Top 5 Tips For Instant Relief From Migraine


Are you someone who frequently gets bogged down with nasty headaches? We all must have experienced headaches at certain times in our lives. But, some people suffer from debilitating headaches that significantly affect their quality of life. Such headaches are often categorized as migraine headaches by the medical fraternity.  dream tech news


A migraine headache is a neurological disorder that causes extreme throbbing pain, notably affecting one side of your head. The pain is intense and long-drawn. A migraine attack may usually last up to 72 hours and leave you bedridden for days! During a migraine attack, you might also experience sensitivity to light and sound, feel nauseous and vomit. Migraine patients may also experience visual disturbances and feelings of numbness and tingling. 


Although conventional treatments are available, we bring you the top 5 tips for instant relief from migraine pain. These tips are simple and easy to follow and can prevent or even stall an ongoing headache. Let’s discuss these tips in some more detail below. 


  1. Have Some Ginger 


Ginger is an anti-inflammatory food that has substantial health benefits. Ginger is one of the top-selling herbs in the United States. This aromatic, spicy root can be used as a panacea for relieving headaches and migraines. Ginger’s naturally occurring oil is composed of chemical compounds called shogaols and gingerols. These compounds have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds can also alleviate nausea and vomiting, usually associated with migraine.  


Ginger extracts are also believed to increase serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin may help alleviate migraine pain by decreasing inflammation and restricting the blood vessels. Many research studies prove the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. A 2014 study claimed that 250 mg of supplement comprising ginger powder alleviated migraine symptoms at par with sumatriptan, a prescription drug. 


  1. Practice Active Relaxation


Migraine headaches may also be caused due to stress. So, dealing with stress by practicing meditation, yoga, or any other progressive relaxation technique can help relieve headaches. Yoga helps by loosening the neck, shoulders, and head areas, which usually get stiff due to stress. Yoga helps improve blood flow and lessen muscle tension. This helps alleviate the symptoms of migraine. A 2014 study compared migraine patients who practiced yoga alongside conventional treatment to another group who took only medical treatment.  


The study found that the group which practiced yoga experienced better relief from migraine symptoms than the group which only took conventional treatment. 

Similarly, meditation practices like mindfulness help to reduce headaches. A 2019 review study on complementary treatments for migraine found that this technique may help reduce the frequency of headaches and alleviate the intensity of migraine symptoms. The study also found that practicing mindfulness helped lessen the use of medicines while significantly improving the quality of life.  


  1. Try Heat and Cold Therapy


Migraines can also be relieved using a cold pack. You can keep a cold compress on your forehead. You can place ice cubes wrapped in a cloth or may even shower in cold water to relieve migraine pain. Place the cold compress for 15 minutes, and take a 15 minutes break. Repeat this cycle till you get some relief. 


Similarly, you can also use a heating pad on your neck and back to relieve headaches. A sinus headache can be alleviated by placing a warm cloth on the pain area. Like a cold bath, a warm shower can also help reduce migraine pain. 


  1. Indulge in a Massage



Massage helps relieve stress, a precursor for migraines. A massage focusing on the areas of the neck and shoulders can help loosen tensed muscles and ease migraine pain. You can hire a professional masseuse for a massage. Alternatively, you can use a tennis ball and indulge in a self-massage along your back and shoulders as a more cost-effective massage solution. You can also do a massage yourself. Massage your temples, forehead, and neck for a few minutes to ease tension headaches. You can apply light revolving pressure to the affected areas to get relief from pain. 

A research study comprising controlled and randomized trials to gauge the efficacy of massage in treating migraine pain was conducted. Participants received two massages for five weeks or no massages at all. Participants who received massage reported a reduction in migraine attacks frequency. However, the control group that did not take any massage sessions did not get any relief from migraine pain.  


  1. Try Cannabis



Many cannabis strains are increasingly becoming popular as a pain remedy. OG Kush is one such cannabis strain that has potential therapeutic effects. The OG Kush is quite a well-balanced strain having the right amounts of cannabinoids. OG Kush comes with high THC concentrations that may offer relief from migraines. This cannabis strain can significantly reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks. It may also promote sedative effects and subdue headaches. You can buy quality OG Kush seeds from online sellers or supplement stores in your area. 



The Takeaway 


We understand that migraine is a debilitating chronic neurological disorder that affects your quality of life. However, the above tips can surely help you get out of this predicament. These remedies can be incorporated into your treatment regimen to help ease your migraine pain. However, you need to partner with your doctor to chalk out a treatment plan that works for you. 




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