These are ‘The Simpsons’ wildest 2023 predictions – will they be right?


The Simpsons have been correct in some predictions before, so fans are now guessing which wild scenarios will be correct for 2023.

The writers of The Simpsons have supposedly foretold historical events with incredible accuracy.

This happened in a 1997 episode that supposedly predicted the outcome of the final match of the 2018 World Cup. They predicted in a 2000 episode that Donald Trump would become US president and in a 1993 episode they supposedly predicted the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

With these seemingly successful predictions in mind, fans shared some of the craziest Simpsons predictions for 2023, and they range from a new virus worse than COVID to new wars.

The video starts with a bold prediction: China and the US go to war. After that, it shifts to Homer suffering from another virus, then going on to more wars, global inflation and with the death of Donald Trump in March 2023. That last one shouldn’t be too concerning though – after all, according to all this, Joe Biden was already supposed to have died in 2022.

Reaching Mars and the rise of zombies

YouTube channel Top 5 Scary Videos made another video with some of the series’ most terrifying 2023 predictions, one of which showed humans reaching Mars.

In season 27 episode 16 “The Marge-ian Chronicles,” Marge and Lisa volunteer themselves to be among the first humans to fly to and live on Mars. This is done with Exploration Inc., the private firm that hopes to send people to colonize Mars by 2026. And as the episode ends, Marge and Lisa live on Mars together in 2050.

In the real world, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has a goal to go to Mars, and it had previously been planned that we could already achieve it by now, though this hasn’t happened yet.

In addition, Musk also wants to colonize Mars.

Another disturbing prediction from The Simpsons is the rise of zombies.

“This one honestly came up a lot more than I’d think it would,” the video host said. “Somebody in the writer’s room has a firm belief that this is how society is going to end.”

There have been a number of zombie attacks throughout the series. In one episode, “Days of Future Future,” zombies are just a normal part of everyday life, and Lisa even works at a soup kitchen for the undead.

“I hope The Simpsons never ends, if nothing else so they can always be around the predict the future,” the video says at the end.


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