Now, the thing about singing is that it involves the lungs and the voice. What does that mean? A lot of huffing, puffing and breath particles being expelled into the air, even if you don’t realize it. This means that it is best to keep face-to-face singing lessons off the table until things are safer. Free singing lessons online fill in that gap! Whether the classes and courses suggested here and done with a few friends or solo, with an instructor or on your own completely, there is bound to be a style of singing lesson that suits you.

2021’s Best Online Singing Courses and Classes

[1] Takelessons – Singing

  • Cost: Free for 14 days.
  • Course Type: Self-paced within the time limit.
  • Certificate: No.

This site hosts lessons on a whole range of subjects. Singing is one of them! The structure consists of Zoom-like lessons that are collaborative in nature. This allows you to ask the coach lessons, get feedback and engage with other learners. Classes are hosted 7 days a week at various times, so there is bound to be one that fits in with your schedule somewhere. Takelessons also gives you the ability to track your progression, something that can be surprisingly motivational! Some example lessons in the Intro to Singing level include ‘Getting to Know the Basics’, ‘Fundamental Singing Techniques’ and ‘Discover Your Voice’. The 14-day trial is an ideal way to see whether the style and structure of the classes suits you, and whether or not you want to invest in the rest of the lessons after the trial is over.

[2] Voice Training

  • Cost: Free.
  • Course Type: Self-paced.
  • Certificate: No.

These lessons are provided via To begin with, it suggests that there are a few things you need before you start working on the lessons. This includes a recording device – although bear in mind that how your voice really sounds and how it sounds once recorded can be quite different, a notebook so then you can read back on your lessons later on down the line and something to sing along to. Example lessons include Anatomy For Singers, Breathing and Posture Exercises, Timing, Tempo and Rhythm and Vocal Health. Vocalist is a resource for singers and singing teachers alike and is continually updated.

[3] Superior Singing Method

  • Cost: Free.
  • Course Type: Self-paced.
  • Certificate: No.

These lessons are uploaded on Youtube, making them accessible on a range of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and even some televisions. The videos are essentially standalone step-by-step tutorials presented by a vocal coach with 8+ years of experience. Some of the video tutorials selected at random include The Psychology of Singing (totaling 9 parts), Expanding Your Vocal Range, How To Always Sing On Key and the Best Warm-Up Exercise. With an average of 10,000 views per video with over 35 videos, this is definitely a worthwhile resource to utilize, be it in isolation or in combination with other courses and classes.

[4] Roger Love Singing Academy

  • Cost: 4 training videos for free.
  • Course Type: Self-paced.
  • Certificate: No.

The singing academy is run by Roger Love, an established US vocal coach. With over 20 years experience coaching, some of the celebrities that he has helped to improve the singing of include Eminem, Natasha Bedingfield and Maroon 5. Upon signing up to the site, you get access to 4 training videos which covers the basics. This will allow you to decide whether the style of the lessons and the cost is something that you want to continue with. He has helped over 130,000 people improve their singing to date. He emphasizes extending the vocal range and believes the voice to be an instrument in its own right.

[5] Singing Made Easy (Level 1)

  • Cost: Free for 14 days.
  • Course Type: Self-paced within the time limit.
  • Certificate: No.

This course is hosted by Skillshare. The free trial is available for 14 days. This is an ideal period of time to help you decide whether you want to invest in the rest of the course or not. The course is run by a vocal coach with over 20 years experience who has done everything from singing for television commercials all the way through to singing and acting on Broadway. The level 1 course compiles together what he believes are the best techniques to help improve your singing. In his words, it is something that he wished existed when he was starting out on his own singing journey. It is simplified and all-in-one. Some of the subjects that it touches on include warming up, expanding your vocal range, utilizing your breath efficiently, avoiding vocal damage, increasing your vocal stamina and eliminating bad where the crawdads sing habits. Daily singing practice is encouraged!

[6] 30 Day Singer

  • Cost: Free 14-day trial.
  • Course Type: Self-paced within the time where the crawdads sing limit.
  • Certificate: No.

This site is devoted to encouraging and helping you to sing confidently. Some of the beginner level lessons include learning what is known as the singer’s breath, vocal warm-ups, vocal strengthening exercises and extending your range. This is in addition to developing your vocal power and confidence. As an example of more advanced lessons if you decide that the resource site where the crawdads sing is worth investing in include a introduction to harmony, better phrasing, gradually singing higher and improving your tone. How much of the material you get into depends on how quickly you get through the material in the trial. Don’t be tempted to rush ahead but at the same time, do explore what lessons you can to decide whether the cost and lesson style is something that you feel will benefit you in the long-run.

Are Free Singing Lessons Good For Inclusion On A Resume?

That depends entirely on the focus of your resume. If you are involved in something related to singing as a profession such as acting or teaching music, showing your progression and interest in developing your singing can be advantageous. If you are in a different career field such as computer networking or one of the STEM subjects then it is not appropriate. That said, there is nothing stopping you from listing it as a hobby. Singing lessons can also be a good demonstration of your desire to continuously improve yourself, something that is transferrable when it comes to the working where the crawdads sing world as it shows dedication, time management skills and an interest in continually improving.

Do Online Courses Come With A Qualification?

Some do, some do not. It really does depend on the course. Singing in particular is a subject that you will be hard pressed to find available with a qualification because the different where the crawdads sing techniques, methods and styles make it exceptionally variable. Certificates of participation are something to look out for if you want to add something to your resume that shows that you’ve seen it through to a conclusion that has been signed off on.

Types of Courses

Regardless of the subject that the course is on, courses and classes generally fall into one of two broad categories. The first most resembles formal education. The lessons are at a set time or on a set day, there may be assignments to complete to show that you have read and taken note of the work and you may have a limited time in which to work through the material. On the other hand, self-paced courses allow you to dip in and out of the material at leisure around any other commitments that you may have. Some courses may even combine both; live where the crawdads sing classes at some points where you learn directly from the person transmitting the knowledge and then tasks or even homework to take away and do at a time that is convenient for you. It may take trying out a few courses before you find a structure and course type – and coach – that suits your style and needs best.


Singing is a creative art form that is exceptionally versatile. From belting out songs out of tune in the shower and singing along to the radio on a road trip all the way through to being part of the opera or a professional singer, singers cover the spectrum from fun to serious, hobbyist to career, improvised to meticulously planned. If you enjoy singing and are having fun, keep at it! Don’t feel that you have to be good at it to enjoy it. But if you do feel like flexing your where the crawdads sing muscles (literally and metaphorically), we hope that this range of courses give you something to think about.


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