Top 5 Aluminium Frames for A Magnificent Façade


A good house should have sufficient lighting and air circulation; hence, you must install enough windows and doors. It is much easier to use glass to allow adequate light and air circulation. However, when installing the windows and the doors, you need to consider the frames. The frames will determine the design and the ease of handling simultaneously.  

You can get different metal frames in the market, such as steel, wooden, and aluminum.  Aluminum is best for household frames because of its unique properties. Therefore, when selecting a frame for your house, you can consider the following options, or you can customize one for your home.  

Tilt-Up Window Frames  

This aluminum frame is suitable for windows in bathrooms and kitchens. It can also be used to make interior doors within the house. This is due to the lightweight nature of aluminum. 

The aluminum framing is easy to operate; when opening the windows, you pull the lever and the rod to allow fresh air into the room. It is watertight, and when shut, you do not have to worry about rain passing through into the house. It can easily blend with the house finishing, especially if your house finishes has an aluminum façade.  

Aluminum Sliding Frames 

The aluminum sliding frames have different applications within the house. You can use them to close private areas such as balconies, especially at night. They are also ideal for sliding doors and windows. Plus, many people use them for manual and automated sliding roofs and windows since they are light, making them easy to operate. 

Or, you can use them for houses that require a lot of light and fresh air. They can fully slide to create a free space to allow uninterrupted movement into and out of the house.  

Aluminum Window Pivoting Window Frames 

Such frames are suitable for windows in high-rise buildings; you can also use them in other property types. These window frames are pivoted vertically or horizontally to restrict how much you can open and close them. They are easy to operate since you need to push or pull to open or close. They are suitable for boosting efficiency and allowing a lot of fresh air into the building; however, they can be seal-tight when closed. They are ideal for glass panes to allow maximum light into the house.  

Aluminum Window Frames  

You can make window frames using various metals; however, aluminum is the most common type of metal used. It can be used for smaller, oversized window frames to reduce the weight pressure on the glass panes. Therefore, such window frames are suitable for all the doors and windows in the house. Aluminum window frames are also ideal since they are easy to open and close with little effort. They are available in unique designs to enable you to fix the glass pane uniformly.  

Guillotine Aluminum Frames 

These frames are suitable for guillotine windows to reduce the weight and enable them to move vertically. There are over ten types of these frames; however, the most common type is made using two vertically sliding frames. Such frames cover the glass at the top and bottom, and you can also include several sliding frames. Once you fix the glass panes, you can operate the window manually or electronically. The aluminum also creates a thermal barrier to regulate heat into the room hence suitable for booting thermal efficiency. 

Why Use Aluminum Frames? 

 Following are the reasons why  aluminum frames get used 

  • Lightweight: Aluminium is amongst the lightest metals hence suitable for window and door assemblies, especially if the windows and doors are large. The weight makes it easy to open the windows, and the doors allow fresh air into the house. The weight also makes it easy to install, saving time and costs. 
  • Weather-Resistant: Unlike steel, aluminum is resistant to environmental conditions such as rust and corrosion. Once painted, you do not have to worry about the extreme rains causing corrosion and rust. The weather resistance makes them durable and can last for many years in all environments. The expansion rate is also low; hence, they cannot affect the door or window once fixed. For the entire lifespan, you will hardly notice any loose and cracked glasses due to contraction and expansion. 
  • Flexibility: Aluminum has a wide range of usage and is not only limited to doors and windows. You can easily bend it to fit into different shapes and designs. This makes it unique for creating metallic art and other structures within the house. The flexibility also enables you to tailor your façade into a unique design.  
  • Ease Of Recycling: Sustainability and environmental preservation are a big concern for many today. One of the priorities is to use structures that are easy to recycle. One can easily recycle aluminum without losing quality. 
  • Variety: Due to flexibility, you can get a variety of aluminum frames. The frames are easy to clean and less expensive since aluminum is readily available. They do not rust, making it difficult for permanent stains to stick to them. This makes them easy to clean using a dry cloth, soap, and water. 


    Aluminum frames are more suitable for making doors and windows for homeowners and commercial premises. They are ideal for such uses because they are light, durable, flexible, and easy to clean. You can also get a variety of window frames, and you can easily customize the frames based on your needs.


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