The Pros and Cons of Using Dumpor


A new mobile app was recently released to the public, and its popularity has been growing quickly since its inception. It’s called Dumpor, and it provides users with an anonymous way to share secrets with one another using their phones or other portable devices. While this app may seem like an innocent way to connect with other people, there are some aspects of this new technology that might not be so harmless. Read on to learn about some of the pros and cons of using Dumpor in your daily life.

What is Dumpor?

It is a new communication app that lets you communicate in plain text without any frills. Gone are emoticons, stickers, emoji or even acronyms; Dumpor does away with most social niceties and gives you one clear channel to talk with your friends. While there are positives to using this app, it isn’t for everyone. Here are some things to consider before downloading Dumpor for yourself. All Your Friends Are on It?: If all your friends are on Dumpor, then you might as well join them. This is particularly true if they use it as their primary means of communicating with each other—as opposed to texting—because it means that if they ever want to reach out, they can do so directly through this app rather than through another medium (like SMS). Plus, not having an official presence on Dumpor could mean getting left behind when people start using its features.

How to Use the App

You don’t need to use any special kind of phone to use Dumpor, or any other mobile communication app. It works on both smartphones and basic cell phones. To use it, simply download it from your phone’s app store if you have an Android or iOS device, or search for Dumpor online if you have another type of phone. Then open up your app, sign in with your username and password (the same ones you used when signing up), then send messages to anyone else who has downloaded Dumpor. If they are within 100 feet of you, their message will pop up on their screen automatically; otherwise they will receive it as soon as they open their app.


  1. While most communication apps allow you to set up group chats and group text messages, Dumpor takes it one step further by allowing you to break-up with unwanted people in your life.
  2. For example, if you’re part of a Facebook group that no longer interests you, or have outgrown an unhealthy relationship from high school, Dumpor allows you to easily remove them from your life without having to be confrontational about it.
  3. Similarly, if you feel like someone is taking advantage of your generosity (i.e., asking for money too often), simply block them on Dumpor and they will never know what happened.
  4. In addition to being able to block other users, It also offers chat rooms where you can anonymously talk about topics ranging from politics to health issues.
    5, These chat rooms are perfect for those who want to engage in healthy debates but don’t want their identity attached to their statements. If you’re looking for a way to shed some light on important issues without attaching yourself to them, It might be right for you!


There are some drawbacks associated with using this app as well; namely, not everyone has access yet and sometimes cyberbullying does occur.

  1. When it comes to privacy, many users have reported that they feel safer talking about personal information through Dumpor than they do talking face-to-face or over other communication apps like Facebook Messenger or Snapchat.
  2. In addition to offering a higher level of privacy, Dumpor also allows users to report inappropriate behavior more easily than other social media platforms.
  3. While most social media sites require you to fill out lengthy forms before reporting someone else’s posts or pictures, Dumpor allows you to quickly send reports directly from your phone—no lengthy forms required!
  4. Unfortunately, if you use this app too much (i.e., spending hours each day chatting) then it can negatively impact your real life relationships.
  5. That said, if you use this app appropriately (i.e., only using it once or twice per week), then there is no reason why you shouldn’t love using Dumpor! Also Read


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