Tips to Prevent Scratches on Your iPhone


Since its inception, iPhones have been popular for several reasons. One reason being, the mirror-like shine that it has on its screen. 

But a single scratch can damage the beauty of an iPhone screen and all you can do is take care and remain alert that it doesn’t happen. Because iPhone screens are scratch-resistant and not scratch-proof, meaning sand and dust particles can easily scratch its surface.

If there are too many scratches or a cracked screen, then perhaps you need to visit some iPhone repair center to repair your iPhone. When doing that, make sure you visit some wholesale iPhone parts manufacturers. That way, the costs for replacing or repairing the screen will be justified as you will get genuine spares from them.

Here, we have rounded up some tips to take care of your iPhone screen so that you can prevent it from getting scratched.


Use Screen Protectors

One of the most obvious ways to prevent your iPhone screen from getting scratched is by using a screen protector. Some users are hesitant though, to use something that looks like a thick piece of plastic. But this piece protects your screen like nothing else. They can cost extremely low, sometimes as low as $5. And even though these protectors might themselves get scratched, they will still protect your iPhone screen. So, always use a screen protector as the first line of defense against scratches.


Liquid Armor

An alternative to screen protectors often suggested by Apple support professionals is liquid armor. Screen protectors can be difficult to place on the screen and a slight mistake can result in forming small air bubbles beneath the protector. 

Liquid armor, on the other hand, is a chemical that is sprayed on the screen surface and you need to wait for about 24 hours for it to get dry. After drying up, liquid armor will protect your iPhone screen from any scratches and damages. A liquid armor also makes it super easy to clean the iPhone screen. 


Handle your iPhone with Care

Many people use their iPhones carelessly. Throwing it into a backpack or purse without looking what else is there. And if your iPhone doesn’t have a screen protector or liquid armor, then this type of action is likely to result in scratches. 

When your iPhone comes in contact with other materials in your backpack or purse, it has a high chance of forming scratches. So, if you are putting your iPhone away, make sure to put it in your side pocket, preferably with nothing else in it. 


Clean Regularly

Small grains of sand, dust, and other particles can easily scratch your iPhone and one way of preventing this from happening is regularly clean your iPhone screen. Use a lint-free cloth and wipe your screen clean with it. Do not use any type of chemical solution as this may damage your screen. However, you can use cleaners designed specifically for iPhones. 


These are the tips that can help you protect your iPhone screen from scratches. If however, some damage happens, you may need to take your phone to some reliable iPhone repair center. When doing that, make sure you visit some wholesale iPhone parts manufacturers. That way, you’ll get genuine spares and the costs for the repair might be less than when you take it to some ordinary repair store. 


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