September 26, 2022

The type of ink you choose highly determines the printing quality. Hence, it is always good to go with the best. When it comes to buying printing ink, canon is a very reliable name. They have been in the printing ink business for years delivering the best to their customers. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the specificities of canon inkjet cartridges

Components Of Canon Ink

The canon inks differ in composition depending on the type. These are either Pigment based or dye-based. The pigment-based are labeled as PG and are perfect for printing text documents. The best part about pigment-based inks is that they are resistant to damage by UV radiation and water and have the ability to resist fading for up to 200 years. This makes them perfect for printing all types of black and white documents. Moreover, to ease its customers, canon manufactures the PG inks in larger cartridges so that they last longer. 

The other ones are dye-based inks and they are labeled as CL, here CL stands for Chroma Life. Like other dye-based inks, canon CL ink cartridges are perfect for photo printing. They do print crisp images but are prone to smudging when printing text documents. 

Types Of Canon Ink Cartridges

Canon sells two types of ink cartridges giving its customers the flexibility of choice. You can either go with the black and tri-color cartridges or the individual cartridges.

Let’s see the difference between the two!

  1. Integrated Printer Cartridges

The integrated printer cartridges are named so because of the in-built print head. These include black and tri-color cartridges. As the name suggests, the black one only supplies black ink while the tri-color comes with three compartments containing cyan, magenta, and yellow ink. However, the biggest disadvantage that you can face with the tri-color cartridges is the replacement of the whole cartridge even if a single color dries up or ends. Hence, this adds to the printer ink cost and is not economical at all especially if you print regularly. 

  1. Non-Integrated Printer Cartridges

The non-integrated printer cartridges are individual ink cartridges. These are just 4 separate cartridges namely black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. They do not come with a built-in print head but instead use the printer’s print head for printing operation. The best part about individual cartridges is that you can replace the one you want which makes it way more economical. Another thing to consider is that when running the printer, you have to install all the cartridges otherwise the printer won’t continue printing. 

Canon Ink Cartridge Sizes

Considering its customer’s needs, canon manufactures ink cartridges in three sizes. These include standard yield, high yield / XL, and extra high yield / XXL. You can choose depending on your printing needs. The best part is that all these cartridges can be installed in any printer since they have the same dimensions. The only difference is in the amount of ink. However, to be economical, it is good to go with the high-yield one. To further elaborate the point, below is a table comparing the cost per page for each size ink cartridge. 

Ink Cartridge SizeOriginal PricePage YieldCost Per Page
Canon PG-280 Standard Yield Black$16200 pages ≈ 7.9 cents
Canon PG-280XL High Yield Black$25400 pages ≈ 6.2 cents
Canon PG-280XXL Extra High Yield Black$35600 pages≈ 5.8 cents

Step Wise Guide To Install Canon Ink Cartridges

Installing the cartridge in the right way is very crucial to seamless printer operation. Follow the steps below to install canon ink cartridges and get your prints easily.

  • Canon cartridges usually come wrapped in a cling wrap and tape at the top or an orange plastic clip at the bottom. Before proceeding to installation, you have to remove both the plastic wrapping and the orange clip. Once you remove the orange clip, you will see a vent hole that will allow it to work with the printer.
  • When you remove the wrap and the clip, you will be able to see gold contact points. Make sure you do not touch them or else the fingerprint will prevent them from working on the printer. However, if it does happen and your printer gives an error message, you can simply wipe it with a cloth and reinstall it.
  • After prepping the cartridge, it’s time to install it. For installation, lift the top lid and place the cartridges in the designated compartments. The compartment labeled B is for the black cartridges and that labeled C is for colored cartridges. 
  • Close the latch after installation and replace the lid.
  • Once done, your printer is ready to print. 

Troubleshoot tip: If your printer gives an error message, cleaning the gold contact and reinstalling the cartridge should fix it. If it doesn’t, then remove the cartridges, hard reset the printer, and reinstall the cartridges. This should fix the error message.  

Are Canon Ink Cartridges Refillable?

Apart from providing good print quality and being available in several sizes, canon ink cartridges are also refillable. Although the process can lead to ink spilling, if you do it carefully, it can be done. All you have to do is refill the cartridge with the syringe keeping it in place. 

Moreover, you can also recycle canon ink cartridges. This means that you can play a role in reducing pollution with your ink cartridge too. 


Canon is a household name when it comes to printer ink. Investing in canon ink cartridges will go a long way. Moreover, to be on the economical side, you can also go for its refillable bottles. Lastly, canon also has an auto-replenishment program which means that you do not have to worry about placing a replenishment order. 

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