Top 10 Richest Pastors on the planet and Net Worth 2021


Who are the Richest Pastors on the planet? David Oyedepo, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Billy Graham, Bishop, T. D. Jakes, T.B. Joshua, Matthew Ashimolowo, Chris Okotie Joseph Prince, are the main 10 Richest Pastors on the planet as of 2021 on our rundown.

Possessing a congregation has turned into a genuine business on the planet and ministers are in any event, moving out with accompanies and partaking in a luxurious and ostentatious way of life.

Scout Africa finds the Richest Pastors In The World in 2021 and their present total assets’.

What is the name of the most extravagant minister on the planet?

David Oyedepo tops the rundown as the most extravagant minister on the planet with monetary worth of $150 million. As indicated by Forbes, he overwhelmed Bishop T.D jakes to guarantee this spot because of his numerous speculations. David Oyedepo comes from Nigeria and he is the organizer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, otherwise called Winners Chapel.

Who is the most extravagant American minister? Kenneth Max Copeland

Kenneth Max Copeland (conceived December 6, 1936) is an American TV minister and creator related to the alluring development, worth an expected $300 million to $760 million. His association, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, is situated in Tarrant County, Texas.

Who is the incredible minister on the planet? Kenneth Max Copeland

Kenneth Max Copeland is the most famous minister on the planet and the first in the rundown of the most impressive ministers on the planet. He is a public speaker, an American creator, an artist, and a TV minister, whose fundamental point is to help individuals and transform themselves through the force of God’s Word

1. David Oyedepo – Net worth: $150 Million (Nigeria)

Brought into the world on the 27th of September 1954, Bishop David Oyedepo is a Nigerian minister, creator, business investor, draftsman, and originator of Winners Chapel with its central command in Otta, Ogun State, Nigeria. He is the author of the Covenant University and Faith Academy just as the proprietor of the domain distributing house which is answerable for selling every one of his books. The service is known to have branches cross country and in certain countries of the world. CLICK HERE

He claims an armada of exceptionally lavish vehicles including Mercedes Benz, Lexus, and BMW. Affirming about his riches, he said he gave his vehicle for the proliferation of the gospel and God vowed to favor that demonstration of his, for sure this is so particularly evident as he’s so honored.

2. Minister Chris Oyakhilome – Net worth: $50 Million (Nigeria)

Minister Chris Oyakhilome is the organizer of Love World Incorporated, prominently alluded to as Christ Embassy with in excess of 40,000 individuals across five landmasses. One thing minister Chris is known for is his incredible mending service, many have been recuperated by the righteousness of his organization. The service is additionally known for aiding the destitute and less special in our general public.

Minister Chris Oyakhilome possesses a personal luxury plane, far and wide land across Nigeria, and around 30 SUVs which incorporates an incredible Range Rover.

3. Benny Hinn – Net worth: $42 Million (United States)

This Israeli-American TV preacher procured abundance through his service and zealous program. He is most popular for his standard “Wonder Crusades” – recovery meeting/confidence recuperating the highest points that are generally held in enormous arenas in significant urban areas.

4. Creflo Dollar – Net worth: $27 Million (United States)

Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. is an American TV preacher, minister, and the author of the non-denominational World Changers Church International situated in Fulton County, Georgia. This American TV preacher and the minister is likewise a Word of Faith educator. Creflo Dollar has assembled a multi-million-dollar service on the message that “it is the desire of God for you to succeed inside and out.” He lectures that Christian transformation and restrained strides of Bible review, reflection, giving and different activities can lead adherents to powerful endowments and “all-out life flourishing” guaranteed by God.

5. Billy Graham – Net worth: $25 Million (United States)

Billy Graham was an evangelist at restoration gatherings, and on radio and TV for more than 40 years. Graham has been attributed with lecturing a bigger number of people than any other individual ever, not including millions extra he has tended to through radio, TV, and the composed word. He established the Billy Graham Evangelist Association in 1950. He died on February 21, 2018.

6. Minister T. D. Jakes – Net worth: $18 Million (United States)

Minister T. D. Jakes is the witness/priest of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American uber church that has more than 30,000 individuals. On the PBS program – African-American Lives, Jakes had his DNA dissected; his Y chromosome showed that he plummets from the Igbo individuals of Nigeria. Jakes has gotten various distinctions, including 13 privileged certificates and doctorates. He has additionally gotten Grammy and Dove Award assignments for the Gospel collection “Inhabit The Potter’s House.” PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly named Jakes among America’s “Main 10 Religious Leaders.”

7. T.B. Joshua – Net worth: $15 Million (Nigeria)

Strict viewpoints to the side, TB Joshua is certifiably not a little man in the general public, in light of the effect he has made on individuals’ lives everywhere. Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua is Nigeria’s generally amazing, dubious, and charitable minister. He is responsible for the Synagogue Church, all things considered (SCOAN), an assembly he established in 1987. The Christian priest, TV minister, and confidence healer is a major provider; his philanthropic works incorporate schooling, medical services, and recovery programs. Prophet TB Joshua has been granted different awards, strikingly getting the National Honor of OFR by the Nigerian government in 2008.

He is perceived as one of Africa’s 50 most powerful individuals. Joshua is known for his fame across Africa and his web-based presence, with 1,000,000 fans on Facebook and many YouTube recordings which have demonstrated questionable and amassed a huge number of perspectives. In 2011, as per Forbes, Joshua was Nigeria’s third most extravagant minister.

8. Matthew Ashimolowo – Net worth: $10 Million (Nigeria)

Everything began in 1992, when Foursquare Gospel Church, a Nigerian church, sent Ashimolowo to open a satellite branch in London. In any case, Pastor Matthew had different thoughts and chosen to set up his own congregation all things considered. Matthew Ashimolowo’s Kingsway International Christian Center is the biggest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom. It has resources worth more than $40 million and acquires a benefit of more than $10 million. Despite the fact that Ashimolowo procures a yearly compensation of $200,000, his genuine abundance comes from fluctuated business interests including his media organization, Matthew Ashimolowo media, which produces Christian writing and narratives.

9. Chris Okotie – Net worth: $10 Million (Nigeria)

Chris Okotie was a pop performer during the 1980s preceding turning into a minister. He accepted the Bible and set up the Household of God Church, one of Nigeria’s most showy holy places. He is an auto darling and possesses a few rich vehicles which incorporate a Mercedes S600, Rolls-Royce, Hummer, and Porsche. Okotie originally ran for President under the flag of the National Democratic Party (NDP); he lost to Olusegun Obasanjo in the May 2003 races. He ran again in 2007 as an individual from the Justice Party and lost to Umaru Yar’Adua in the May 2007 races. Then, at that point, in 2011, he ran on the foundation of a party he established, Fresh Democratic faction, and lost to President Goodluck Jonathan. He has not been challenged again from that point forward.

10. Joseph Prince – Net worth: $5 Million (Singapore)

There has been analysis about the compensation paid to Prince by the congregation. On October 5, 2008, in a meeting with the Sunday Times, Prince, additionally, the leading executive of the congregation chamber, recognized that he was “generously compensated” yet, in addition, added that “cash doesn’t have a hang on me”. He excused claims that his compensation was $50,000 per month, saying “It might have been $50,000 on the off chance that I had not willfully taken all the compensation slices as the years progressed. There was an arrangement of installment that would really enhance me extraordinarily yet as the congregation developed, I won’t acknowledge that arrangement of installment.” The yearly compensation of this Singaporean minister is $550,000. Minister Joseph Prince is the main leader of the New Creation Church in Singapore. New Creation Church in Singapore is one of Asia’s greatest holy places.


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