Tips for Answering the FINRA Series 7 Options Questions 


The FINRA Series 7 Options Questions test your knowledge of options and their various characteristics. Here are some tips to help you answer the questions:

– Understand the different types of options and their corresponding payoff diagrams.

– Be familiar with the key terms used in options trading, such as strike price, premium, expiration date, etc.

– Know how to calculate the theoretical value of an option using the Black-Scholes model.

– Understand how implied volatility affects the price of an option.

– Be familiar with common option strategies, such as covered calls, straddles, and butterflies.

Here are some sample questions to give you an idea of what to expect:

1. What is the formula for calculating the theoretical value of a call option?

2. What is the strike price of an option?

3. What is implied volatility?

4. What is a covered call?

5. What is a straddle?

6. What is a butterfly?

7. What is the expiration date of an option?

8. What is the premium of an option?

9.What is the payoff diagram of a call option?

10. What is the payoff diagram of a put option?

11. What is the difference between a European call option and an American call option?

12. What is the difference between a cash-secured put and an uncovered put?

13. Which options strategy is used when you are bullish on the underlying stock?

14. Which options strategy is used when you are bearish on the underlying stock?

15. Which options strategy is used to take advantage of a volatile market?

16. How can you avoid making these mistakes?

Now that you know about some questions to expect. Remember, when taking the FINRA Series 7 options questions, there are a few things to keep in mind:

– First, make sure that you understand the terminology associated with options and how they work before taking the test

– Secondly, be familiar with the different types of options strategies so that you can correctly identify them when they are presented in the questions

– Lastly, take your time in answering the questions and do not rush through them; if you need to, take a break in between sections to clear your head before continuing

By following these tips, you will be better prepared to answer the FINRA Series 7 options questions correctly and earn your license. Don’t know where to start? Check out Achievable’s Series 7 Prep Course to get started today!


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