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Things You Just Do While Checking In Hotel

After a long day of travel, it’s great to reach your hotel room. Unpack, robe up, and relax. Pour a drink, grab the remote, and hit the pool, right? WAIT! Before your vacation, verify a few items in your new accommodations. These easy items will keep you healthy and safe in your room of your hotels by the sea in Malta. Here are the top hotel check-in tips.

1. Lock Your Door

Yes, right? When leaving, many travelers expect the door will lock. Hotel doors sometimes malfunction, leaving your belongings unlocked. It leaves you open to intruders while you sleep.

Go outside with your room key to check your hotel room’s locks. Close the door and examine the handle to determine whether it can be opened without a key. Locked is good. Your room’s safe.

2. Check For Bedtime Before Unpacking

Until You Do This, Do Not Unpack. Bed bugs have infested 5-star hotels. Even the finest hotels may get bed bugs through clothing and personal objects. When you arrive at your hotel, put your bag in the bathtub. Bed bugs dwell in carpets, therefore this will prevent them from entering your baggage.

Bed bugs leave huge red lumps after biting. They’re hard to remove from clothes and suitcases and a bad way to start a trip.

Bed bug inspection:

  • Remove duvet or comforter. Black and brown stains should be checked. They leave excrement. Gross.
  • Remove the sheet. Bedbugs are tiny. Look for bugs and black and brown streaks on the mattress cover.
  • Remove the mattress cover to inspect it. Look for streaks or black mold residue.
  • Bed bugs hide in crevices. Check for brown and black patches on mattress borders.

Whenever. Report the situation with your luggage at the front desk.

3. Escape Routes

Look at the hotel room’s map. These maps aren’t only mandatory. They save lives in emergencies. Find stairwells and exits.

Recent calamities like the Lombok earthquake and hotel fires throughout the world remind us to be prepared. If you’re traveling with family, pick a meeting spot outside the hotel in case you’re separated.

4. Clean Hotel Glasses

Never use dirty hotel glasses. Scary! ABC found that 73% of glasses were not properly washed and sanitized. Some glasses were cleaned with Lysol Mildew Remover or a filthy towel, endangering guests’ health.

Before usage, wash glasses with hot soapy water. Don’t trade germs with the prior guest. Nobody loves starting their trip with a cold or virus.

Plastic-wrapped hotel glasses are clean but hardly eco-friendly. Reduce your travel footprint by recycling.

5. Check The Linens

There’s nothing new. We’re exhausted from traveling and simply want to sleep. Check the linens and towels first.

Checking hotel linens and towels

  • Remove the duvet or comforter. Look for stains, make-up, hairs, or other unclean signs. Nobody indent.
  • Remove sheets and inspect the mattress/cover. Find yellow spots, mold, and pests.
  • Look for stains and hair on bathroom towels.

6. Remote

Hotel TV remotes are dirty. Study: 81% of hotel surfaces carried fecal bacteria. The remote was beside the toilet.

How to Clean the Hotel TV Remote?

  • Antibacterial wipes. They eliminate surface bacteria quickly.
  • Soap hot water in the sink
  • Soak a facecloth
  • Squeeze facecloth thoroughly
  • Clean remote, including between buttons

Wipe out hotel room light switches and door knobs. You won’t catch a cold or flu from a prior visitor or housekeeper.

7. Ice Bucket

Another secret was revealed. Hotels seldom clean ice buckets. Hotels line buckets with plastic bags. That’s amazing, but a little breach might let germs into the ice. Using ice buckets as barf buckets is another horrific story.

Hotel Ice Bucket Cleaning

  • Fill the sink with hot soapy water
  • Wash surfaces with a facecloth
  • Line ice bucket after checking for holes.
  • Worry-free clean ice

Ask for filtered ice while visiting beyond North America.

8. Hidden Cameras

Travel lodgings are increasingly finding concealed cameras. This is prevalent but may also happen in hotels. This horrible crime incorporates concealed cameras in wall chargers and smoke alarms. You can still prevent this awful atrocity.

How to Detect Hidden Hotel Cameras?

Check for anything out of place. Observe:

  • Multiple smoke alarms
  • Bathroom smoke detectors
  • Oddly positioned devices
  • Red wires

Hidden cameras might be hard to spot. They’re seldom intelligent enough to elude a hunter.

We made a tutorial on spotting hidden cameras and remaining secure.

9. Hotel Safe

Keep valuables in the hotel safe. There’s a reason hotels give them. They’re not 100% secure, but far safer than a motel bed. When you leave the room, lock passports, wallets, jewelry, and gadgets in the safe.

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