by Peter Marah

Gaming PCs are usually the first choice for most gamers, as these can be individually assembled and are still technically customizable later on. Special laptops for gamers have to withstand different requirements. Of course, these have to be considered individually. For example, there are casual gamers for whom gaming is not the main focus. If you only want to play a current game smoothly from time to time, you should look for an average graphics card and a medium-sized screen. On the other hand, if you play games very often, you should look for a very good graphics card, a solid processor, and a large screen. Below are all the criteria that are important for a gaming laptop:

The graphic card

When talking about a gaming PC, the most important criterion you should pay attention to is the graphics performance. However, this characteristic is also important if you enjoy gambling on such websites as Chan Casino or in other virtual casinos. Don’t save money at this point because the graphics card can’t simply be replaced. Again, you should go for the latest models.


A pleasant gaming experience is possible if the display has at least a 15.6-inch diagonal. Also, consider the technology behind the display, this should display the content with as little matt as possible so that you can see everything well.


The main processor is crucial for the laptop’s performance. The CPU should have enough power to not slow down the graphics processor. On the other hand, a graphics processor can also slow down the main processor. Most current games require at least an i5 processor from Intel, but an i7 model is even better.

Cooling performance

It is relatively difficult to find a good yet quiet cooling system for laptops in the gaming sector. The reason for this is primarily the lack of space. Very small variants, which are relatively thin at the same time, get hot quickly. This is especially harmful to the graphics card. Moreover, it automatically throttles itself so that the laptop doesn’t overheat. Therefore, find out in advance how the cooling performance turns out and how it works.


Complementary interfaces are also important; besides a LAN port, WLAN is also mandatory. USB ports should also be present, at least for generation 3.0. Since not everyone buys games online, a CD drive can also be helpful.

Hard disk

It’s often the hard drive that limits the performance of a gaming laptop. Make sure that SSD hard drives are integrated, these are characterized by a high speed. Moreover, these variants reduce the loading times by quite a bit. Also, choose a sufficient storage space, because you can only enjoy a high speed if the game can also be saved quickly.

Working memory

Just as crucial for the speed is the working memory, also called RAM. By now it should be at least 6 GB. However, the working memory can still be replaced and expanded later.

For mobile gaming, you should look for a well-equipped laptop for these purposes. Thanks to the latest hardware, you will enjoy it for a long time without having to lag behind the current technical development after just a few months.

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