Top 5 Facebook Advertising Agencies


Are you looking for a Facebook ads agency? In this top 5 list, I’ll cover the best Facebook advertising agencies and how each will benefit helping your business grow.

What Is A Facebook Advertising Agency

A Facebook advertising agency is a digital marketing company that offers services to clients, assisting them with social media ads and strategies for Facebook. They are staffed by experienced social media experts who understand the intricacies of running Facebook ads, usually creating and testing multiple versions of ads to discover the most successful ones for their clients.

Facebook offers businesses a tried-and-true platform for advertising. Whether you’re wanting to increase brand exposure, acquire followers, or produce revenue, a Facebook ads firm can help you with services like optimization, target audience research or maybe even posting your business updates on Facebook! Want to increase your social media visibility but do not know where to start? Socialgreg has got your back, buy facebook likes and enhance your engagement.

What Makes a Good Facebook Ad Company

Top Notch Onboarding

The Facebook agency you are working for should be professional and know what they are doing.

It’s crucial to understand that if a FB agency does not have a top notch onboarding process, this could mean they are:

  • Relatively Newer Agency
  • Unorganised
  • Not Professional

If your Facebook agency has a well designed onboarding process, this is a great sign.

Familiar With Best Practices

It’s necessary for your Facebook ad agency you hire to know what they are doing. This means they need to be up-to-date with the best practices when it comes to advertising on Facebook.

If they aren’t up to date with the best practices and knowledge, your campaigns will take longer to get results you want and waste your money in the end.

Social Proof

Having social proof is an amazing way to vet Facebook agencies. Looking for testimonials or Facebook advertising case studies can help you find out if a firm is reputable.

A lot of Facebook ad agencies also have social media. Consider checking out their social media presence as this will tell you a lot about how they present themselves and if you think they are professional enough to run your Facebook ads.

Clear Advertising Objective

You need to make sure that your Facebook ads agency has everything in writing telling you everything you should expect. Having a well-drafted contract with everything your agency plans to do will make sure you know what is going on.

Before signing that contract, it’ll be up to you and the agency to discuss what is most important to your business so that both parties know what to expect. If you want to get more leads, start a kick off meeting with the agency and make it clear that you want help getting more leads.

Top 5 Facebook Advertising Agencies

1. SparksBoost

Based in Henderson, Nevada, SparksBoost is a marketing agency that focuses on growth. As Facebook continues to be the leading social media platform, we understand the importance of having an online social media presence for growing your business.

In addition to SparksBoost, we have an amazing team of expert marketers who understand Facebook’s tedious process of getting ads to succeed.

We take care of everything to make the whole Facebook ads process as seamless as possible.

2. Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing is a social media management company in Atlanta, Georgia. They do everything from social media advertising, email & SMS marketing and PPC management services.

There website supposedly claims that they have driven over 6.4 million leads for clients.

Depending on how much you plan to spend on your Facebook advertising campaigns, they have packages with how much you can expect to pay. If you plan to spend $500-3499 on facebook ads, they will charge a management fee of $650 per month. All the way up to their best package, the BEST PLAN, will let you spend up to $9,999 per month on Facebook ads for an $1150 per month management fee.

As I’m going through their website, I find that their plans all seem to be the same. You get the same service no matter what your management fee is with Lyfe Marketing. You will get:

  • Advanced Ad Targeting
  • Advertising Creation
  • Bid Management & Optimization

3. MuteSix

MuteSix offers all types of services ranging from Facebook ads to Google ads management services.

They have a very large team with over 350 created members. They lead with customer-first strategies to help drive growth with personalised experiences for end-to-end businesses.

They say that they manage over $500 million dollars in Facebook ad spend per year. They consider themselves as a premium facebook marketing partner.

MuteSix Facebook Ads Process:

  1. Audit and analysis
  2. Robust creative development
  3. Targeting testing
  4. Optimise
  5. Scale

4. Voy Media

The performance based Facebook ads agency is located in New York, New York. Voy Media is a group of tech-savvy creative and data scientists that helps businesses propel forward.

They currently have a rating of 4.5 stars on Yelp with 20 reviews.

Voy Media has multiple case studies showing their skills in action. They have worked with companies like, reveal bot, and icon swim.

Voy Media handles everything for your Facebook ads, some things you get when you hire Voy Media:

  • Full-Service Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Ads Retargeting
  • Dedicated Facebook Account Manager
  • Creative Facebook Studio (Video & Photography Studio)
  • Facebook Strategy Consultations

Voy Media Company Stats:

  • $357 Million Revenue Generated
  • 92% Of Clients Doubled Revenue First Year
  • 13,700+ High Volume Creatives Per Month

5. JumpFly

Founded in 2003, JumpFly has been around for some time now. They have spent 17 years focused on maximising PPC results on all kinds of platforms including Facebook advertising.

They say that they focus their process on clients instead of billing. JumpFly says they’ll let you know if they can help you or not.

JumpFly’s Facebook Ads Process:

  1. Setup a meeting
  2. Get a Quote
  3. Commit to Engagement without Payment
  4. Meet your Strategy Director

JumpFly has tons of customer reviews on their Google business page. They have over 60+ 5 star reviews! This company is definitely worth checking out if you’re in it to win it.

JumpFly even offers a free Facebook ads audit to make sure you aren’t making mistakes when it comes to advertising on facebook.

You Need A Facebook Advertising Agency

Maybe you think you can spend the money on Facebook ads rather than a Facebook advertising agency. In the short term, perhaps you can get some quick wins. Still, in the long run, if you’re not experienced or giving enough attention to your Facebook ads, you may burn a hole in your pocket. Facebook ads are dynamic, and if you’re not educated, you won’t ever reach the potential you could unless you hire a Facebook advertising agency.

Most Facebook advertising agencies can lower your ads’ cost and improve their efficiency. The Facebook advertising management fee you pay will most likely get recovered from your initial investment into your Facebook agency.

You will also save tons of time instead of managing your Facebook ads. Creating, managing, and optimising your ad campaigns require enormous amounts of time, and chances are, your Facebook ads might not perform as expected. Hiring a Facebook agency, you can rest assured that results will be better if you hire an agency.

Hiring a Facebook ads agency will also get you faster results! Facebook ad agencies are always analysing how ads perform when different variables are changed. Agencies know what to look for when setting up and managing Facebook ads. When you hire a Facebook ad agency, its almost a fact that results will come faster instead of doing it yourself (DIY).


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