September 26, 2022

Whether or not you’re lucky enough to be going on vacation this summer, these 8 games are sure to make you travel across borders.

Whatever the reasons, one of which has seemed obvious for over a year, going on vacation is not for everyone. Some of you who are lucky enough to get away may not be able to get enough of travel when you return this summer. Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you: video games. Many of them offer such a change of scenery, sometimes by modeling iconic locations, that they’ll make you feel like you’re traveling even while sitting on your couch. Among the large choice that was offered to us, we decided to propose you the best of them.

Thanks to these 8 games, travel to the four corners of the world

Whether you’re more of a green traveler, an urban visitor or a big hiker, there’s a game for you in this list. Not only do these games invite you to travel, but most of them feature breathtaking graphics that will really make you feel like you’re visiting a foreign country (or France) from a distance. Don’t be mistaken, in addition to being perfect for transporting you, the games we are going to present to you are also very qualitative and would be worth the detour even outside this classification. All the more reason to dive in without asking questions. Here are the 8 games we absolutely recommend to travel this summer without leaving your home.

1. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

In real life, enjoying New York City the way you can in Miles Morales remains a utopia. Playing as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you can twirl between the different skyscrapers of New York, stand on top of the Empire State Building or run along the Avengers Tower. These possibilities should be enough to convince you that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is THE game you need to play in New York from your PS4 or PS5, before a potential sequel.

2. Death Stranding

Of course, Death Stranding’s settings are clearly not the most welcoming ones in this ranking. However, it’s impossible not to put Hideo Kojima’s game there when the heart of the gameplay consists of… moving around. In Death Stranding, you play as Sam Porter Bridges whose mission is to reconnect American cities by making deliveries. Traveling is therefore the central element of the game and will lead you to travel through an absolutely stunning post-apocalyptic open world. Your walks will not be easy, because the weight of Sam’s cargo will slow you down, sometimes even make you fall and each obstacle will be a challenge to overcome. But this journey in the heart of a desolate world is undeniably memorable.

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3. Shadow of The Tomb Raider

Lara Croft has always been a great travel companion. Since her first adventures in 1996, the cult heroine has traveled from country to country to complete her quests. The latest, Shadow of The Tomb Raider, takes her to Mexico and Peru. Shadow of The Tomb Raider is one of the most beautiful games released in recent years, and the Latin America represented in the game is truly breathtaking. From the beginning to the end, the scenery is breathtaking and you sometimes find yourself stopping to enjoy the scenery, a rare thing in an action-adventure game. Can’t wait for the next trip with Lara.

4. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The latest Assassin’s Creed games are ideal for traveling from home. While Origins sends you to Egypt and Odyssey allowed you to explore ancient Greece, Valhalla, the latest one, takes you to Norway and England at the time of the Vikings. Logically, it is the most graphically advanced of the three, especially in its PS5 / Xbox Series X version. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is therefore the best way to discover an era that is currently popular in pop-culture. The landscapes are splendid and the open world of the game is gigantic, enough to spend many hours walking alongside Eivor.

5. No Man’s Sky

When it was released in August 2016, it would have been hard for us to talk about No Man’s Sky in this article. The concept hasn’t really changed since then, but at the time, the game’s content was so thin that many fans were disappointed with the long-awaited game. Today, things are different. No Man’s Sky now has a multiplayer mode and the game engine has been overhauled, giving a much better rendering to the whole game. And what a pleasure to be able to travel from planet to planet exploring biomes all different from each other. No Man’s Sky is a must-have for all travel enthusiasts and those curious about space.

6. Ghost of Tsushima

Rare are the games as bewitching as Ghost of Tsushima. The atmosphere of the game, which will transport you to the heart of feudal Japan, on the island of Tsushima, is simply captivating. Sucker Punch’s work has the good idea to have a very pure HUD, even non-existent when moving, which reinforces the feeling of immersion. The game is available on PS4 and PS5 in an improved version, which allows you to enjoy even better its beautiful scenery.

7. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Impossible not to place the game developed by Asobo and Microsoft in this top. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulator in which you can travel… the whole world. But that’s not all, it has been entirely modeled identically! You want to fly under the Eiffel Tower? It’s possible. Have an aerial view of the last place you spent your vacations? You can do that too. In Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can go wherever you want, without any constraints. It’s exhilarating.

8. Red Dead Redemption II

Want to discover the United States of the late 19th century? You won’t find better than Red Dead Redemption II. Rockstar’s game transports you into a fabulous open world with a captivating western atmosphere. The realism of the game really makes you feel like you’re living the life of a real gangster on the run, as Arthur Morgan does. Camping, stopping at the local bar, crossing fields on horseback, taking the train to get around: Red Dead Redemption II sometimes looks like a life simulator, or at least a slice of life. Perfect for traveling from home.


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